Mini NYX Haul! Feat. Tarte

So I went into Ulta to help my cousin’s girlfriend pick out a few things and I came out with stuff for myself. Same thing happened to me at Target. Funny how that happens, huh? My haul was mostly for NYX because besides E.L.F. it’s one of my favorite makeup brands. Ulta was having a Buy one, Get one 50% off on Nyx eye products and of course you always have the $3.50 off $10. Target never has decent coupons for things so you’re kind of stuck with their prices. Here’s what I got:


Sorry for the bad photo, I was trying to lighten it up and it just wasn’t happening. I hope you can see everything though!

Nyx Vivid Brights Liquid Liner in Vivid Fire

Nyx Single Eyeshadow in Tin

Nyx Tea Tree Balance skin Elixir

Nyx Honey Dew Me Up

Tarte Tease Mini Palette

Diamond Cosmetics Nail File

So I wanted to try to get more colored liners. I saw the Vivid Brights and they were on-sale at Ulta. However, i have the White liquid liner from Nyx and I don’t like it as much. It flakes a little and I don’t use it as much unless I’m doing a pastel look. But I thought that I could at least give this red liner a try, especially with some cool red and black looks. I might be able to use it in some warm red and burnt orange looks as well.

As for the eyeshadow, I had a hard time trying to find something that I wanted to get 50% off. What I really wanted was a refill on my NYX eyebrow pencil but they didn’t have any in black. Instead, I somehow found this very foiled silver eyeshadow which is similar to the Mermaid eyeshadow I used in my Intergalactic Space Princess look.


The colors look pigmented but I felt like I had to really pack on the Mermaid color when I used it. I think the both of them are in the same line of shadows so I might have the same problem with this one. I like the color though and I really want to make some silver and black looks.

The Tea Tree Skin Elixir is almost like a primer. It’s also a serum that is supposed to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections while smoothing and renewing skin. My friend used this on me when we were doing makeovers and I really like it. it’s very cooling and moisturizing. I would wear it under my regular primer  or even use it everyday.

Which brings me to the Honey Dew me Up.This is expensive and I swear it better be worth it. It also acts as a skin serum but has gold flakes mixed with honey. Honey is a natural antiseptic, gold flakes apparently increases skin radiance (which I think is bs, but I have been wanting to get this for like ever so….), and the serum has collagen in it for smoother skin. The bottle is glass and has a screw top with a little spatula attached to it, so like the top of a nail polish bottle but instead of a brush is a little spatula to help put it on your face. The smell is ok, it reminds me of a softer version of tea tree oil. The consistency is semi thick but flows easily. When you scoop some onto the spatula you have to hold it over the bottle because it will run over in small strings. It’s a bit messy as well. The good news is that it sinks into the skin really easily and doesn’t leave a residue behind. It’s very light.

As for the Tarte palette, it was in the deadly check out line area at Ulta. I’ve never actually tried Tarte products before so these mini palettes are good ways to try them out. It’s a neutral palette with mostly matte colors. It’s similar to the Lorac Unzipped palette I have.



My favorite color is ‘bff’ and ‘crush’. I want to put them both together in a look and hopefully it’ll look nice haha. I think it’s a nice palette to have around with you especially since it’s small and is all neutral. i can go with just about any look.

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul! Be sure to check out my Instagram @moatb (still fairly bare) and my personal blog at! See you soon!


6 thoughts on “Mini NYX Haul! Feat. Tarte

  1. I love Tarte my favorite makeup brand out of everything I have their Contour palette. I love it I also have the pressed powder and foundation. I love them and I get excited reading about their products. Great post ! 💜


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