Black Friday Haul Part 2: House of Beauty Co Review


House of Beauty co was having a Black Friday sale where everything was 50% off! My friend kept sending me videos from their Instagram of these lippies and I was very turned off by the fact that they seemed very goopy and they would always open the little jar and show off that it was goopy. I was skeptical that I would like these lippies so when I saw that they were going to be 50% off I thought I’d just give them a chance.

I ordered two products, a Lip Hybrid Tube(normally $10, sale price $5) in 24k a deep gold color, and Aquarius (normally $16, sale price $8) which is a teal blue in their original jar formula. When I received my order I was pleasantly surprised to find a full-size jar of their color Heart of Fire (a $16 gift!). I checked my packing slip and it only showed the 2 items I ordered so I was very happy with that. Shipping I believe was $4.95, so in total I think my order came out to $17.95.

I think these lippies are pricey especially for the jar size but you don’t need that much on your lips so realistically these little jars last awhile. I’ve applied both jar formulas and I can say that I don’t like it. This is personally because I like to put my makeup on with ease, so I prefer tubes (which is why I got the lip tube hybrid as well). The lipgloss sticks are so much easier for me than to spend at least 5 minutes with a lip brush trying to be precise and get into every corner. Some people like this but I do not.

The goop factor was something I didn’t like as well. You have to be careful of opening the jar because the product acts like melted cheese. Now that sounds strange but there is a string-like effect like when you pull apart melted cheese. I had to be careful not to let the string break off in any area that wasn’t in the jar or the cap of the jar so I wouldn’t loose product.


I tried Heart of Fire first which is a shimmery red with a bit of copper. The pigmentation is there in both lip jars, very much so. But I felt Heart of Fire went on easier. The first swipe of color was more opaque and I only had to build up like maybe two layers to get full coverage over my lips. It was much easier to apply and get a nice color without it becoming sticky and feeling like cheap lipgloss.

I can’t say the same for Aquarius though. I was disappointed because this was the actual color I ordered and wanted. I love blue lippies and this color is indeed beautiful but the first swipe was very sheer and it moved around a lot. I felt like it wasn’t exactly staying in one place when I was trying to cover my lips. Then I had to keep adding more to get that coverage I wanted. You can build up the color and get a nice opaqueness to it but it takes a lot more product. Now, perhaps I did use a bit too much but I did feel like I needed too with how sheer it was coming off and how it wasn’t staying in one place. This is when I think this got goopy and messy. Every time I would part my lips I felt like I was pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich. It wasn’t the best experience. I think I will try and use maybe a little less product but I honestly don’t know if the coverage will be the same.

I think it can be hard to produce lighter color makeup products but blues aren’t usually that bad. I think the Heart of Fire color worked because it’s such a deep rich color, unlike Aquarius. Which is very unfortunate. The Heart of Fire does seem to leave a bit more residue like on my lip brush and my hands (NOT staining, though!). The product came off easily with a makeup remover wipe but I felt some of the Heart of Fire color lingered on my brush a little longer. Keep in mind I was just wiping in between colors, not doing full cleanings.

The last color is the 24k, the deep gold, in the classic lipgloss tube. The top is a sleek black matte and the writing on the tube is beautiful. It’s simple but very elegant. This is way easier to apply and went on opaque right out the gate! This is my absolute favorite. It works so well and is a stunning. It’s not a bright yellow gold. It’s more muted and a little bronze-y in color. So it gives that interesting pop without being too overwhelming. I love the tube formula much more than the jars. It’s not goopy at all and very easy to apply. I’m unsure if Aquarius is available in tube form, I believe a deeper dark blue is so maybe I should’ve gotten that one. But overall I would say a complete yes on the tubes and available on the darker colors avaliable in the jar formula.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many colors available in the tube form but I’m hoping it’s something they keep around. I think this company is definitely something to try and that maybe each person has to play around with what they like. Maybe you do like putting on lippies with a brush and not a lipgloss applicator. Just see which works best for you. I can’t wait to rock this gold though!


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