The “I Really Shouldn’t Have Used my Credit Card and Now I Regret it but Only Slightly” Haul

This past weekend I hung out with my friends in Cleveland. I live about an hour or so from the city so I haven’t really explored much of it. However we went to the mall and I was in absolute heaven. The first store I saw was Lush and of course I lost it. I had previously ordered stuff from Lush on their website but had never entered a Lush retail store before. Now i wasn’t too impressed with the bath bombs I ordered but I never gave up on the brand. Since I no longer have a bathtub to use bathbombs in i decided to go for the face products and soaps and of course SHOWER JELLIES!


The three soaps I got were Layer Cake, Respect Your Elders, and Figs and Leaves. I got the SHower Jelly in Refresher, the facial mask Love Lettuce and a sample of Ocean Sea salt scrub. Layer Cake has Grape, orange, blueberry, pineapple and raspberry and literally smells like a bag of gummy bears. It’s so sweet and bright. It’s kind of a scent I don’t really go for in soaps but I thought I’d try something different. Now of course every cut bar of soap is different and mine came out looking like a bag of melted gunny bears-and I mean that in the best way possible. You can buy all of these soaps online as well.


Respect Your Elders is a mix of floral and berry; elderberries to be exact. It’s a gorgeous deep purple with swirls of light pink, light purple, and a little bit of white. It’s sweet and floral  but not overpowering. It’s pretty gentle and absolutely gorgeous.


The last soap I got was Figs and Leaves which is the most earthy, feature figs, their leaves and seeds, as well as orange blossom and aloe vera. It’s warm and classic, reminding me of oatmeal body scrubs which are my favorite. It almost makes me want to eat it. The seeds also provide an exfoliating scrub as well.

The shower jelly is something I’ve never tried before but because everyone was talking about and because it friggin’ jiggles I had to get one! I got Refresher with is a lemon based jelly. And it is super lemon-y fresh!


The last two things I got were the Love Lettuce Facial Mask and the Ocean Sea Salt Face and Body Scrub (sample size). I’ve tried the Love Lettuce mask and will probably write a full review on an upcoming post. But I will say it is a really nice smooth (i mean smooth going on as it has some exfoliating properties)mask. The sea salt scrub I tried in store and I enjoyed but i didn’t like that it only came in 2 sizes both of which were too expensive for me. I’d like to see if there is a recipe for it online so i can make it on my own.

Next I went to MAC, which was also the first time I had ever been in a MAC retail store. Now I personally don’t like many of the MAC formulas, mostly the lipsticks; they’re too smudgey, some aren’t pigmented enough, they’re semi ok. But I did end up getting 2 lipsticks from them, a eye liner, and 4 eyeshadows that I put into a eyeshadow palette as well as a mini Fix +.


You can by the palettes without the inserts, or with them. I think the mini 4 eyeshadow palette with the insert already in it was about $8. There are bigger palettes and ones without inserts to snap the eyeshadows into as well. Each single eyeshadow was around $6.

Referencing the second picture on the right the colors are Amber Lighters, Trax (purple), Steamy (Teal/Green), and Lucky Green. They’re all shimmers as well.

The two lipsticks I got were a sort of periwinkle purple/lavender ish color and a sheer shimmery blue. The purple is called Dew from the satin lipstick collection and the sheer one is called Soft Hint from the Frost lipstick collection. I left the swatches a little dark so you could see how sheer the Soft Hint is and the Dew is a little bit more pastel than what it’s showing.

the eyeliner im a little disappointed in, only because the one I got is defective. It doesn’t retract up or down so I hope I can eventually return it.

The last store I visited was Sephora and for once I got only 1 thing; the Kat Von D Sepentina Palette. It’s a really beautiful palette and has to be one of my faves. The packaging was pretty basic, stacked cardboard with a small hole cut out to fit the loose pigment eyeshadow and a mirror. It’s still very sleek and elegant though. I’m not sure how I feel about the loose pigment, not only because I’m not a fan of loose pigment but I mean it also could’ve easily been another pressed shadow and we could’ve gotten something like a lipstick or eyeliner.

I’ve actually used some of the eyeshadows since I bought this palette and they are gorgeous. Nicely pigmented and smooth, they flow onto the skin and a little goes a long way. I love having a nice variety of colors and not just another neutral palette. I love this bright colors and they have a bit of shimmer to them for that extra pop. I believe the palette was about $45 which is the general price for palettes these days and it’s definitely cheaper than buying one of her single eyeshadows which are usually $18-21 each. If you’ve like to try a KvD eyeshadow before buying a larger palette like this she has quad palettes for about $30, still a little pricey but that’s all up to you. I think KvD does great work and most of her products are worth it. Her foundations and concealers are next on my list, but I wouldn’t buy things like the brushes or a neutral lip. When I spend money on lippies they have to be a fun funky color or else I could get a nude lip anywhere, you know?

Now I know this was an expensive haul and I aim towards trying to get budget makeup deals and lower end products. I actually don’t buy makeup a lot and this was a kind of spur of the moment thing. However there are some things that are affordable and on the lower end that I have found in stores. In Lush you can buy gift sets that have trial sizes, full sizes, sizes not offered in stores and you get a range of items. You can get pre made ones or make one and fill it with things you want specifically. This depends on what you actually want. Since this was my first time in Lush and I can’t buy bath bombs I wanted to focus on shower and face needs. You can stay away from the pricier full size items and try to go for the smallest size possible. Beware some of the smaller sizes can actually be like $20-$30 depending on what the product is, so you might just have to pass those. You can also ask for sample jars which can last you one to two applications. Soaps are cut and weighed so you can get small sizes for like $4 each.

In Mac I would stay away from the lipsticks as I’m not a fan of most of their formulas but the single eyeshadow are only $6 so you could get a couple. You also don’t really have to buy the compact no matter how much they goat you into it. Sephora is a bit harder because most things are expensive and it’s hard to spend less money, even with travel sizes and gift sets. But the sets that are usually around the checkout area can offer some good things. I got a KvD lipstick and eyeliner set once for around $18 bucks. Not ideal for quantity but you get to try some products at least. But man do I wish Sephora had coupons, haha!

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul! See you soon





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