Ipsy July 2016

Hey guys! Time for another Ipsy bag unboxing (unbagging?) and review of the products I got. The theme for this ipsy was Hot Summer Nights. I actually forgot to look at the products I was getting online so this bag was a complete surprise. There were 5 products total that I received.

The bag for this month was pretty cute. It was an iridescent bag with small umbrellas and the Ipsy logo. I would’ve preferred just an iridescent bag or maybe a beach scene with the umbrellas. The combination I think is a bit weird for me. Im going to regift this to a friend that likes iridescent things.


Now onto the products! In this bag I received:

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Bellapiere Banana Setting Powder

Model Co PowerLash Black Mascara

The Balm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner Pencil in “Scott” (maroon)

Nunzio Saviano Anti Frizz Sheets


I’m only excited about 2 of the products: the Too Faced Primer and the Bellapiere banana powder. The Too Faced primer is a product I don’t think i’ve heard of before. Most of the Too Faced Products I’ve tried have been eye related. I have two palettes, the Better than Sex mascara, the shadow Insurance, chocolate soleil bronzer (which is one of my favorite bronzers) and 1 lipstick. But I haven’t really tried any real face products. The size is about as big as my shadow insurance tube so i think i can get maybe 2-5 uses out of it, depending on how much I use. I think this product has a high chance of me actually buying it in stores. I tried a bit on my hand and it smelled really nice. It blended into my skin really well without leaving behind any residue or oily traces. I was really looking for something moisturizing to wear everyday since my skin can get dry. The Nyx Tea Tree Skin Elixer is another favorite that I use just to moisturize my skin (and it’s probably cheaper than the Too Faced).

The banana powder is also something I’ve been wanting to try. I know a lot of people use the banana powder from Ben Nye to set underneath the eyes. I can use too much powder for baking because the area under my eye is extra dry, easily sensitive and sensitive. So while I cant bake I can still use it as a setting powder. Now I looked up this powder on the bellapiere website and it said that the size of the container was .14oz or 4 grams. The size of the jar I got in my ipsy was the same. So I’m thinking that maybe I got a full size product? However on the website this is $35, which is absolutely ridiculous for something so small. A 3 oz bottle of Ben Nye runs around $25 but you’re getting so much more! And the way that I see these people using half the dang bottle of setting powder just for under their eyes, then I say skip buying this and just get the Ben Nye. Besides that I’m glad I can try a nice setting powder and even if I did get a full size of it I got one heck of a deal. I’ve gotten a bellepiere eyeliner in one of my previous ipsy bags and it’s one of my favorite liners that I have. I’m glad that I get to try something different from them.

The last 3 products were some I weren’t excited/not particularly happy about receiving. I was not happy with the fact that I got yet another The Balm product. This is twice in a row, 4 times overall that i’ve gotten something from them. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the Balm but I also like getting more variety. I keep getting eye products from them. I would like to try something different and new. The Balm has a multitude of products, not just eye things so why can’t I get different products to try? I’d like it if I got face products or something. When I swatched the color on the back of my hand, I found that the  pencil was hard. There’s a decent amount of color in one stroke but it might fair better with build up. The color is a weird maroon, which I don’t know about you guys but I’m almost a strictly black eyeliner person. I only just recently got a brown eyeliner and that was just to try it out to see if I like how it looks. On occasion I will use a colored eyeliner but that’s for more extreme looks. I think I will give this one away.


I got a mascara from ModelCo and while it doesn’t really look interesting or spectacular I’ve read some good reviews on Birchbox’s website. It seems like it’s a sort of staple “go-to” mascara. I think i’m going to give this one a shot because I need an everyday mascara for when I put my work makeup on. I’ve been using the Loreal Miss Manga mascara and I don’t think my eyes like it.


The last product I got was 4 packs of the Anti-Frizz hair sheets. I guess it looks like a baby wipe and you wipe it from root to tip of your hair to calm down the frizz. this might be good if i had longer hair. I have short hair now and it doesn’t frizz. I keep getting hair products every once in awhile even though it’s not on my ipsy quiz and it’s kind of frustrating.


Overall I give this bag a 3/5 because i’m excited about 2 products, can use 1, and the other 2 were just flops. I think this bag had me more excited than last months so I at least like that aspect as well. Thanks for tuning in you guys. See you next month for another review!


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