Black Friday Haul (Pt 4)/Coastal Scents Review

Hello, lovelies! I’m sorry if all these haul posts make it seem like I’m rolling in money and straying away from my original intent of making stuff budget friendly. However, during black Friday, companies become EXTRA budget friendly with their sales and hopefully people can keep this in mind for next year! I’m not suddenly rolling in dough now, just a person who loves a good sale!

Now onto the goodies. I’ve never tried Coastal Scents before but of course, I have heard of them. I have always wanted to try them, especially because even at regular price they are still budget friendly. Black Friday had really great prices for select items and I think there was a general 50% off sale, or at least something similar. I can’t remember! The way I worked black Friday is that I budgeted out what I wanted from each company and tried to get free shipping (in some cases I paid the expensive shipping fee, like with BH Cosmetics whose shipping is $8!) I believe I only spent around $20 dollars or so (shipping included, which I think was in the $4.95-6.95 range. I think Coastal Scents actually goes by weight for their shipping).

I ended up getting over 100 eyeshadows for just 20 bucks! How Great is that?! I got 2 palettes, 4 Hot Pots, and a free angled eyeshadow brush. I think they have free samples with every order and you get a variety of things to choose from, I just so happened to choose a brush.


Free Sticker and Brush!


I got the 88 original Palette, the 12 color Fall Festival Palette, and 4 Hot pots. The 88 original palette was about $5 and some change, the Fall Festival Palette was closer to $7 and each Hot Pot was on sale for 98 cents each!

I wanted to get the 88 Palette because I have been lugging all my extra palettes to my bathroom to try and use them as I get ready for work and it was taking up too much space. So I tried to get a simple but versatile palette that I could use every day and not just create neutral looks. The Coastal Scents shadows I think are a fairly decent quality for a good price. There is fall out (but even high-end shadows have fallout) but a lot of the shadows have fairly decent pigment. I will say that some of the darker shadows come out more smokey when applied to the eye and not as pigmented. This can be a plus or a negative depending on how you look at it. A plus if you want a softer look or a negative if you really want that pigmentation and pop. I see it as the latter. I used the black shadow from the Fall Festival palette in my Kween Bee look as it fell very flat. I wanted a more striking black contrast and it did not deliver. However, the bright shadows seem to work fairly well. I always use a white base (Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) when I’m working with bright shadows, though. It almost requires it to get that pop you need.


88 Original Palette


I would definitely recommend the fall festival palette. The colors are really beautiful and they’re all shimmers. Even though it’s winter now in the US (South of the equator babes enjoy the summer!) I still use the palette because I am not going holiday colors and dark smokey eyes all winter haha! The 88 palette I think you can skip mostly because they do have 120+ palettes, so if you’re a beginner and really just want a single go-to palette, I would suggest those. As a person who has a lot of palettes already and just wanted something basic for work, I chose the 88 one (and it was cheaper). It’s great for when I only have like 20 minutes for work and pick 3 colors to go on my eyelids and they’re all there.


Fall Festival Palette


I haven’t tried the hot pots yet but I got similar shades to the ones that were already in the palettes I purchased whoops!


Amethyst (Purple), Bright Tangerine (Orange), Incognito (Black, Blue Hawaiian (Blue)


But at least if I need 1 single color I have it. I imagine they perform similarly to the shadows in the Fall festival palette as they are not baked like the shadows in the 88 palette. I did buy another black because I need a black single eyeshadow for when I’m traveling but I’m afraid it’s going to perform poorly like the other dark colors. We’ll have to see!

Hope you guys enjoyed!


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