My Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Collection (Update/Review)

It’s no secret that I’ve fallen in love with Jeffree Star’s line of lipsticks. If they weren’t so expensive i’d have a lot more in my makeup repertoire. But so far I have 4 colors to swatch, especially since I’ve just gotten 2 new colors for my birthday!


Time for swatches!

DSCN0581 - Copy

From left to right: Weirdo, Blow Pony, Drug Lord, Jawbreaker.

Lipswatch of Weirdo
Lipswatch of Blow Pony

Now the two new colors I got was Jawbreaker and Drug Lord. Jawbreaker was part of the limited edition blue collection which included Abused, Jawbreaker, and Blue Velvet. The other was Drug Lord, part of the Limited Edition Holiday Collection which included Hoe Hoe Hoe, Mistletoe, Drug Lord, Androgyny, and Doll Parts.

Lipswatch of Drug Lord

I was reallllllly excited for Drug Lord because I’ve been wanting a nice White lipstick for awhile. I do have my white lipstick from the Nyx Macaroon collection which I like but I figured since I love JS lipsticks so much why not get this white as well. I was actually disappointed once I put the lipstick on. I feel like the pigment is very good, it is indeed a nice opaque white but I feel like it went on streaky. This is really different for JS lipsticks since all my other ones go on find (including Jawbreaker which I brought at the same time as Drug Lord). The streakiness was hard to capture in a picture and was much more visible in person. However all is not lost with Drug Lord as it makes an excellent mixing pigment. You can mix them with other JS lipsticks (which I will do another post on soon) to create a variety of different pastel colors. You can also use it as a liquid eyeliner (yes, it is eye safe) or a base for eyeshadow colors, or even to fill in your brows if you want to try something a little more extreme.

Lipswatch of Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker is amazing! That’s all I can say. I think the color is really nice and bright, super opaque and goes on well. This is definitely competing with Blow Pony for my favorite pastel color from the line. I want to wear it more often. Overall I give Druglord a 3/5 and Jawbreaker a definite 5/5.

I really want to do some lip art with Weirdo and Drug Lord so that might be coming up soon as well! See ya!


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