Product Review: Lime Crime Velvetines from Wish

A few months ago I had ordered a Lime Crime Velvetine Lipstick from Wish. If you don’t know what Wish is it’s an app, that’s similar to ebay that sells a variety of things including makeup. As most of my followers know I buy some of my palettes and makeup from China to save on costs and most of the makeup that I buy turn out great and are nearly identical to their original counterparts. I plan on making a blog post on the pros and cons of buying from Chinese sellers but that’s for a later date. I chose to buy these Velvetines because I had gotten one in the color Salem and it goes on like a dream, very smooth, with nice color payoff. You have to reapply throughout the day (though i do this with all my liquid lips because even though the color stays on there adding another layer touches up the shape of the lips as well as adds moisture again) but the color is really nice. Since I had such a good turnout with the first Velvetine I decided to buy three more in the colors Alien (green), Zenon (metallic yellow/gold), and Teacup (periwinkle/lavender-grey).

Each color is $1 with $1 shipping, so $2 as compared to I believe the $18 dollars of the original Lime Crime. I’m not a fan of supporting Lime Crime either so buying the off brand alternative can save you money and also not support brands you don’t agree with.


I swatched them all side by side and as you can see Salem (burgundy/brown) and Zenon swatch the best. Alien and Teacup are both very streaky after one swipe. So I decided to put them to the test on the lips. From Top to Bottom: Teacup, Zenon, Alien, Salem.


Zenon, though it swatches well, is very streaky and comes off easily with natural lip moisture. The center where my lips met would not hold the color at all and of course this is where the most moisture is. The color stayed on decently towards the out parts of the lips. After 2 or 3 coats and drying in between I could tell that this would need a lot of retouching throughout the day and make act more like cream lipstick rather than sticking like a liquid lip. Though to be fair, creating yellow as just as hard as creating white makeup. I even was able to swatch a yellow cream lipstick from MAC and it sucked big time. Bad color pay off similar to Zenon. I was excited for it because in the picture provided on the app the color looks more matte. I was stoked to find out that it was metallic. I think that this particular color might work better as a top coat, like to add a gold shimmer on top of another color, rather than stand on it’s own. Removing the color made glitter go everywhere around my mouth, so I’m thinking the metallic effect is actually coming from glitter rather than pigment.

The next color I tried was Alien. I don’t really own any green lipsticks and I was itching to try one just to see how it looks on me. Green isn’t really my color but I’ve been getting into green makeup products lately. On the applicator the color comes off creamy and semi thick. When applied it goes on much thinner. I applied one coat and let it dry for about 30-45 seconds. You can’t press your lips together, it just takes off all the color. And adding a second coat kinda smears everything around again. This color didn’t perform well either. It was super streaky and didn’t stick to the lips or to itself well. It was very patchy in some places and not that nice matte we desire with liquid lips.

The third color is Teacup. This color is like my most fave color. It swatched really streaky but putting it onto the lips actually is more smooth and uniform. The first coat is still a little streaky but the color is more matte and less patchy. Adding a second coat actually fills in the gaps of color and isn’t reacting to the natural moisture of the lips in a negative way like the two before. I added a total of 3-4 coats to create full coverage. Out of the three I purchased this one performed the best and is closer to the quality of Salem. I honestly don’t think this one is too bad.

I think overall the darker colors are preforming better than the lighter ones such as Alien and Zenon. And because I was interested in seeing how the real deal preformed I looked up swatch videos and I found this one by Jade Madden.

She was having the same problems I was and had similar opinions on the colors. So if the “knockoffs” aren’t that great and the real deals aren’t that great then of course it has to be something in the formula.Also the colors aren’t the same as the swatches and images on the official Lime Crime website. And while photoshopping and editing is a part of any kind of advertising I think they’re a bit much. Alien online looks darker when it’s more pastel in real life.

I still believe Salem preformed the best out of them all. It does not take off product with the second coat. It isn’t streaky, nor patchy. It goes on like a dream and it’s my favorite one still after purchasing 3 more. I would recommend that if you want to try these Lime Crime Lipsticks for $1 to go for the darker colors and the neutrals;stay away from the brights and neons. The darker colors seem to fair better in application. I’d give these lipsticks a 2 out of 5. I had high hopes for them because of Salem and they let me down. Teacup is the best out of the three but is still lacking.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Be sure to like and comment and let me know what you think of Lime Crime and if you’ve tried the Velvetines lines.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Lime Crime Velvetines from Wish

  1. From Wish I bought Utopia, Teacup, Zenon, and Alien. Keep in mind, I’m VERY PALE.

    Alien is by far the worst quality. Mine was like emerald green, not pastel at all, streaky, flaky, and very hard to work with, no matter how much moisture and prep I did first.

    Zenon worked well for me, though it was a ridiculous color choice. Also, a bit itchy due to the metallic bits in it. I quickly wiped it off after about 20 minutes, so I don’t know the longevity of it. A cute novelty to own, however.

    Utopia was my first purchase and works like a charm. I’d say its VERY much a decent replacement for the name brand. No streaks, one coat does the trick. Long lasting (at least 8 hours), no flaking, no itchiness. Love it. Will repurchase.

    Teacup is my favorite. Though its a LITTLE LITTLE bit darker than the actual name brand, its gorgeous. Takes about 2 coats for me. Other than that, the results are the same as Utopia.


    1. im wondering if they use the same formulas as the real deal or not, because ive looked up reviews for these (the real ones) and theyre not that great either. The darker colors seem to work a bit better though. Zenon is cute for maybe adding dimension to lip look but definitely not for all over color. Thanks for commenting!:)


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