June Ipsy Unboxing

Hello guys! I know I don’t post as much but I try to keep up with what everyone is posting so I can comment and stuff. The other day I got my June Ipsy bag and I got to give it at least a 4/5! I really liked this month’s bag, well minus the actual bag of course.


The bag this month was a little plain and not at all thrilling. I mean it kind of sucks that i’m piling up so many bags when right now I only use one for my work makeup and I’ve given away my first one. I might end up giving this one to my mom, or keeping it since a little black bag is nice too. I’m not sure. I was just really pleased with last month’s bag so much that this one was really lackluster.

I was really excited to see that I got not 1, not 2, but 3 face masks! Face masks are my thing. You guys know I love them. I always do reviews on them. I live for face masks. These masks are from the company BioRepublic.


They are all fiber masks, so the full mask sheets that cover your entire face. The Cucumber Breeze is supposed to “soothe stressed skin, improve complexion, tighten pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines” and it’s for ” calm, rejuvenated, spring fresh skin.” The Green Tea Detox “provides a boost of anti-oxidants and help remove excess sebum (sebum are oils that are secreted from sebaceous glands within the skin. It is secreted in order to waterproof and protect the skin and hair. Excess buildup or production of sebum can cause acne and things like sebaceous cysts), reduces the appearance of  blemishes and imperfections,” and is for “clean, supple and refined skin.” The Aloe Rescue “soothes dry skin, perfect for after sun use, provides immediate hydration,” and is used for ” healthy, revitalized, lush skin.” [All information is collected from the descriptions on the back of the packets as well as wikipedia]

The next item I got was kind of a let down because I already have it. It’s the Smashbox Photo finish Foundation Primer. The onyl good thing about it is that it’s travel size so I’m planning on taking it with me for my trip this weekend.


Next Item is something I really enjoyed when I tried it. It’s from J. Cat beauty, a brand I’ve never heard of before so that’s awesome.It is the Lipitude 24/7 Hydrating lipstain. Unfortunately it doesn’t indicate anywhere on the bottle what the name of the color is but it’s a nice deep pink, that isn’t so neon. I can’t really pull off bright pink colors so this is one that I like.


Like the name says, it is more hydrating than most lipstains, and goes on like a gloss only it’s a little bit thicker than a gloss. The color is really rich and it feels smooth on the lips. When it dries/fades a bit it leaves a soft color behind. I didn’t get any pictures of it dried though:(


I think the color looks really nice on me!:)

Another thing I got was Trestique Mini Shadow Crayon in Venetian Gold.

20150614_142423 20150614_142501

This would go well with the shadows I have in my travel bag and I think the packaging is cute. The lid looks like the crayon but when you pull it off the crayon is actually a rounded tip and you can twist it to get more product..

The last thing I got was Key West Aloe Moisturizing Lotion in Mango. Now I’m not a real big fan of Mango so I might give this to my friend. But i do like moisturizing and aloe so it’s honestly a real toss up.


Also, just a small update, I’ve hit 170 followers which means I’m only 30 followers away from my first giveaway! I’m really excited and grateful that you all are keeping up with the blog! I try and keep up with all of yours as best as I can as well! I’m looking to follow some new blogs too but I haven’t had the chance yet. I’m also planning on making a personal blog sometime soon as well to just document the random things that happen in my life as well. I’ve always wanted to have a personal blog. That one will be more general with a variety of interests as well. So stay tuned!:)


4 thoughts on “June Ipsy Unboxing

  1. I love getting Ipsy every month. (And not only because it gives me something to blog about!) It’s fun trying the different items, even when some of the items you get are more of a miss than a hit. 🙂

    And…. you now are one more follower closer to 200! Have a great day!
    https://metakethree.wordpress.com/ …Beauty reviews, boxes, bunch of nuttiness and a peek at my life!


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