Lolita/Super Sonico Makeup look for Ohayocon

Hey guys! Last weekend I went to Ohayocon, a convention that’s held in Columbus, Ohio. This is my third year in a row going. I only did one cosplay which was Super Sonico. The other day I dressed up in a Lolita style. This was my first time ever doing lolita and it was very nerve wrecking but I got a lot of compliments! Lolita in general has very soft looks and also the character Super Sonico wears no makeup so I decided to use the same look for both days. It was a no makeup makeup type look but with big eyelashes and using white/nude eyeliners to make my eyes appear bigger. There are only a few subtle difference in the eye makeup but other than that both looks are the same. I’ll include a product list and some pictures from the con! Hope you enjoy.

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist

Evelyn Iona Concealer*

Urban Decay Naked Basics (Foxy, Naked 2, Faint, W.O.S)

Nyx Wonder Pencil in Medium

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara*

Flower BB Cream in BB3

Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Boosting Eyeliner+Serum

Benefit’s Watt’s Up Highlighter*

Tresique mini shadow crayon in Venetian Gold*

Flower Daily Brightening Under Eye Cover Cream in DB4

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer*

Two Face Shadow Insurance

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer*

Sephora White Eyeshdow in Aspen Summit N 23***

Lorac Unzipped in Unattainable, Unconditional, Unspoken**

Nyx Tango with Bronze Powder in Tribal OdesseyMilani Baked Blush in Corallina

*   These are all sample sizes so they’re much cheaper (especially when you get the mini sets at Ulta, or on their own) and easier to travel with

**  Palette is ebay “dupe” that I got for around $3-$6, i can’t remember

***  This Sephora eyeshadow was given to me and is also a mini smaple size

Face: First I moisturized my face with the Pixi Fixing Mist. it has rose water and green tea and is super light. It smells amazing and is much cheaper than buying Mac’s version (though you can also make your own for much cheaper, I have not tried it yet). Pixi also does not test on animals so that’s a bonus! The under eye setting cream came after. I blended that in with my ring finger and let it sit for a bit. I then used the Flower Daily Brightening Under Eye Cream, blended it out, then followed it with the Evelyn Iona concealer. I used the BB Cream all over my face. I used BB Cream since it was light and wouldn’t be as heavy as foundation, and would give me a more natural look. I did a slight contour using the darkest shades of the Nyx Tango with bronze Powder. I didn’t want to contour too much, which is why i didn’t bring my trust ABH contour kit.


I used the Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighting stick to highlight above my cheek bones and dabbed the Milani blush in a small circular motion, being careful to blend it out so it didn’t look too harsh. I sealed everything again with a few spritzes of the Pixi Fixing Mist.

Eyes: Start off with the two faced shadow insurance. I used Naked 2 as a base all over my lid. Then used Faint in the crease as well as Unconditional and unspoken from the Lorac palette. I used W.O.S. in the middle of my eye to brighten it up then used the Sephora white eyeshadow for my tear duct. I lined my waterline with the Nyx Wonder pencil and added a tad bit of Crave from the Naked Basic palette to mimic a softer eyeliner which sat right below my waterline. One the lashline I used the Physican’s Formula eyeliner and only lined my lids 3/4 of the way. The last quarter towards the tear duct was left without eyeliner. I made sure to draw a small wing going downwards to mimic more doll like eyes. In the very corner of my eye (opposite corner to the tearduct) I added a bit of the Jumbo Pencil in Milk. I finished that off with 2 coats of the Smashbox mascara. The Lolita makeup was the same except I used the tresique crayon and Unattainable in the crease to give it a bit more shimmer.

And here are the final looks! Each one took me about 45 mins to complete. They were simple but I was trying to make sure they looked perfect:)

Lolita Look:

Screenshot (8)


Super Sonico Look

Screenshot (9).png


Please head on over to my personal blog to see what else I did that weekend!


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