My First Korean Beauty Products

A few weeks ago I ordered my first Korean Beauty Products. I was browsing through ebay because I had the urge to go shopping and I just decided to try some out finally. The bad thing is that finding KBP for me is rather hard. I have darker skin, which in Korea is not something that is desired.  Almost all their skin products, foundation ,bb creams, concealers, etc have skin whitening ingredients. As a person with darker skin this doesn’t sit well with me. Obviously every country has their own beauty standards and we cannot tell them that they are wrong/right by comparing it to the standards we have in the US. I have always loved my skin tone and I’m searching for KBP that I can use without the skin whitening agents. Also, even with the whitening agents, Korean skin care/foundation is better for people with paler complexions as most brands of makeup do not carry more than a few light shades.

So as you can see I was a bit stumped on what I should even get. I decided against eye and lip makeup because I already have a lot of those. I was interested in the moisturizing skin care mists that they have as well as the beauty masks but I suppose I wanted something…substantial? I guess I wanted something I could use for awhile. SO i turned to a popular brand, Etude House. I visited their website first but  when I saw the damn shipping prices I decided to check on ebay. I purchased the Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion in Magic Mint and the My Lash Serum.

Let me tell you the Magic Any Cushion is absolutely adorable I think. I think the compact/box comes in the color of your chosen Magic Cushion. Since I chose Magic mint to help combat some of the red and purple undertones of my skin, the box and compact is Mint.



The Compact itself is rather big, it fits in the palm of my hand entirely.

20150610_202011When You open the compact you get the cute little Etude House puff and a nice big mirror on the inside. The under side of the compact is a pale pink and the top is white with the Etude House Logo on the band.


After pulling back the top that holds the sponge you get to the actual product. Mine is still covered by the protected cover but I pulled it back a little to show how spongey it is. It a sponge soaked in product.

20150610_202029 20150610_202036

The idea is to dab the puff in the product then apply it to your face. You can use as little or as much as you want. I plan to use it mostly on my dark circles and bottom of my T-zone where I have a lot of redness. Also i tried a bit of the product on my dark circles and it’s very soothing, cooling and just a little bit tingly. It doesn’t burn at all just tingles slightly, the way a lip plumping lipgloss would (or I imagine would, i don’t use it very much) I really really like the cooling  sensation especially for this summer heat. It blends really well into the skin and is used to even and brighten out the skintone (so you’re not green at all:P) I wish I could keep it in my purse but I think with the extreme heart it might get messed up. The price on ebay was $12 with free shipping. You can also get refills of the compact as well. It’s completely removeable. 20150610_202049

The other things i got is the My Lash Serum. [From the Etude House Website] Formulated with Cornus Officinalis Fruit extract and Panthenol, this eye lash treatment conditions for healthier looking lashes, you can also use it with or without mascara. My lashes are pretty long already but I’d like them to be longer and maybe a little more fuller so I won’t have to use so many coats of mascara. The smell is a little strange. Honestly it kind of reminds me of alcohol, like when you buy an alcoholic drink and you smell the fruitiness first then that like wave of alcohol afterwards. I don’t know, how else to describe it so I’m sure it sounds strange but it honeslty isn’t bad either. On the Etude House website a user said that they used it nightly after showering. I might used it in the morning before I head off to work since I kind of forget to do things at night. We’ll see haha.

Another cool thing is that with this seller They gave me a nice little handful of free samples. I got three from Tony Moly ( Brightening Peeling Gel, Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream, Nutra Energy 100 Hours Cream) The 100 hours cream is supposed to last 100 hours, it is packed with argan oil and is for adding moisture to the skin, used for loss of firmness and rough skin texture. The Peeling gel is to be used a facial cleanser as the website says you massage it all over the face then rinse it off with warm water.

Here are some other samples I got:

lioele Multi Seaweed Gel

Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel

Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack


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