Review: Freeman Beauty Sparkling pear Pore Cleansing Mask

I finally go a a new Freeman Mask to try in my Mini Haul. My face has been breaking out with little pimples that I think are just from my skin being so irritated and the summer heat. I’m noticing I’m getting these bumps under my eyes where my glasses normally sit. I’ve got thicker plastic full rim glasses around so the rims come in contact with my skin more than my half rims did before. It was really upsetting me because my face felt so uncleans and I felt like they were so noticeable even though they’re already small. I already feel a little self conscious about my dark circles and how weird my eyes look with them so I really didn’t want more attention on them.

Anyway I have got to say that this mask might just be my new favorite, replacing the avocado clay mask. The mask itself is very thick. I was squeezing it out the package and didn’t even feel it come out. I had to scoop it out. A little goes a long way as well. I still have some elft over that I might do a second face mask after I get back from my weekend trip.

When you first put on the mask you notice a very fresh clean scent. I really like this. It’s like I feel extra clean just by the nice smell, haha! It’s also very cooling and refreshing and a bit tingling, almost like an icy chill. The feeling was something that made me go “OOhhhh!!!”

I waited until the mask dried then I washed it all off in the shower. I feel like my skin was cleaner when I had the mask on? I don’t know if that makes sense but once I washed it off my skin felt okay. It definitely felt soft to the touch and when I washed it off the clay started giving off the pear scent again which was nice. I think my pimples are less irritated and my skin may not “feel” clean per say but I think it is. I would definitely buy this one again, even a full size one!


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