30 Day Makeup Challenge

Ok I’m going to try to do this! I’ve been wanting to play with makeup for awhile and I’m going to make myself do this, luckily today is a pretty easy day. it’s the bare faced day!

Here are the challenges!

I’m going to smush day 1 and 2 together because I have to wake up during the week at 8am. I’m always tired. Always cranky and never want to actually put on makeup. Occasionally I will remember to do my eyebrows (yes I’ve become so lazy that I don’t even do my eyebrows!!)at work. But that’s all I wear so here it goes.

i look like such an angsty goth kid omg

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This is usually how I look, grumpy and mean:P And yes I used an old picture because I’m at work and didn’t want to be weird and take 87 selfies while people were around. that’s for at home only! But yeah, you can see that I only wear makeup once in awhile, mostly to go out. Can’t wait for favorite lip products:)


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