Mini Review: Bio Republic Green Tea Detox Purifying Fiber Mask

Ok to be honest I don’t really like sheet masks. I think they’re really weird and don’t work for my face as well as clay masks do. But I did have these 3 masks from BioRepublic from my Ipsy bag so I decided to give this one a try. I chose to do the Detox one first because I feel like my skin has been so dirty due to humidity, sweat and other summer factors.

When I first opened the package and pulled out the mask I realized it was soaked to the bone in product. Like it was getting everywhere. Also I had a hard time unfoldingthe mask because the product made it stick to itself and harder to get apart. I tried not to rip it either which was difficult as well. Eventually I got it on my face but even then some pieces were sticking together. Like the nose piece and a part that was supposed to cover my cheek. Anytime I had to adjust it my fingers got covered in the liquid. Liquid would be the best way to describe it since it’s not thick like a cream at all. I tried to make sure the mask was smoothed all over my face as best as I could and waited. the packaging says to leave it on for about 15-20 minutes but I’m watching tv and blogging at the same time so I’ll probably forget. there isn’t a need to rinse off the excess product and you’re suppose to tap it into your face but I plan to shower after this. So I’ll tap whatever is left over and try not to wash it off in the shower.

One thing i did notice is that the areas around my eyes were getting a bit itchy so i would be careful and make sure that the holes are placed properly around your eyes so you don’t get any in them. It also was a bit tingling around my mouth/chin area. I don’t know if that was normal or not. It’s happening in other places like my forehead so I assume it’s not bad. I would maybe do a test with some of the product on your skin first, especially if yours is super sensitive. The mask  I believe is all natural but everyone’s skin is different and can react differently to face products. So far for me it’s cooling and tingling.

I’m having a hard time keeping the bottom part stuck to my chin though. I left the mask on for longer than intended, until I felt like it had dried a little bit and the product had soaked into my skin. I then pulled it off and tapped the rest of it into my skin and let it sit a bit before I showered. I’m on the fence  about this mask. My skin feels just a bit tight and I don’t like the thought of leaving the product on. I mean it can act like a moisturizer but it’s a bit sticky especially on my forehead. This review makes it seem like the mask is terrible probably but it really isn’t. it’s just not my cup of tea. I do like how cool it leaves my skin though. Every since I got my Magic Cushion from Etude House and because it’s been so hot I like the skin on my face to feel really cool. I might just let the shower water just fall onto my face and rinse it off like naturally, so i won’t scrub or anything but i don’t like the was the left over product feels on my skin.Over all I give it like a 6 or  out of 10.


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