Halloween Slytherin Look

Yes, I’m aware I’m late on my posts! Life has been weird…not exactly hectic but I am a little lazy. Ok…a lot lazy. But eventually, I will get back to posting like today!

For Halloween, I didn’t go to any parties or anything like that. Instead, I dressed up for work. Since I work in the Cosmetics department I wanted to wear something kind of casual and not really too extravagant. I didn’t know how many people were dressing up so I thought I’d just do something simple. I decided to be a Slytherin!.I love my house very much, no matter what people say. I even have my degree from Hogwarts (that I made from scratch entirely in photoshop and printed on cardstock!). And if we care to get even deeper into my nerdy obsession with the best house, I do have my own Hogwarts character, Alomena Crowley, a major in herbal magic!


So I didn’t have some of the essentials to create the costume. This was very on the fly, day of kind of deal. I had a Hogwarts costume robe before but I couldn’t for the life of me find it so instead I just chose to wear a black v neck shirt (because I also didn’t have a white button up), a black skirt (with pockets!) and  black cardigan with a Slytherin necktie as well as Slytherin sock that have little capes on them and black flats.

I chose to wear my super curly wig because I needed a change of pace from the short wig I wear at work all the time. This I my favorite wig and I get a bunch of compliments on it whenever I wear it.

The face was also simple because I don’t really have much time before I head off to work to get ready. I’m lazy and try to get as much sleep as I can, haha! I used e.l.f. eyeshadow primers, Nyx’s Jumbo eye pencil in Milk for the base, and a combination of my Morphe 12p palette, a green from my Kat Von D Serpentina palette and I believe just a shade or two from my Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette. I used all green of course. The lid was more so a light whiteish/green, the crease a brighter almost lime green, and the outer corner a darker sparkling emerald. I used Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye boosting Eyeliner to create a wing and added my It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara.




The brows were either my Nyx Eyebrow Pencil or my Anastacia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I can’t exactly remember!

The face was just a Covergirl sort of bb cream that was on clearance at my job. It’s pretty lightweight and I’m using it because my Flower BB Cream is running low. I used a smidge of my Covergirl powder foundation to set it then added a bit of Too Faced Cocoa Contour to carve out my face just a bit.

And there you have it! Simple yet super cute and effective. I had a few people recognize that I was from Harry Potter so I’d call it a success! It was also super fun and I felt more like myself instead of wearing my boring uniform. Hopefully I’ll get to do something a bit more extravagant next year!


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