Organized Chaos: How I Store my Makeup

If you’re a makeup hoarder like I am, you soon realize that there isn’t enough room for your collection. Your family members or significant other might start to say the dreaded “d” word-downsize, but that just isn’t an option. I keep makeup until it goes bad and that means that over time i’ve started running out of space. Now I don’t have an entire room with a vanity full of makeup but I do have more than most.

Usually a beginner’s collection will be stowed in a nice tackle box or caboodle. It’s a box that can fit just about anywhere with pull out shelving to store your eyeliners and eyeshadow and a large bottom compartment for the bigger things like foundation. Some caboodles even have elastic brush holders on the lid so you can also store your brushes. Plastic caboodles are much cheaper while acrylic or metal ones tend to be more expensive.


I had to give mine away long ago and now I have a 6 tier plastic drawer and multiple storage pieces within the drawers for micro organizing. Even then there’s still a bunch that remains unorganized. But of course my organization was done on a budget and is fairly space conscious, in case that’s a worry for your collection.

My 6 Tier plastic drawer is skinny with semi long drawers that aren’t too deep. You can get deeper set drawers and  can put more things for organizing and separation inside, which would allow you to stack or keep bottles and sprays upright. I don’t have many large pieces so the shallow drawers worked nicely for me. The drawers can be a bit pricey, depending on how many drawers there are in one unit and where you buy it from, but these tend to be cheaper during back to school season. I don’t remember where I got mine at or for how much but I would assume Wal-mart as it’s usually the cheapest. Craft stores also have these organizers as well but they’re usually more expensive there. The 6 or more tier drawers can be around 3ft tall and higher. Keep in mind your height and how much stuff you have in order to determine how many drawers you need. You can also get the mini drawers that are usually located in the office supply section to help separate eyeshadow singles or eyeliners and mascaras.

Each one of my drawers has different different things inside it as well as small separators. These separators were only $6.87 or so at Wal-mart and come with 3 vertical slots and 1 horizontal. I used these to separate my brushes, eyeliners/mascaras, and lip products. My first drawer is just complete chaos of nail polishes. Most of my nail polish bottles cant stand upright since the drawer in shallow so they’re haphazardly placed in there.


The second drawer has my brushes in the separator, the towel in which i  dry my brushes on after i clean them and my travel cases with their respective brushes.


I separated them by eye brush, detail brush, face brushes, and miscellaneous tools. I have a small desk right next to my makeup storage area so it’s really nice to just reach down and grab a brush easily. The next drawer is my eyeliners/mascaras.


I have liquid eyeliners in the first compartment, eyeshadow pencils and eyeliner pencils in the 2nd, and mascaras in the third. Brow products and eyeshadow primers are in the horizontal one. The rest of the drawer is filled with things I cant seem to find a place for; foundation in the wrong shade, body powders, primers, sharpeners. Creative chaos!

The next drawer is my lip and eyelash drawer.


These are separated into lip paints/tars, lipglosses, and the nicer lipsticks i have that don’t fit in my lipstick organizer, haha. The fourth compartment has products like lipscrubs and lipstick remover. The eyelashes are set in a long semi deep plastic container that i got at my job for 99 cents. Most of my eyelashes are still in their containers so there’s a little bit more organization there as well. The last two drawers are also creative chaos. They are my face products drawer and my nail drawer, as in fake nails, acrylics and press ons.

Some other organization things I have are from Target’s $1-5 section. They have cute little boxes and storage things that can help organize your makeup. I got a small 2 tier drawer for $5 and i think the folder holder was around $3. I used the drawer to hold my face products like concealer, foundation primer (because I really dont have a lot), and then second drawer for blushes, bronzers, etc.

It’s great for people with a smaller collection or some who dont have many of one product to fill. And it doesn’t take up much space. I also bought a cheap lipstick holder off ebay for only a few bucks.


I use the acrylic organizer to house the lipsticks I use the most. Theres a smaller set of drawers that houses my acrylic nail stuff for when I would used to try and do my own acrylics. All of my single eyeshadows are currently in the process of being made to stick to a magnetic board that I can hang near my desk. I didn’t take a picture of it since it’s in progress but I basically found a magnetic dry erase board at Micheals on clearance for $5, bought a roll of magnetic tape, cut it into small pieces and either stuck it on (one side is adhesive) or hot glued it on. You can move them around and arrange them as much as you’d like!


The entirety of my storage  doesnt take up much space. My entire set up sits comfortably in between my desk and bookshelf and gives me easy access to it. Realistic if you have a collection as small as mine, it’ll be much easier to store. Bigger collections need more space and sometimes even an entire room!

If you guys are planning to move or take you storage out or even run out of it you can contact MakeSpace. They are a self storage company that not only stores your stuff but they pick it up too. They’ll bring it back to you at any time as well. They’re only in four major U.S. cities now but they’ll hopefully be coming to a place near you soon. visit their website for a full list of cities they currently service and ones they are going to service soon.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Tell me how you store you makeup or if you need any tips on budget organizing! Visit your local thrift stores, Wal-Marts or Targets (or international equivalents) for more help!


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