A Very Bored Chelsea Creates a Joker-Esque Makeup

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Who says Halloween is over? I sure don’t/ Everyday is Halloween for me and I always love playing with makeup. My inspiration came from helping a (very cute) friend of mind with his Halloween makeup. He wanted to go as the Joker from Suicide Squad. I had been thinking about recreating the look just to make it more refined and I’d thought I’d practice a bit more first. I didn’t even use that many (I almost wrote ingredients, hah!)different or complicated products. I’m sure anyone can do this.


White Cream Face Paint (Bloody Mary)

White Setting Powder (Cinema Secrets)

Eyeshadow Primer (Urban Decay)

Red, Black, and Brown Matte Shadows (pixi)

Deep red, blood red, black(reddish purple) cream paints (Cinema Secrets)

Liquid Latex (From Wal-Mart)

Water Based Body Paints (optional, from Wolfe Paints)

Synwax or a Purple Glue Stick

I wasn’t going to wear this makeup long so I didn’t bother to prime my face but if you’re going to wear this for an extended period of time I would suggest using primer then makeup setting spray after the look is complete.


First I had to add on the latex onto the sides of my face. I used a regular paint brush, dipped it into the latex and starting from the corners of my lips brushed on the latex in a smile shape heading up towards my cheek bones. Do not put latex on your lips. Separate the smile into two sides For reference you can look up a “Glasgow Smile” on Google images (but this is fairly gruesome) or “Joker Smile” (which might result in more tamer images of the batman character) The joker smile derives from the Glasgow Smile which is when you cut into the cheeks to make a larger, more scary smile, but we won’t go into the history of Scottish gangs now. Basically this means, your latex application doesn’t have to be perfect and the more jagged the edges are the better. Add a few coats of the latex following the same line you created (about 5-7 coats). The latex dries clear, and once one layer is clear you can add another. Then take some tweezers and carefully pry about 1/8th of an inch of the latex away from the corner of your lips. You can pick at it until you get a hole big enough to slide some cuticle scissors into the hole. Be very carefully when doing this. It is best to use small scissors, such as the cuticle scissors, to add extra precaution.

Cut a line following the shape you created with the latex, up the middle of it and stop about 1/2 inch from the end. You don’t want to cut all the way through the latex piece. Once this is done, add the white mattfying powder to get rid of the stickiness.

Then, I had to tackle the eyebrows which is always difficult for me. It’s about as frustrating as putting on falsies. There are two ways to approach this though. First it how I did it, which was to apply Synwax (click for more details) to the brows to flatten them. This wont rip off any hairs at all either. I did a few coats of Synwax using my nail to push it into the hairs and flatten them to my forehead. The first half of the brow should be pushed upwards while the tail end of the brow should be pushed and flattened outwards. Use the setting powder to make it not sticky. I skipped covering with foundation since I was going to use white face paint but I would suggest making using a pale foundation or concealer to help hide the brows more.

The other way you can do this is by not hiding your natural brows and instead filling them in entirely with a white pencil or cream paint then dabbing on green eyeshadow (or perhaps a liquid lipstick) I do not own any green anything(but the water based body paint which was too light to show up on my black brows) so I had to go with the first option.

From there on, paint your entire face with the white cream based paint. I used a regular makeup sponge to dab the cream pain on my face. Try and get about 2 layers on so it’s opaque then set it with the white powder once again. Avoid the eyes and inside of the cut latex piece. Recreate a high arched brow using green color. I used the water based body paints and an angled brush to try and make the brows.

Then add some eyeshadow primer and in a rough circular motion add the red, brown and black eyeshadows. I concentrated the red underneath my eye, used brown on the lid and black towards the corners of my eyes.

To tackled the mouth piece I concentrated the black cream color towards the out corner of the latex then blended the reds towards my lips. It doesn’t have to be perfect but try to create some depth and dimension. For the lips (which I did cover with the white face paint) i smeared whatever was left of the red cream paint onto it. So i added color with teh brush then took my fingers and swiped it across the lips to give a messy look. Lastly, I took a stipple sponge and some blood (you can find tubes of these for a dollar around Halloween time) and stippled it across the latex (not on the lips) and in sparse areas around my face. I didn’t use any other sfx blood with this just standard liquid blood.

And Voila, very bored makeup is done haha! I had to rush a bit at the end of the makeup because I had popped a pizza in the oven and you can eat with fake blood and latex around your mouth. Removing the latex is really easy too. You just peel it right off. I also used regular makeup wipes to remove everything. If your skin is sensitive I would suggest washing it then adding a moisturizer after:) Happy Joker-ing!


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