Everyday Minerals Unboxing/Review

I realized I’ve got a lot of blogging to do you guys! Unfortunately I might not get to most of it . I’ve got homework to do and my surgery is coming up soon (next Week!). I’m going to behind on assignments after that as well. Argh! I wish I could get everything done. But I’m going to try and knock out at least 4 or posts for you guys! There will also be a few posts on my personal blog so be sure to check those out as well.

Today though I have a little unboxing from Everyday Minerals. I got a coupon from them because I had placed an order for some samples (you can get a 7 piece sample kit and only pay $2.50 for shipping) about a year ago. I got a coupon in my email offering me $5 off, so I decided to take a look at their site. I found these You’ve got the look kits for $8, with $5 off it would only be $3 but shipping was around $5 itself so I basically got free shipping. It wasn’t that bad. The one I chose was the High Shine kit which had pinkish-purple shadows and a softly tinted lipbalm. Since I’m into pastels I’d thought I’d give it a shot.

So let’s get started!

All the packaging was recyclable material
All the packaging was recyclable material
All the packaging was recyclable material
It also includes testimonials
The Kit



So the kit comes with 3 eyeshadows and 2 tinted lipbalm. The Shadows I got are “Loving Whisper” (a soft pink), “Shy Smile” (a soft purple pink), and “Paper Heart” (a pastel magenta). All three colors have glitter and are sheer. They come in .03 oz jars.


Loving Whisper
Shy Smile
Paper Heart

As you can see in the swatches they are very sheer and therefore not very pigmented. Shy Smile looks pigmented because too much came out when I was trying to swatch haha. This is the problem I find with mineral powders. They’re just too light. For some things, like foundation it’s good but for things like eyeshadow I dislike it. The colors themselves are really cute but I would probably have to add eyeshadow primer, then a white base, then pack the color on instead of sweeping this. Now, i do this in general with non neutral colors to help them stand out and be really bright, so this isn’t much of a problem. However I still wish they weren’t as sheer as they are. I think if they weren’t so sheer there would be more pigment and it would be better. I also hate non pressed powder shadows. I don’t liketrying to get product through the sifter. It either gets too messy or not enough product comes out in general. The pots are also so small that it’s kind of difficult to remove the sifter itself. I definitely don’t want the whole pot of shadow flying everywhere. I do want to do a look with this and see how the colors come out after using primer and a base color. I assume these kits were kind of “sample” kits but they are the only way to get their eyeshadows. Most of the website is dedicated to mineral face products should as foundations, finishing powders, and blushes.

The lip balm is nice. It’s soft, smooth, and glides on well. The color is barely pigmented at all. Obviously it’s a tint, rather than a lipstick but it is very sheer like the eyeshadows. Some people like this. I don’t mind it since I use lipbalms and chapsticks for their moisturizing purposes. Here is a swatch:


Overall I don’t mind the products but because this isn’t my favorite kind of formula I wouldn’t purchase it again. I like really pigmented, pressed shadows, so this isn’t really my cup of tea. The lipbalm is good but I don’t feel that it’s anything truly special. I wouldn’t repurchase it again just because of my personal bias. I think they could work for someone like my aunt who likes mineral based makeup.

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