Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette (partial) Review/Updated Liquid Lips Review

Hey guys, before I start the reason it is a partial review is because I’ve only regularly used a few of the colors in the palette. I will make some inferences about the other colors I have not tried and will try to do a look with them soon so I can give a full review of the palette. So far I’ve tried about half of the colors in the palette (5 total).

A bit of backstory as well, you guys know I’ve been following J* and really and truly do like most of the liquid lips I’ve gotten and I’ve done two reviews for them here  and here. I have 6 Liquid lipsticks now and while they aren’t in the usual price range, I do set aside money for them when I hear of the release dates so I am able to purchase them. This is also why I only have 6 shades. I don’t have the money to buy every single one nor do I want every single shade. My Favorites are Blow Pony, Weirdo, and RedRum. Jawbreaker is a close 4th. My least favorites are Druglord and Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Redrum holds up the best in my opinion. It is a very rich red and I get a lot of compliments on it. I truly love the pigmentation and color of it. Same for Blow Pony. Weirdo also has wonderful pigmentation and it is one of my favorite black lipsticks, however after using these liquid lips for awhile I’ve found that the center of the lips seem to fade the quickest. They don’t stay on as long as they are claimed to stay on. The liquid lips are supposed to come off mostly with oil based products or food (which J* has stated) but I’m thinking that extreme moisture also breaks it down as well. The center of the lips is moist, your tongue touches it the most and even with drinking with a straw you’re still getting moisture on your lips. The corners of the mouth also seem to dry and crumble just a bit.

Druglord of course as I stated in my first review of it is still not my favorite. White colors anything from ANY cosmetic brand can be very tricky, streaky, and hard to get pigmented. It is very hard to produce in makeup. I even have Nyx products that are white and I am not a fan of them. Elf as well. And I recently worse my Breakfast at Tiffany’s and found that it crumbled more than the other liquid lips. I do love the color, it’s very gorgeous and minty blue but I was upset that it was crumbling so much. I shake the bottle like you’re supposed to before applying but it doesn’t seem to help. Also I am able to dab my lips on a napkin and some color does come off (when it is claimed not too). Just today I was eating chicken tenders and french fries while wearing Weirdo, neither were too greasy or oily. It was maybe 30 to 40 minutes or so of wearing the lipstick and I could still dab some color off and that was before I actually began eating.

Other times I’ve eaten things like a burger and have seen the color come off onto the bun.

I was really tempted and still slightly am tempted to buy the supposed yellow liquid lip he is making for the summer but I’m also not sure anymore. Every lipstick isn’t perfect of course and I have been recommending these lipsticks to other people because they are fairly nice pigment wise and do stay on for awhile, but I have to reapply especially for the center of the lips every few hours. I don’t wear bases or lipliners under these lipsticks, just put them straight on.

I’ve also noticed today at Ulta that Nyx has a very beautiful suede liquid lip in a blue similar to Jawbreaker that I would probably recommend because of the price difference and because the pigmentation is great. It stayed on after I washed the hand I swatched it on and came off once I used a makeup remover wipe and wiped over it several times. I think I might buy it in the future (i do have their deep purple suede that I like, but not this blue I saw today).

Now onto the palette. The colors I’ve tried so far are Courtney, Rich Bitch, China White, Vanity, And Black Rainbow. I had been waiting for the palette for a long time. I even stood in line for two and half hours and DragCon in Los Angeles, first thing in the morning to try and get the palette early. I was unsuccessful. Then J* released it online and it sold out in 30 seconds, I missed it again. The third time was the charm because I finally was able to snag it. It was $45 with about $6 shipping. Once again I knew I had wanted to get this palette so money was set aside for it. My excitement has now like…dimmed down significantly.



All colors were swatched with a dry flat eyeshadow brush. The only time I wet the brush was when I wanted to show the difference between Rich Bitch dry versus Rich Bitch on a wet brush. No primer was used. Each color was gone over a few times to show the true potential of color buildup. The hardest colors to see are China White because it is so light and Courtney because it is a bit close to my skintone. The photos are edited a bit for brightness because I don’t have the greatest lighting in my house and it comes off very yellow. I was supposed to do this in the daytime but I was being lazy 😛

L to R: Courtney, Black Rainbow, Vanity, China White, Rich Bitch (dry)

Courtney by far is my favorite color. It’s a very warm taupe color that’s soft in texture and I feel the easiest to blend with. It’s a very nice everyday color as well as a good transition color. If J* made single eyeshadows I would probably get it as a single however there are some other brands that have soft taupe shades that could also be used.

I would also like to point out that everytime J* swatches something he does a finger swatch which can be very deceiving. Why? Because your fingers have oils and the pigment sticks to it better. Getting the pigments on a brush acts different as I found out the hard way. So when he swatches things that look very pigmented but while using a brush it can come out very patchy.

Courtney doesn’t really do this but I had a hell of a problem with Rich Bitch, a super shimmery glittery gold. On the brush the glitter falls off in chunks and doesn’t really stick to the skin. I used Two Faced Shadow Insurance as my primer for the look I used Rich Bitch in and a flat eyeshadow brush because I wanted to pack on the color. However when I tried to pick up the pigment with the dry brush it basically fell off and like I said, didn’t stick at all. As you can see in the picture below (which this one is actually unedited) the swatch of Rich Bitch dry is extremely patchy!  I used Pixi’s Makeup Fixing Mist to wet my brush (and maybe I should’ve used regular water) and was able to coat my entire lid with the pigment. It came out nice and foiled. However, about a few hours after I had initially applied it I had found that my right eye had about half of the gold pigment gone. I’m not sure why. The left eye was completely fine so I don’t understand what was the difference if the application was the same on both lids. In the shadow pan now it looks like I dug into it with my brush and a chunk is missing from the shadow. It’s essentially what I had to do. I actually used Strobe Cosmetics Fit for a Queen (which is another deep foiled shimmery gold) for a transition color and on a dry brush it came off perfectly foiled and SUPER pigmented in one swipe. I would HIGHLY recommend that over Rich Bitch. A single Pan (while smaller than the J* shadow pans) is $6.50 but it is significantly worth it. I had the pleasure of talking to the creator at DragCon and she is a sweetheart as well (which can not be said about J*, but I digress)

L to R: Jeffree Star Rich Bitch (dry brush), Strobe Cosmetics Fit for a Queen (Dry brush), Jeffree Star Rich Bitch (wet brush)

Black Rainbow is a glittery black which has been made thousands of times and there are other brands for sure that have the same glitzy black. I used a dry small angled brush to apply it as I was attempting a cut crease. It was really hard to blend out and when I did get it it looked fairly smudgy. The glitter also diminished and the black turned greyish. I kept having to go over it to get the intense black I wanted. It also kind of smudged into the Rich Bitch I spent so much time getting onto my eyes which sucked! When I swatched it the glitter fell off almost immediately and i was left with a greyish swatch that easily smudged. I also noticed that when wearing the color on my right eye that it began to itch where I had put the Black Rainbow in the crease. Now it wasn’t painfully itchy or swollen like a severe allergic reaction or anything but when I did remove my makeup I noticed that the crease was a little red and irritated. It didn’t seem that way on the other eye and the rest of both my eyelids were fine. I’ve never had any problems wearing eye shadows of any brand. Not sure why this happened but it cleared up in a day. I know my skin is picky but not so when I wear makeup.

China White is a creamy ivory, which when I think China White I think of a stark porcelain. This is not stark porcelain. It’s nice for a brow bone high light and I tried to use it as a base for the colors (so the Too Faced Shadow insurance than China White) and it didn’t really work so well. It wasn’t the intense white I like to use for my usual bases. Jeffree says that he uses this color for a base but I’m not feeling it. I think it’s almost a useless color since you’d be using it for highlight mostly. You could use it for an all over lid color as well but I’d much rather use Courtney. It also barely shows up on my skin because it goes on so light. I feel like you’d almost have to use like a white base like Nyx’s Jumbo Pencil in Milk and then put China White on top for the color to actually really come out. Also I’m not a fan of the name China White. It seems a touch insensitive to be quite honest. It’s also a beigey semi ivory color so a new name entirely would’ve been more approriate, not only culturally but as a better representation of the color.

Vanity is the last one I’ve used so far. It is a very deep brown. Like very deep. I like my browns to be a bit lighter than this. It almost comes off black when you apply it. This one is fairly smooth, like Courtney though. I used it for the outer crease before and I did like it bit I’d just prefer it to be much lighter and not as deep in tone. I think this paired with Courtney as the two best ones so far. I’m afraid to try Star Power as I’m really not a neon pink person and it looks really chalky and much dryer than the other matte shades in the palette. There is only 4 matte shades total for the palette is predominately shimmers, which isn’t versitile if you’re going for everyday looks, but I did go for the palette because it had bright colors in them. I’m hoping Expensive will be nice because the shimmer looks a bit finer than Rich Bitch but I’m afraid it won’t be a nice and smooth.

So far I’m not as impressed as I thought I would be and it truly is making me not want to buy the fall palette he is supposed to be releasing. I might buy one highlighter or two (the lavender and the black one for Halloween, both have yet to be released) and then I might be done. I think I might try to move on Kat Von D’s stuff for my “high end” fix and I think I might want to try more indie brands though I find them to be around the same prices as high end things (sometimes). I know an indie brand that had liquid lips that are around $16 dollars each which isn’t far off from J*’s $18 liquid lips. I most definitely want to get more shadows and products from Strobe Cosmetics as I think they’re phenomenal.

Overall some of the matte colors come off softer and blend easier while the glittery ones are really a pain to work with. The colors also seem to fade a lot. I would suggest SugarPill Cosmetics if you want to go for the neon colors and Strobe Cosmetics for the metallic colors. Strobe is cheaper than Sugarpill but both are equally as great in my opinion. I think most Sugarpill palettes run cheaper than Jeffree Star but they only have 4 colors usually. So you are getting more bang for your buck with Jeffree’s palette but how much bang are you really getting. Also Strobe Cosmetics does over palettes currently based off of American Horror Story. I have yet to buy one but I’m planning on it (though my love for AHS has diminished greatly). Nyx also has some fairly nice single shadows as well and the Bh Cosmetics Galaxy palette can help get you a metallic fix as well. There are tons of other cheaper options that are also better quality. I had super high hopes for this palette and it really tore me up finding out the the colors were not in my favor nor behaved properly.

I know this post was extremely long but I wanted to talk about it and make sure you guys knew my opinion as always! Let me know if you’ve tried the palette as well and what your thoughts are about it. How did the shadows work for you?


6 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette (partial) Review/Updated Liquid Lips Review

  1. I have the pallette and I am having tons of problems with Rich Bitch. Wont even swatch well with my finger. Another amazing shadow in Maybelline’s “Golden Halo” single. Creamy, blendable, and goes on beautifully. Try it out!


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