Makeup Haul

hey guys! today my sister and i went shopping. we went to Ulta, five below, and Big Lots. I got a couple of things that were on sale so here we go!


Freeman beauty Dead Sea minerals anti-stress mask
Freeman beauty chocolate and strawberry clay mask
Beauty mark beauty stamp for face and body in star shape and heart shape from Absolute New York
Smashbox Full Exposure mini palette
Pixel party proof liner in unforgettable emerald
Nyx I brow pencil in Black
Nyx eyeshadow in STFU

Big Lots:
Lauren Luke “my smokey classics” makeup palette

Five Below:
Profusion neon brights eyeshadow
Profusion milk chocolate glamour bar palette
Nair hair remover Brazilian spa clay total care face  Trio
Yes to cucumbers soothing hypoallergenic facial wipes
Proud Asling white professional strength whitening pen


You know I love the Dead Sea minerals mask,  and while me and my sister work at Ulta we found the full size Freeman beauty masks. They were buy one get one 50 percent off so we decided to try the chocolate strawberry clay mask with smells absolutely delicious. I even checked to see if it was edible but I don’t think it is unfortunat



Next I got two things that were by the cashier, there’s something I never tried before but I’ve tried to do it and I look free hand and it hasn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to. and so I decided to try these beauty marks stamps for the face and I got the star and heart shape. I like to put these little shapes under my eye Marina and the Di



I also got the pixel party proof eyeliner in Emerald which is a new color for me because I don’t really wear green but it was on clearance for a $1.50 so I had


to get it.

My favorite thing that I got it open with this many Smashbox full exposure palette. I’m glad that I got this because I can put it in my makeup bag in place of my Lorac mini pro palette. not that I don’t like my Lorac Pro palette is just that the Smashbox has more color so I can do a wider variety of looks when I’m on the go but the shades are all neutral so they’re good for when I’m at work or something. there are 4 mattes and 4 shimmer colors. Plus I can actually use this is my Smashbox full exposure mascara.

At 5 below I got a bunch of things just to try them. One of them was the profusion milk chocolate glamour bar palette thing and to be honest it smells like that cheap makeup that you get when you’re like four and your mom just buys it for you, so it’s really probably shitty. but I couldn’t help but want the cute little chocolate bar case because obviously it supposed to be a knock off of the Too Faced chocolate bar but I doubt the colors are going to perform the same way but it’s still cute. it’



Another thing that I was really excited about was the neon brights pallet because the shadows are so Mac and they are such bright looking colors that I can’t wait to use them. of course I’m going to try them over a white eyeshadow base.


I also got this pallet by lauren luke from big lots. It comes with 2 eyeshadows primers and three eyeshadows in neutral colors, a shimmering black and a soft brown, and a beige. It has a black screen eyeliner and to lip colors in plum berry and cranberry stain. The blush is a soft peach color.


My sister and I are so excited to try this new makeup. I can’t wait to try the freeman beauty masks. I hope to have a review of the chocolate strawberry mask soon. Ill also be going back today my 30 day makeup challenge.  see you soon!


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