Dream Vanity~

There are plenty of days where I dream of living in a nice house (or decent apartment, maybe even a condo) where I have an entire room just for creativity. My two main areas of creativity come from makeup and crafting. In my room currently, I have a little set up to help me keep my makeup as organized as I can get. I feel like I have a lot of makeup and to some others, it does seem like a lot. But if you compare my collection to those Youtube “beauty gurus” and “MUA’s” it’s nothing, haha! But still, I struggle with having a nice little area to set everything up in. Currently, I have a teeny little desk which now has my printer on it and a bamboo plant which believe it or not takes up the entirety of the surface area. Besides that, I have several of those plastic drawer tower organizers (you know the ones they sell at Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Big Lots, Micheal’s, etc) and each drawer holds something different. I like to micro-organize too so I have drawer inserts as well. If you’d like to see a full detailed list of how I organize and store my makeup, go here!

So as you can see and read, my space is really limited. But let’s pretend for a moment that I am in my nice wonderful little humble abode with a room all to my artistic self. There would be two things I would put in there instantly-a vanity and an oversized craft table. I have wanted a vanity ever since I saw my grandma purchase one many many many years ago. I remember it was all white, with a ginormous mirror. I can’t exactly remember if it had lights but I do remember it had a slender drawer (where she kept her jewelry) and a nice pull out drawer on each side. It was a really large piece of furniture but I always wanted one like it.

If I had to build my own vanity it would have to have a few requirements. First, I feel like it would need three mirrors. A center mirror and two smaller ones that angle to the side. It sounds a bit egotistical but I look at myself from all different sides when I do makeup, not to mention I wear glasses/contacts and sometimes looking at things from certain angles actually helps me see better. I’m always going at side angles and getting really close to mirrors especially when I do my eyebrows! I need all the help I can get with seeing.

Secondly, it would need to have lights. Of course, blue casting lights. When I mean by blue casting lights is that most household lamps, bulbs, and appliances, give off an awful yellow glow (trust me, every light in my house is like this). This interferes with how you see colors and how you look in pictures and videos (if you document your makeup and such). Adding almost fluorescent lighting that gives off a blue hue helps balance things out a bit more so that way when you step out into the sun you’re not surprised by something you did in indoor lighting.

The third requirement would definitely be that it need a lot of drawers. Like drawers on drawers on drawers. I love to have things organized so I would need a drawer for my brushes, eyeshadow palettes, single eyeshadows, etc. I like everything to be in their own little compartments and be easy for me to access and get to when I need it. It already takes me so long to do my full face of makeup, I don’t need to waste more time digging through piles of stuff just to get the product I need. I would like to have the drawers be similar to the plastic drawer towers I have in functionality but then that wouldn’t really leave much room for counter space.

.Which leads me to another requirement. I would like counter space because  I liked to keep my lipsticks, sponges/blenders, and most used brushes where I can get to them quickly. It seems a bit redundant but there are just those favorite brushes that you use more than the other and some things just store better when standing (like lipsticks). I think a good compromise would be a decent amount of drawers (also at a decent height) with some key areas of open counter space to put my favorite things.

In the real world, vanities are expensive but I have seen people try and DIY their own vanity space which I think is so cool! I think if I ever have a chance to build my own vanity I would definitely do it. I could even incorporate some floating shelves or something interesting like that. Do any of you guys have vanities? IF so what do they look like?! Feel free to comment below! Until then, lovelies~


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