Relaxing Spa Day with Madison Reed!

Hello my beauties! Long time no see, huh? It’s been pretty stressful here in Chelsea-land. I’m a college senior who works part time and I’ve been going back and forth between human doctor appointments and vet appointments. It’s been a rough couple months.

So needless to say I’m in need for a very relaxed spa day!


First and foremost, whenever I have a rough day I get a bath going. Ever since I got my own apartment, I’ve been able to have nice relaxing baths. My favorite scent to use is lavender, or if my skin is feeling really dry, I’ll use Vanilla & Honey bubble bath or even a milk bath. Anything to feel luxurious! My favorite bubble baths are from Sonoma Spa. They usually last me around 4 baths and are really cheap! You can even use bathsalts and oils. I usually buy Epsom Salts, bath salts from the dollar store or Village Natural bath salts (these can also be found at Walmart for under $5!) The scents I use for the bathsalts and oils usually match the bubble bath I’m using, unless I use an Aches and Pain one (which usually has eucalyptus and mint). I pair this one with Lavender or a neutral smelling bath.

My favorite thing to pair with a bath is a face mask. You guys know I loooooove my Freeman Beauty masks, my favorite being the Dead Sea Mineral one as well at the Avocado and Oatmeal Clay one. However if you’re feeling decadent go for the Chocolate Strawberry clay mask. It will make you want to eat it (but don’t).

Music isn’t always a must but I still like to have it on in the bath. So prime relaxing I choose something soft and soothing, thought those Spotify commercials really ruin the mood. Anyway my favorite playlists to listen to are the Studio Ghibli collection, which is a playlist with all the instrumental numbers of various Studio Ghibli films, as well as a general sleep playlist. The music is relaxing enough that it calms your body and lets you relax the stress away. You can also listen to calming sounds such as rain or the ocean.

If I want to give my hair some pampering too I’ll take a shower instead. Since my supply of Wen cleansing shampoo has been running low I had to turn to a different brand. Luckily for me my sister left her Paul Mitchell Shampoos At my place and I’ve been using them ever since;)! I quite like the Tea tree Lavender Mint shampoo. it has an amazing scent and really invigorates the scalp. I always feel like my hair is squeaky clean afterwords! Ever since I got the Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning spray in one of my Ipsy bags I’ve been using that after my showers. I spray a bit and comb it through, letting it dry naturally overnight. This is also amazing to do after you’ve just dyed your hair as well.

Dying your hair is a process and it definitely needs it’s own separate spy day to recover. Since I usually bleach and dye my hair bright colors I need time for my hair to relax and detox after. Figuring out what color you want to dye your hair next can be tons of fun to do while you’re soaking in your bath. I’ve looked up hairstyles and new colors before and got super creative! But if you need any extra help finding what color to dye your hair next, my friends at Madison Reed have a fun color quiz to help you figure it out! This helps especially if you’re going in the more “natural” direction of dye and aren’t ready for an extreme color. Click on the link below to take the quiz!

They have gorgeous reds and auburns! (it’s making me want to be a redhead again!)

You can even show what colors you’ve used by using the hashtag #MRLoveMyHair and tweeting at them @madisonreedllb.

Have fun my beauties and make sure you take a day off for yourself! You deserve it!:)

This post was made in part by Madison Reed. Please visit their website at


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