November Ipsy Bag Unboxing/Review

So yet again I’m late with the Ipsy review but this time it wasn’t because of pure laziness! I had trouble receiving my Ipsy bag. Somehow through their normal shipping means my bag never arrived at my address, even though my aunt gets her Ipsy bag a week before me! It somehow got sucked into mail limbo and never got delivered. I had to contact Ipsy, DHL commerce (who weren’t helpful at all), and my local post office. It was basically a hot mess but Ipsy sent me a replacement bag with the same exact items I was going to get originally. So I’m at least thankful for that. This is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with my ipsy shipping so I was really surprised that this whole mess happened.

But now that that’s all over, I have my 5 items!


The bag is cute. I do like the constellations and the deep blue color. I’m not a fan of the material. It’s weird swimsuit material, as in the full body suits people use for like surfing. I would keep it but I think I could give it to someone as well. It’s a very cute bag but not really my most favorite.

The five items I received were:


Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream (sweet mint and cream scent)

Elizabeth Mott Color is Bae Lip Lacquer in Moxie Mauve

Benefits Porefessional Primer

Formula X Nail Polish in Huntress

Ofra Banana Highlighting Powder

I think the most disappointing thing I received I think would be the hand cream, especially because it’s a full-size product. I would like my full-size product to be something with a bit more value. I do like creams but I don’t actually use them that often (I should but I don’t). And I really don’t use hand cream specifically. I naturally just kind of have soft baby hands so it’s not something I really need. I will definitely regift this.

The next thing I was disappointed in was the formula and the color. The formula is a lacquer so it’s leaning more towards a cross between a liquid lip and a lipgloss. It’s also shiny and not matte like I like my lipsticks to be. It also was a bit oily in a way? I didn’t shake the bottle before I applied so that might have affected how it came out as well. The color itself is actually very similar to my natural lip color, it just makes it look a bit more pink than normal. So when I put this lip lacquer on it’s like I didn’t even put on a lip color. Ipsy has done this with me before. I think they need to put more lipsticks that are catered to my skin tone (which is on the quiz btw!). I think a lot of the lipsticks they send out are catered to fair skin tones which isn’t fair. Fair does not mean universal and if there’re specific sections on the quiz about skin color and tone than the product determination should be better. But I digress!

The Porefessional primer is something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile so I’m very excited about that. There isn’t much to say about it until I put it to good use!

If you guys have been keeping up with my other Ipsy bags you’ll know that I got another Formula X polish before and it was baby pink, something I’m not a fan of putting on my nails. This color, however, is gorgeous. It looks really dark and it is on the deeper side but it’s a beautiful mixture of blue-green with a slight shimmer to it. If I didn’t already have nail polish on I’d give myself a manicure with this color. It’s stunning and I’m glad I finally got a color I like because I do like Formula X. I used flash on the picture to try and show you guys the kind of gold shimmer the polish has.


Ofra is a company I’ve heard of but I never had a strong inkling to try them. But banana powder is all the rage right now so I figure I’d give it a shot as well. I would like under my eyes to be a bit brighter and I can use this powder to set my concealer and bb cream. It may even become my staple in my makeup for work routine. We’ll see!

As a bonus, my aunt gave me her Purlisse moisturizer and Tarte Maracuja (Sp?) oil since she really doesn’t use face stuff. I guess that is the one good thing about getting 2 Ipsy bags in the same household haha!

Later on this week I’ll be sharing with you guys the awesome deals I got for black friday! There were lots of online makeup sales I hit up and the packages are just starting to roll in so stay tuned!


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