Walmart Summer Beauty Box

Hello Lovelies!

I recently received my Walmart Beauty Box-as I’m sure some of you may not know Walmart does have a beauty type subscription. It is seasonal and only costs $5 for shipping. I have done a few other box reviews before so if you’d like to see what the boxes are about read those (under the “Unboxing” tab) or continue reading this one. If you’d like to subscribe to the Walmart Beauty Box click here.

Here are some pro’s and con’s that might also help you decide.


It’s a lesser known box and much more easy to subscribe than the Target Beauty Box (yeah they have one too!)

It ships 1 box per season so 4 boxes a year.

You get a variety of items in beauty and healthcare.

It’s only $5 and about 95% of the things I receive are things I use regularly or eventually.


You can get repeat items

It is not customizeable; there is no quiz or anything that caters to your needs, therefore making the box unpersonalized.

I’m not 100% sure if the same box goes to everyone or each box is different.

Sometimes the items are basic like toothpaste and there aren’t many times I’ve gotten makeup products.

Everything is a trial size.

Now this box I received is probably my most favorite to date. There are a lot of things I got that are useful, especially when traveling. Like I stated above everything is travel size but not always what you would get in travel size. This is why I said that everything will get used up eventually whenever I take trips. The box I received was the summer box.


Sample of Nivea in Shower Body Lotion in Cocoa Butter

Goody Slideproof Hair Elastics

A sample of Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste

a sample of Simple Micellar Water Makeup Remover

Vaseline’s Intensive Care unscented lotion

Sally Hensen Airbrushed legs

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner

Incoco Coconut Nail Art

Now I’ve gotten The Hair elastics and Lady Gaga perfume in a previous box. However the hair elastics are really good and I somehow always lose mine so these are actually pretty useful. They  don’t pull my hair and stay in place. I’m not too crazy about perfume so I don’t wear it often but it’s good to keep in your purse. And as I’ve said before toothpaste isn’t an exciting product but you always need toothpaste, so it won’t go to waste.

I’ve actually been wanting to try the Nivea In Shower body lotion. I stock it all the time at work and I’ve been wondering if it is really nice for the skin so this sample came at a great time. I believe the full sized product is around $6 or $7, so I’m definitely glad I can try before I buy.

I’ve used the Simple makeup remover before and I think it is the most gentle I’ve ever used on my eyes. It never burned or irritated my eyes, especially when I used them on my lashes. I really wished we could have gotten the trial size of it because they do make them.

The Vaseline lotion is another staple. You always need lotion and it won’t go to waste.

I also stock the Schwarzkopf line of hair products and I’ve never really tried it.So this is a brand new product that I can try. Lately I’ve been using OGX Coconut Water shampoo and Conditioner and I really love that. The OGX line always has really nice smelling shampoos and conditioners that leave my hair really soft and easy to comb through, so I’m not too keen on switching shampoos just to try the little samples, but I’m also not going anywhere anytime soon so I might as well.

The nail art was the one thing I was super excited about. I had tried using these types of nail art stickers before and I don’t think I did it right the first time, so having a do over is nice! I’m not too crazy about the background color which is a metallic gold but I do think the designs are cute! I can’t wait to try them.

The only thing I don’t really care for is the Airbrushed legs. I don’t like fake tanner. I don’t like gradual lotion tanner. The colors I get get are always geared towards lighter skin (since apparently catering to fair skin is more universal somehow) so when I apply the product there is no color pay off and my skin goes from ashy to moisturized. It just looks like I applied regular lotion on my skin. I’ve gotten these types of products in boxes before and it’s really a waste. I don’t really have anyone to give them to either. So this is the only item I’m not really happy with.

Overall about 3 products I’ve already tried/received., about 2 (or 3, If you want to separate the shampoo and conditioner) are ones I have not used, and 1 was some thing I will never use. This box wasn’t as exciting but I know it will not be a waste because I can and will use most of the products. I’d call it a success for the most part. I’d like to hopefully get more makeup products in the future as well.

Hope you found this review helpful! let me know if you guys are subscribed to the Wal-Mart Beauty Box, or even if you’re subscribed to the Target one, they always sell out fast!


7 thoughts on “Walmart Summer Beauty Box

  1. I wonder if Canadians can get it!
    That’s a lot of cool stuff, looks like a lot of rational stuff, like the tooth paste! I hope you have lots of fun with the products!


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