Walmart Winter Beauty Box

Hey guys! I’m here to bring you another unboxing of the Walmart beauty box. The Walmart beauty box is a quarter annual box that you get every 3 months and you only have to pay $5 for shipping. Inside the box you get travel size versions of some of the products that they sell at Walmart and its based on seasonal skin care and beauty products. I did another beauty box review the first time I got it but I haven’t done one recently because I was having problems with my login information and problems saving my credit card information. So I finally got everything figured out and was able to get the winter beauty box and it’s time for another review.

Things i got:
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters facial cleanser
Pure Silk Raspberry Mist moisturizing shave cream
Nirvana spa Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich body butter
Dial 7 day Moisturizing lotion
Goody Slide Proof soft touch silicone hair elastics
Pantene alcohol free hairspray
Ken Paves volumizing shampoo and conditioner
Centrum vitamints
Olay Regenerist luminous tone and perfecting cream moisturizer


Now I had already gotten the Neutrogena facial cleanser in my first Walmart box so it’s kind of a bummer that it’s a repeat but its not that bad because I actually really enjoy this cleanser. It’s very soft and light and when you get some from the container it’s actually clear. It’s super easy on your skin and very very delicate. So if your skin is really sensitive it might help to try this one out. It’s not over drying at all which is helpful for me since I have dry skin already.

There’s not much to say about the Pure Silk; it’s shaving cream. But Pure Silk is actually one of my favorite shaving cream brands because it not that expensive and they have a lot of moisturizing aloe in their creams.

The Nirvana Spa body butter is actually my favorite thing that I got in the box. I saw it at Walmart the other day and a normal size tub of it is around $7 I think; I’m not exactly sure. But I saw it and I did want to try it so lucky for me I got the trial size in my box. This cream is like super soft and when they say coconut they really mean coconut. That coconut smell is so strong; it’s like you’re on an island. It smells absolutely natural and like you’re holding a big coconut.

The Dial lotion is pretty cool. I always like finding super moisturizing lotions especially because I’ve been having lots of bad patches of super dry skin lately. The scent is almost like a candy. I think it’s a combination of some fruit and cream; it doesn’t exactly say on the trial size what fruit it is but you definitely get that creamy fruit smell. Its strong but its not bad. The cream isn’t greasy either. It goes on and sinkd into the skin really well and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

The hair elastics design is really cool. They have tiny little silicone nubs on the band, which sounds weird but it’s good for hair that’s prone to getting caught in elastic and breaking. I like these because they’re easy on my hair. Even though my hair is short and I don’t have a lot to put in the elastic they’re still useful to me since I do put my hair up in a little bun.

The rest of the things I got is stuff that I really don’t use that much. I don’t use hairspray unless I’m going tospike my hair but I like that it was alcohol free. I usually use my trial size Tresemme hairspray which works fine too. The first box i got also had a Ken Paves trial size hair conditioning shampoo thing but I don’t really remember what it was like on my hair because when I used it last May. But you can always could use some sample size shampoo and conditioners when you’re traveling and things like that. Travel size samples are good for my hair too since it’s really short and I don’t need that much shampoo or conditioner.


Overall I’d give this box like a four out of five. About 95% of the products are things that I would actually use and possibly buy at Walmart. I think they did a really good job of putting in things that almost anyone can use and you can’t go wrong at $5. Why not give it a shot? You get some cool stuff that’s actually useful. From my experience with other subscription boxes especially with Ipsy I would like never use everything they gave me. With the Walmart beauty box its more versatile for an everyday person and not just for someone who wears makeup. I would recommend the box for anyone who wants to give it a shot too!

Thanks for reading guys and i’ll see you soon!


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