Mini Review: BioRepublic Cucumber Breeze Soothing Fiber Mask

That cucumber smell is potent!! Not in a bad way either. I like when products smell really good and have a lot of that smell(depending on the product). There is so much adjusting you have to do with these masks. And then you have to make sure you don’t rip any vital pieces off or tear the mask itself. I mean even if you do, it is easy to patch up (there so much product soaked into the fibers that it just sticks to itself).

I personally like the masks that i can smooth onto my face, like clay masks or scrubs. I mean this requires a little less cleanup but you’re still going to be stuck looking like leatherface.


This picture is so big because this was originally a mobile post. So the picture is straight from my phone. I look super scary!! Like i have someone’s second skin ion. It’s weird. I tried to get the mask right under my eye and close to my nose. i’ve been having a lot of bumps in my t zone area and even had one really gross pimple as well. i feel like i need to detox my face even though i wash it every night.

im thinking perhaps stress and sleep are the causes but i deal with those everyday. Maybe its he heat and sweat that clog up my pores. i don’t wear makeup at work anymore because i just sweat so much. i have no idea, really.

Overall i definitely feel like my pores are smaller. and i think it got rid of the bumps on my skin. so maybe i just had enlarged pores or something. i think i like this one more than the first one i tried!


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