Giveaway Winner!!!!!

Well even with all the fuss and what not, my first giveaway has ended. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing more in the future. Perhaps if I get a bigger number of followers I might. Obviously that’s not really my intention with this blog (especially because I’ve been so behind because of work and school will be coming up soon.) I’m kind of sad that not more people entered! (or where actually following me to be qualified haha:P) but I digress. The point is that there are people who won and I am totally happy to be sending some stuff their way.

If you remember 1st place was a box full of makeup goodies!

2nd place was something from my store for completely free!

Please contact me  via email at to send me your address. The packages will be sent out thursday or friday of this upcoming week.

1st place winner Bethany!

2nd place Zoe!

COngradulations! Please contact me as soon as possible so i can get your things sent out! Thank you to everyone who liked the original post and even commented on my updates and crazy whirlwind. I tried to get more poeple involved but that’s ok. We live and we learn! Thanks to Zoe and Bethany as well!:)


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