Ipsy June 2016

Yes, back at it again with the Ipsy subscription. Even though I have a crap ton of makeup I do miss trying out new products, especially ones that normally are out of my price range. Now my feelings are always wishy-washy with Ipsy and I think part of me just renewed my subscription because I’m a makeup hoarder. Whoops!

I got my subscription right away because I think they’re having a break where there aren’t as many subscribers as there used to be so there’s some wiggle room for new subscribers, or even returning subscribers like myself. Another reason I’ve gone back to Ipsy is because it is indeed the cheapest. While I do splurge on some makeup (mostly the palettes) I still like to keep thing within a budget. That is the reason I made this blog after all! I’ve never wanted to be the person that uses all MAC products or 200 dollar foundation from Sephora, so even though Ipsy has it’s ups and downs I still believe it’s a good starting point for people who want to try new makeup or are new to makeup and want to build up their makeup collection.

So the subscription was renewed and I got my 1st bag (again). The actual bag itself has got to be one of my favorites. It’s graffiti style which reminds me of my home state of New York. It’s so in my style and I would totally use it as a small clutch (it’s big enough to fit my phone and a phone and lipstick is all you need on a night out).I got 4 products and 1 makeup brush this time. Now Let’s start with the complaints.

Everything is small. Now I know Ipsy never really offers full size products (on the occasion they do), so I know I shouldn’t expect them to be big but to be honest I almost threw out the highlighter I got. It was stuck to one of those product cards and I didn’t even notice until I turned it over. It’s a 1×1 compact so….

Other than size I really hate how almost every brush I get from Ipsy are dual ended. I hate dual ended brushed because I’m always afraid one end will get smushed with how I store my brushes and just wont work as well as it should.These are however great to keep in your bag if you’re traveling because you need some double duty products to cut down on luggage space. The brushes are fairly decent quality too and a blending brush I got from my 1st round of Ipsy bags is one of my favorites and I use it constantly. Another bad note is that nothing was really exciting in my bag. I was super excited for the highlighter and well…we’ll get to that in a bit.

Now let’s try and get to the positives which is basically that I got new stuff. Here’s what I got:


Cream Highlighter in tiare from Jouer Cosmetics

Everything Balm from Cake Beauty

An Eyeshadow Single from The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette in the color Marriage Matt(e)rial

Crease/Smudge Brush from Royal and LangNickel

Show me Your Cheeks Blush in Peach Pink from Elizabeth Mott

Let’s Start with the highlighter. Now we all know highlighting is a big trend now. I’m late to the bandwagon because it never really appealed to me. I like a very matte look person and adding highlighter makes you all shiny and shimmery which is personally not what I like, but I have been wanting to give it a shot. So when I got the sneak peek for my Ipsy I was excited for the highlighter. However like I said it’s just a little 1×1 compact and it’s a cream. I wanted more of a powder for the highlight. The full size is $22 (which I would probably never buy). It’s hard to swatch it because there’s not much color to it. It blends really easily into the skin and just adds the sparkle more than anything. I think for my first upscale highlighter it might be nice because it’s not just like white powder on the skin that makes you look like you have headlights beneath your eyes. It’s blendable, soft, and smooth. It’s subtle so I think it would be good for people like me who don’t want to sparkle like a twilight vampire but still want a little pop.


The second thing I got was the Everything Balm from Cake Beauty, a Canadian Beauty company (they offer their products in the USA as well and have a sister site for it). I had to do research on the Everything Balm because I was confused as to what I should actually use it on. Apparently, it’s for everything and according to Cakebeauty’s website “everything” includes:

“softens skin
tames brows
plumps pouts
conditions cuticles
pops cheekbones
brightens dark circles
seals split ends
glosses lips
nourishes dryness
softens heels
polishes puckers
shields skin
rejuvenates knees
smooths frizz
reduces itchiness
refreshes hands
unchaps lips
soothes sunburns
nurses cracks
restores elbows
eases bug bites”

For things like this I just use it as a chapstick. I’ve had other multi purpose balms before and to me that’s always their default position, haha. However in a pinch it would be good for my elbows if I ever forget to put cream on them (which happens more often than I’d like to admit). There’s a slight waxy smell to it but definitely no perfumes or real scents and there’s also no color. If you would use this constantly than the small tube it comes it probably wouldn’t last as long. The full size is $16 and C. O. Bigelow (which you can find at Bath and Body Works) has a similar all purpose rose salve that comes in a portable tin for much cheaper. The rose salve is $5.50 and is .8 oz, while the Everything Balm is $16 for .7 ounces. I personally love the rose balm and have used it and re-purchased it, so it’s the one I would recommend if you wanted to expand your purchases from your Ipsy bag.

The 3rd thing was the Balm eyeshadow. I happen to like the Balm’s eyeshadows. I’ve got their Nude Tude palette (which I got my first Nude Tude sample eyeshadow in another Ipsy bag) and enjoy the colors there.) The Meet Matt(e) Trimony eyeshadow I got is a deep purple-burgundy. This is a color I use all the time, it’s basically a go-to now but I would’ve liked a more interesting color. Perhaps this is my fault since I do continuously buy the same colors but I just want more companies to get in contact with Ipsy and put a variety of colors in the bags But again it is definitely good for people that are more on the tame side of makeup or ones that like grundgey looks (like myself). So yes I like it but I do want more umph!


The Last thing I got product wise was the blush. Now I’m not a blush fan. I only put it on sometimes. This blush is very sheer. It has a bit of a pinky-peach hue to it that will probably appear more with build up. It also does have some sparkle to it, as with the highlighter. I think it’s a good everyday color and I can use a little bit without looking like I ran a mile and am super flushed!

Overall, I think the contents provided a nice variety, and almost all the products are from brands I’ve never heard of. I wish the colors weren’t as basic as they are but they’re good for use on anyone and for everyday wear. I try to wear a bit of makeup when I go to work so i could realistically use it for that. I would probably give it a 3/5 just because I didn’t like the size of the items, the cream highlighter, or the dual ended brush.



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