Dragcon 2016 Haul and Looks

Dragcon was more than a month ago, I know, but I haven’t really had much time to catch up and write things. I’ve been trying to make videos and things are recorded but i’m so lazy at editing. It’s pretty bad and thus explains my lack of posting. I’ve set time aside to try and knock out a few posts, however it’s also 2 am now so we’ll see how much i get done!

This was Dragcon’s second year running. There was a bunch of booths and definitely a bunch of makeup vendors, so it was basically paradise. The only criticism I have (which isn’t really anyone’s fault) was the fact that I had to wait more than 2 hours in line to get to Jeffree Star’s booth and buy his first makeup palette. What really pissed me off was that by the time I was at the front the palettes had sold out so I basically waited in line for nothing. I did purchase a few liquid lips and eventually got the palette (more on that later). Most of my money definitely went to makeup but I did get a few jewelry pieces, clothing from Kreepsville 666, hairbows, art, and artisan soaps (which I have a definite weakness for). I also stood in line most of the time to meet some of my favorite drag queens from Season 8 and earlier such as Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Bob the Drag Queen (who was crowned a week later), Thorgy Thor, Courtney Act, Chi Chi Devayne, Dax Exclamation Point and a few of my favorite feminist voices such as Amber Rose and Steven Joseph. I’ll try to do a full post on my trip to Los Angeles on my personal blog-spookyboogie13.

Now onto the looks! Dragon was only a 2 day con so I was there Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s look was very neutral. I wore a grey crop top with stretchy high waisted soft fabric jean pants, and clear jelly sandals. Both the wigs I wore were from Divatress.com.

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Screenshot (58).png

The look itself was neutral, especially because I was wearing neutral colors. So I did a soft brown smokey eye with a deep brown matte lip. I only carried one palette with me which was my Pixi Ultimate Beauty Book 2nd edition, which I got at Target.

Eyes: Pixi Ultimate Beauty Book 2nd Edition, Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster and Liner in Black, Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, Ardell Lashes (I can’t remember the size, sorry!)

Eyebrows: ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Granite

Face: Bh Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige, ABH Contour Cream Palette in Medium, City Color Powder Contour Palette

Lips: Loreal in 860 Spice, Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Stay on Contouring Pencil in 041 Coffee Bean.

This was honestly the best selfie I have ever taken in my life and I’ve never felt so gorgeous!

Sunday’s look was very much super pastel and kind of Marina and the Diamonds inspired though not intentionally! My outfit was a pastel dress that I got at Wal-Mart for $14 and I wore my clear jelly shoes again. I only had a small weekend bag so I really had to condense on my outfit options. I loved my outfits anyway. The wig was a black rooted wig that faded into a silver then mint color. The necklace was from Kreepsville 666.

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Screenshot (59).png

Eyes: Pixi Ultimate Beauty Book 2nd Edition (purples, Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (for base) and single eye shadow in Mermaid, Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster and Liner in Black, Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, Morphe Lashes in #79

Eyebrows: ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Granite

Face: Bh Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige, ABH Contour Cream Palette in Medium, City Color Powder Contour Palette

Lips: Jeffree Star Velour liquid Lipstick in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Now time for the haul! I visited several makeup booths around the con, which had great discounted prices (only for the con). This was awesome because I had limited spending money (sort of, I did save up money for this trip but also had to factor in food and other attractions I wanted to see). So here’s what I got:

Screenshot (61).png

I’ve been wanting to get some Morphe brushes for a long time and there was a giant Morphe booth at the con. Morphe in general has great brushes at low prices so they’re great for people who are on a budget like myself. The brushes I got were the M164 (a small angled contour brush), MB19 (a small flat detail brush), M200 (A fluffy blending brush), M135 (a flat c shape brush), and the MB30 (a jumbo flat kabuki brush for contouring). Their lashes at the con were 6 for $10 I believe and I got #5, #79, 2 #304 (by accident haha), # 61, and a pair of jumbo fluttery lashes whose number I don’t remember because I threw out the box:P). I also got their 12P palette which is a small 12 color palette with bright almost neon colors

Screenshot (62)

I also got a bunch of liquid lippies from Jcat Beauty, OCC, and Jeffree star. Jcat beauty had 3 for $10 sales on a lot of their products, OCC was selling their liptars in their old packaging 3 for $5!!! I of course had to buy some! And I believe Jeffree’s Liquid lips were $15 instead of $18.

From Jcat Beauty I got a bright yellow (Hello. Goodbye), a steele grey (Splashed), and a deep mint color (Pishslaver). Their formula is similar to OCC and I find that you have to massage the tube to redistribute the peppermint oil (which is what makes it moisturizing). The colors are really pigmented and do stay on for a long time.

From OCC I got Anime, Hoochie and Pool Boy. I’ve been dying to get Pool Boy for a long time so I was really happy it was on sale! Pool Boy is a light blue, Hoochie is a purple and Anime is a deep neon pink (not my color at all but I thought I’d give it a shot).

From Jeffree Star I got another Blow Pony (lavender) because as I was packing for the trip I could not find the original tube I bought. I thought I had lost it and since it was my favorite color and the palette was sold out I decided to get another one (I ended up finding my original tube after I got back of course). I also got Redrum (classic red) because I wanted a matte red lip. And you can never have too many red lipsticks.

Mehron also had a both and to be honest I thought they would have some of their special effects makeup there as well. But they mostly kept to beauty makeup. I only ended up getting 2 things, a creamblend stick in Medium Olive for $12 and a pressed eyeshadow in Red Earth for about $7.It’s a deep red burgundy color and very pretty and pigmented.

Tatcha had a booth and after listening to the very dedicated spiel of the salesperson, and being very afraid to ask the prices I found that they were selling their travel size cleansing oil for only $12. Which I was thankful for because everything else was freaking $60 something dollars for like a 3 oz bottle! Way out of my price range. Though the cleansing oil is very nice I cannot afford Tatcha products.

I also got some free stuff from the Hustler booth. Hustler being the adult magazine. Basically I took a photo with a very nice woman there and then they gave my free stuff, which I was all about. I got some Shimmery Body Bronzer and a lipgloss, which doesn’t smell that great but hey it was free and nice.

The last thing I got makeup wise from the con was from Strobe Cosmetics who have wondering pigmented and sparkly eyeshadows. Normally their prices online are $6.50 per single shadow. At the con they were $4.50. I got 4 of them: Azure (a gorgeous shimmery blue, similar to Nyx’s Mermaid), Urban Princess (a deep purple), Fit For a Queen (which is a BAM IN YO FACE I’M RICH gold), and World Eater (a nice deep red). The woman at Strobe Cosmetics was an absolute sweet heart and her makeup is absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend them.

Now On top of buying makeup at the con, when I got back from the 1st day I realized that there was a Sephora DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from the hostel I was staying at. So I got myself into more trouble (and debt) and got some things there as well. I was dead set on getting Kat Von D products and I got her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo, which is a deep blue violet similar to Jeffree Star’s Abused. I found however that it was a little fussy going on the lips especially in the center, but it dries as nicely as any other liquid to matte. I also got a combo pack sort of thing that had the Tattoo Liner in Trooper (black) and a mini Studded Kiss lipstick in Magick (a warm light reddish brown). I also got a mini autograph pencil liner in Proud Peacock (deep olive with sparkles). Green is not typically my color but it had been following me around since before my trip to LA, so I decided to cave in and get some green makeup!

There was also a set of 5 mini eyeshadow palettes from Sephora’s holiday collection that was about $10. I decided to split it with my friend who I took the trip with. I also got The Pure Skin Facial Cleanser from First Aid Beauty. I had tried First Aid Beauty in one of my Ipsy bags (which I’ve resubscribed too and I’m already pleased with what I’m getting in my 1st bag back) and I really liked it so I decided to get the facial cleanser again. I believe it was about $10 to $12 at Sephora for the 2 oz tube. And last but not least, I caved in and got the Alice in Wonderland palette.

I had saw this at my local Sephora and I wanted it so bad. The $60 price was crazy but you do get 20 eyeshadows and it comes in gorgeous packaging. It honestly had me sold with the color Hatter ( a nice bright green which started the whole “green makeup is sending me sign” thing). This UD palette definitely makes up I think for the Gwen Stefani one (which I was pretty disappointed that it was basically all neutrals). The Alice in Wonderland palette has a variety of neutrals, but not just your boring browns, it has colors like burnt orange, warm chocolates, burgundies, and small pops of colors like with Hatter. I haven’t used it much yet so I can’t say if it was really worth the $60 but it does has some nice soft shades that can double as highlighters. I don’t have a great picture of it but will eventually!

Hope you guys enjoyed the haul! I hope to have some other posts up soon and will try and comment on some of your blog posts as well!



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