ABH Cream Contour Kit Review

Yes, you read that right. I spent money. Real expensive money to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. Obviously I’m way behind in the hype but this is obviously because I don’t have much money and I’m on a budget! Haha! But I did and I love it so much.

I know it was hyped up a lot when it came out and there are tons of people that want contouring to go out of “style”. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum. I love my contouring. I love my blending. I love my beat mug! Nothing’s going to stop me from doing it that way. Besides I think I look the bomb.com when I get my face all beat and ready for a night out.

I got my ABH kit at Ulta and got it in Medium which I think was the perfect shade. There are 6 cream colors in the kit and they are extremely soft and easy to blend. I had tried the NYX contour kit and those creams were a bit harder and took more time to blend. E.L.F also apparently has a cream contour palette (that I didn’t know about, can you believe that?!) and I’ve been wanting to try that. So if you don’t have the funds to buy the ABH one, try the E.L.F! (though of course I haven’t tried it so buy at your own risk. E.L.F. products are usually go though so I wouldn’t worry too much.) The ABH palette was $40 at Ulta.

Fun Fact: The colors in the E.L.F. palette are similar to the colors Cream, Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Ash Brown in the ABH kit. (the 1st color, and 2nd row of colors in the kit). So it might be a good dupe!

I mainly use Cream and Banana for highlighting and covering the dark circles under my eyes. Banana is super good for highlighting and since Cream is closer to my own skin tone is good as a concealer. I use Cinnamon and Chocolate which are the first two brown tones in the palette for my actual contouring. I think the Ash Brown is too dark for me so it’s the least used. The second least used is the Warm coral. But I used this kit on my friend who has around my same skin tone but she has dark acne scars on her face. Using the Warm Coral helped tone down how dark the scars were and gave her a more flawless finish once we got the foundation on. It should also be good for super dark circles. Mine aren’t that dark so I don’t use it that much. I do like having all the range of the 6 colors because I do makeup on my friends and other people but if you just solely do it on yourself you might find yourself only using a few colors.

Yes, my palette is super messy:P

These colors blend really well. I love wetting my Real techniques blending sponge and i think it practically melts into the skin. I don’t regret spending the money on the kit at all and I think you get plenty of bang for your buck. I constantly go to this palette now to contour and I much prefer the cream contour to powder. I use contour powder to kind of set what I did with the creams but before I was only using the powders to contour. I think the creams make the end result look more natural especially since you can put foundation on over it and blend. This is why I think my contour is more natural and not as exaggerated as celebrity contours.

Left to Right: Cream, Banana, Warm Coral (2nd row) Cinnamon, Chocolate, Ash Brown

If you want a cheaper option however, as I mentioned before you can try the E.L.F. version, Coastal Scents has a  Camouflage palette that has 10 cream concealers for around $17 (on sale for $13 until January 4th), and bh Cosmetics have a concealer palette for $10. Im pretty sure that the concealer creams are similar to the cream contour kit, as I used to use cream concealer for contouring and highlighting before.

So basically if you’ve heard that the cream contour kit was amazing, I am a broken record because I agree completely. I think it’s awesome and good for people who are familiar with contouring. For beginners I would say start with powder contour kits which are much cheaper or even the E.L.F. one/ different color concealers. Do I think the kit should be $40-hell no. I would say like $25 at max but that’s how the industry is. I don’t regret my purchase tho.


Bonus:I also got the ABH Dipbrow pomade and let me tell you the hype surrounding that is also worth it. I love the cream-gel consistency and it’s actually PITCH BLACK! Their Granite color is very dark and pigmented and actually matches my hair color. And a little definitely goes a long way. You really don’t have to put that much on to fill in your brows. For similar products that are cheaper I would definitely go with NYX’s Tame and Frame brow pomade or the Eyebrow Gel (i use the eyebrow gel, which also comes in a true black color and it’s great) The Tame and Frame’s “black” is a deep brown black which I don’t like but it’s probably best for natural brows. The eyebrow gel in black definitely comes out darker than I think the picture suggests. However if you ever want to treat you and your brows, definitely get the ABH Dipbrow. I LOVE it.

Thanks for reading lovelies! See you soon!


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