Dream Vanity~

There are plenty of days where I dream of living in a nice house (or decent apartment, maybe even a condo) where I have an entire room just for creativity. My two main areas of creativity come from makeup and crafting. In my room currently, I have a little set up to help me keep my makeup as organized as I can get. I feel like I have a lot of makeup and to some others, it does seem like a lot. But if you compare my collection to those Youtube “beauty gurus” and “MUA’s” it’s nothing, haha! But still, I struggle with having a nice little area to set everything up in. Currently, I have a teeny little desk which now has my printer on it and a bamboo plant which believe it or not takes up the entirety of the surface area. Besides that, I have several of those plastic drawer tower organizers (you know the ones they sell at Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Big Lots, Micheal’s, etc) and each drawer holds something different. I like to micro-organize too so I have drawer inserts as well. If you’d like to see a full detailed list of how I organize and store my makeup, go here!

So as you can see and read, my space is really limited. But let’s pretend for a moment that I am in my nice wonderful little humble abode with a room all to my artistic self. There would be two things I would put in there instantly-a vanity and an oversized craft table. I have wanted a vanity ever since I saw my grandma purchase one many many many years ago. I remember it was all white, with a ginormous mirror. I can’t exactly remember if it had lights but I do remember it had a slender drawer (where she kept her jewelry) and a nice pull out drawer on each side. It was a really large piece of furniture but I always wanted one like it.

If I had to build my own vanity it would have to have a few requirements. First, I feel like it would need three mirrors. A center mirror and two smaller ones that angle to the side. It sounds a bit egotistical but I look at myself from all different sides when I do makeup, not to mention I wear glasses/contacts and sometimes looking at things from certain angles actually helps me see better. I’m always going at side angles and getting really close to mirrors especially when I do my eyebrows! I need all the help I can get with seeing.

Secondly, it would need to have lights. Of course, blue casting lights. When I mean by blue casting lights is that most household lamps, bulbs, and appliances, give off an awful yellow glow (trust me, every light in my house is like this). This interferes with how you see colors and how you look in pictures and videos (if you document your makeup and such). Adding almost fluorescent lighting that gives off a blue hue helps balance things out a bit more so that way when you step out into the sun you’re not surprised by something you did in indoor lighting.

The third requirement would definitely be that it need a lot of drawers. Like drawers on drawers on drawers. I love to have things organized so I would need a drawer for my brushes, eyeshadow palettes, single eyeshadows, etc. I like everything to be in their own little compartments and be easy for me to access and get to when I need it. It already takes me so long to do my full face of makeup, I don’t need to waste more time digging through piles of stuff just to get the product I need. I would like to have the drawers be similar to the plastic drawer towers I have in functionality but then that wouldn’t really leave much room for counter space.

.Which leads me to another requirement. I would like counter space because  I liked to keep my lipsticks, sponges/blenders, and most used brushes where I can get to them quickly. It seems a bit redundant but there are just those favorite brushes that you use more than the other and some things just store better when standing (like lipsticks). I think a good compromise would be a decent amount of drawers (also at a decent height) with some key areas of open counter space to put my favorite things.

In the real world, vanities are expensive but I have seen people try and DIY their own vanity space which I think is so cool! I think if I ever have a chance to build my own vanity I would definitely do it. I could even incorporate some floating shelves or something interesting like that. Do any of you guys have vanities? IF so what do they look like?! Feel free to comment below! Until then, lovelies~


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Review: 7th Heaven Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque

Hello, my lovelies, another review here for you today! It is the Red Hot Sauna Masque from 7th Heaven or Montage Jennesse? I’m not sure which company it is but I’ll post a picture down below so you can see how the packaging looks.


So this is a self-heating mask, which means it’s supposed to heat up on contact with your skin. I thought that was an interesting concept and I wanted to try it out. The mask has red clay and pressed jasmine and is supposed to “open pores, and clear out excess oils without drying,” according to the packaging. You might also notice on the packaging that it is a nice deep red and looks a bit more clay like.

This was not the case at all. This mask came out like deep Pepto Bismol pink and it felt as if I had smear coagulated Pepto Bismol on my face. It was goopy, sticky, a little slimy, and only heated up for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. It didn’t really dry all that much either and definitely did not feel thick and creamy like the usual clay face masks I do. It was very liquidy and basically got all over my bathroom sink because it was dripping off the package, off my fingers, off my face. It was a hot mess. In the pictures I’m posting you can tell how just goopy and gross it looks.

I got this mask at my job which is similar to Rite Aid or CVS for $1, it’s usually $1.50. It’s cheaper because it is a sample pack of course but I would not recommend this at all. It wasn’t relaxing because all I could think about was not getting goop everywhere and I just wanted to rinse it off my face. I can’t exactly remember if my face felt better after rinsing off the mask but I think I did use a face wash after just because it was so bad.

I would stick to the Freeman beauty masks as they’re much nicer in quality and still fairly cheap. I don’t know if anyone else has tried this and liked it but I certainly did not! Word of advice: skip it!

Black Friday Haul (Pt 4)/Coastal Scents Review

Hello, lovelies! I’m sorry if all these haul posts make it seem like I’m rolling in money and straying away from my original intent of making stuff budget friendly. However, during black Friday, companies become EXTRA budget friendly with their sales and hopefully people can keep this in mind for next year! I’m not suddenly rolling in dough now, just a person who loves a good sale!

Now onto the goodies. I’ve never tried Coastal Scents before but of course, I have heard of them. I have always wanted to try them, especially because even at regular price they are still budget friendly. Black Friday had really great prices for select items and I think there was a general 50% off sale, or at least something similar. I can’t remember! The way I worked black Friday is that I budgeted out what I wanted from each company and tried to get free shipping (in some cases I paid the expensive shipping fee, like with BH Cosmetics whose shipping is $8!) I believe I only spent around $20 dollars or so (shipping included, which I think was in the $4.95-6.95 range. I think Coastal Scents actually goes by weight for their shipping).

I ended up getting over 100 eyeshadows for just 20 bucks! How Great is that?! I got 2 palettes, 4 Hot Pots, and a free angled eyeshadow brush. I think they have free samples with every order and you get a variety of things to choose from, I just so happened to choose a brush.


Free Sticker and Brush!


I got the 88 original Palette, the 12 color Fall Festival Palette, and 4 Hot pots. The 88 original palette was about $5 and some change, the Fall Festival Palette was closer to $7 and each Hot Pot was on sale for 98 cents each!

I wanted to get the 88 Palette because I have been lugging all my extra palettes to my bathroom to try and use them as I get ready for work and it was taking up too much space. So I tried to get a simple but versatile palette that I could use every day and not just create neutral looks. The Coastal Scents shadows I think are a fairly decent quality for a good price. There is fall out (but even high-end shadows have fallout) but a lot of the shadows have fairly decent pigment. I will say that some of the darker shadows come out more smokey when applied to the eye and not as pigmented. This can be a plus or a negative depending on how you look at it. A plus if you want a softer look or a negative if you really want that pigmentation and pop. I see it as the latter. I used the black shadow from the Fall Festival palette in my Kween Bee look as it fell very flat. I wanted a more striking black contrast and it did not deliver. However, the bright shadows seem to work fairly well. I always use a white base (Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) when I’m working with bright shadows, though. It almost requires it to get that pop you need.


88 Original Palette


I would definitely recommend the fall festival palette. The colors are really beautiful and they’re all shimmers. Even though it’s winter now in the US (South of the equator babes enjoy the summer!) I still use the palette because I am not going holiday colors and dark smokey eyes all winter haha! The 88 palette I think you can skip mostly because they do have 120+ palettes, so if you’re a beginner and really just want a single go-to palette, I would suggest those. As a person who has a lot of palettes already and just wanted something basic for work, I chose the 88 one (and it was cheaper). It’s great for when I only have like 20 minutes for work and pick 3 colors to go on my eyelids and they’re all there.


Fall Festival Palette


I haven’t tried the hot pots yet but I got similar shades to the ones that were already in the palettes I purchased whoops!


Amethyst (Purple), Bright Tangerine (Orange), Incognito (Black, Blue Hawaiian (Blue)


But at least if I need 1 single color I have it. I imagine they perform similarly to the shadows in the Fall festival palette as they are not baked like the shadows in the 88 palette. I did buy another black because I need a black single eyeshadow for when I’m traveling but I’m afraid it’s going to perform poorly like the other dark colors. We’ll have to see!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Black Friday Makeup Haul (Pt. 3)/Review: ColourPop

Yes my lovelies, the Black Friday Hauls are still not over! There are 2 more posts to go but between playing Pokemon Moon, sewing my cosplays, and getting a new doll I’ve been slacking! What else is new, am i right? Haha!

So after months and months of ogling Colourpop and loving their lower end prices I finally ordered some stuff from them! Black Friday bought a 30% off sale and their usual free shipping on orders over $30. I had been shopping for like an hour at this point and realized all I got was a lot of eyeshadows and I needed some new nude lipsticks that I could wear to work. Each Liquid lip was $4.80 so I ordered 5; 3 Mattes and 2 metallics. I also ordered their ever popular highlighter, Churro, which I think was not on sale but only $6-7.


The Colors I got were Beeper, LAX, Love Bug, Man Eater, and DM.

Left to Right: DM, Man Eater, Love Bug, LAX, Beeper, Churro(Highlighter)

Now I did do some tests where I basically wore a metallic and a matte during a work shift. I usually work 6 hours each so all my experiences are based on that time frame. The first metallic I wore was Man Eater. I put like 1 or 2 coats on and let it dry a bit. Throughout the day I noticed that it became flaky and patchy. I had parts rub off and had flakes falling, even after I reapplied. I wasn’t really happy with how it was reacting. This is my first metallic lippy so I’m not sure if they’re all like that and I’ve generally heard good things about Colourpop so I was disappointed in that. The color was beautiful and very shimmery though. They do go on smoothly but I think over time it just starts to crumble especially because of the moisture between the lips. I think It breaks down over time.

Man Eater

The Matte lipsticks were a little better. There were still some flakes but not as drastic as the metallic. The Mattes held a solid color and mostly came off when I went on break to eat and when I drank water. I applied about maybe 2 times (mostly after I ate and to get some more moisture in my lips). The colors are nice and opaque and really great. It’s just really the flaking and rubbing that kills the whole mood. I would recommend them because they’re not as expensive as other liquid lips and do have really nice opaque full coverage but the  flaking and rubbing off is another factor to consider.

I haven’t tried the highlighter but when I swatched it, it felt buttery smooth. Very soft and easy to blend. I know each highlighter is pressed differently so this can’t really be helped but I really do wish that I would’ve got more marbling on mine. I also wish it smelled like a churro haha! It’s a gorgeous color, similar to the ones I got at BH Cosmetics-pale/peachy gold with a bit of copper to it. I may give it a shot tomorrow when I put my work makeup on!


I may order from Colourpop again, probably more so for the highlighter but I did see another matt lip color I wanted so I may get that too. Have you guys tried Colourpop? What did you think of it? Do you have the same flaking problems I do? Let me know!

MOTD: Kween Bee

This past Wednesday (the 30th) was my birthday! The big 22! It wasn’t anything special but I did go out with my girls. I know I’ve done a black and gold look before but this one is a little different. I was inspired by my new HouseofBeauty Co lippie in 24k (review here), so I wanted to do another gold look. This one was more muted because I didn’t do a cut crease or anything extravagant like in my previous look.


Products Used:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Granite

Urban Decay Primer Potion and Setting Spray

Strobe Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in Fit For a Queen

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette (Sun and Venus, i believe)

Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette (black eyeshadow)

Essence Waterproof Liner

Avon Waterproof Mascara

Wet and Wild False Lashes

BH Cosmetics Foundation in Golden Beige

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Medium/Deep

Ofra Cosmetics Highlighting Banana Powder

BH Cosmetics Wild and Illuminating Highlighter Palette

HouseofBeautyCo Lip Hybrid Tube in 24k

I really loved this look though I think the black could’ve been a little bit darker! But overall it was the perfect excuse to try a new lippie;) Hope you guys enjoyed!

Fresh Soy Cleanser and Rose Face Mask Review

Hello, Lovelies!  I recently placed an order with Sephora for Black Friday as well as to redeem my free birthday gift! Don’t worry the post on what I got from Sephora will be coming up soon! This year I had a choice between a Marc Jacobs Lipstick and Mascara mini set and a Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask set. I was going to get the Marc Jacobs Set but my friend kept telling me to get the Fresh set. I also was buying a lot of makeup and I soon realized that I was running out of my staple facial cleansers. So I decided to go with the Fresh set.


I have used the Soy Cleanser to wash my face after taking off my makeup. It’s a really soft gentle cleanser. It’s kind of refreshing and not irritating at all. It’s a simple cleanser and I think it helps get the residue off after a work shift wearing makeup. I don’t mind the clear type cleansers but I’m not so sure if I’m sold on this cleanser just yet.

As for the Rose mask, it wasn’t a thick mud or clay type mask like I normally use. This mask is similar to a thin jelly. It gives off a brownish color but goes on rather clear. The smell was soft-it smelled like roses of course but I also felt that it smelled a little bit like banana! There are real pieces of rose petal in there as well and the rose scent does overpower the mysterious banana smell but not in a bad way at all.


I used about 1/4-1/2 of the jar to cover my entire face. It is only a .5 mL jar so it’s pretty tiny but I think I can get another use or two out of it. The recommended time for the mask is about 5-10 minutes but I left it on probably closer to 15 or 20. I did feel it start to get warm in certain places and I have no idea if it was because my skin was irritated or not. I had just used hair remover around my brows and upper lip about 15 minutes or so before I put the mask on, so I’m really unsure if the mask was reacting to the skin since the hair was freshly removed or if it really does get warm on its own. The warmth was mostly around my upper lip area but surprisingly not around my brows, hence my confusion.

Other than the warmth, which never turned into a burning or irritating sensation, the mask was nice. It’s gentle enough that it can be used daily but I don’t think it offers the power that I like with my masks. I think it’s more so a mask to treat yourself with as if you’re having a spa day or maybe you did something and felt your skin needed the extra cleaning after using the soy cleanser. I’ll most definitely use the mask again but i can’t help that I love my thick clay masks! This one just doesn’t cut it for me, and while nice and luxurious feeling I wouldn’t personly go out of my way to buy it.

It’s not a bad mask at all but not exactly my cup of tea either. I would recommend it to people who have more sensitive or dry skin who can’t really use the heavier clay masks, though. Though my skin is sensitive and dry, it isn’t that extreme. My skin doesn’t react badly to products usually and this will be better for people who’s skin gets irritated easily.

Also, can anyone tell me if the free birthday gifts change month to month or do they have the same gifts for the entire year? Did anyone else get the Fresh set? Let me know!

Black Friday Haul Part 2: House of Beauty Co Review


House of Beauty co was having a Black Friday sale where everything was 50% off! My friend kept sending me videos from their Instagram of these lippies and I was very turned off by the fact that they seemed very goopy and they would always open the little jar and show off that it was goopy. I was skeptical that I would like these lippies so when I saw that they were going to be 50% off I thought I’d just give them a chance.

I ordered two products, a Lip Hybrid Tube(normally $10, sale price $5) in 24k a deep gold color, and Aquarius (normally $16, sale price $8) which is a teal blue in their original jar formula. When I received my order I was pleasantly surprised to find a full-size jar of their color Heart of Fire (a $16 gift!). I checked my packing slip and it only showed the 2 items I ordered so I was very happy with that. Shipping I believe was $4.95, so in total I think my order came out to $17.95.

I think these lippies are pricey especially for the jar size but you don’t need that much on your lips so realistically these little jars last awhile. I’ve applied both jar formulas and I can say that I don’t like it. This is personally because I like to put my makeup on with ease, so I prefer tubes (which is why I got the lip tube hybrid as well). The lipgloss sticks are so much easier for me than to spend at least 5 minutes with a lip brush trying to be precise and get into every corner. Some people like this but I do not.

The goop factor was something I didn’t like as well. You have to be careful of opening the jar because the product acts like melted cheese. Now that sounds strange but there is a string-like effect like when you pull apart melted cheese. I had to be careful not to let the string break off in any area that wasn’t in the jar or the cap of the jar so I wouldn’t loose product.


I tried Heart of Fire first which is a shimmery red with a bit of copper. The pigmentation is there in both lip jars, very much so. But I felt Heart of Fire went on easier. The first swipe of color was more opaque and I only had to build up like maybe two layers to get full coverage over my lips. It was much easier to apply and get a nice color without it becoming sticky and feeling like cheap lipgloss.

I can’t say the same for Aquarius though. I was disappointed because this was the actual color I ordered and wanted. I love blue lippies and this color is indeed beautiful but the first swipe was very sheer and it moved around a lot. I felt like it wasn’t exactly staying in one place when I was trying to cover my lips. Then I had to keep adding more to get that coverage I wanted. You can build up the color and get a nice opaqueness to it but it takes a lot more product. Now, perhaps I did use a bit too much but I did feel like I needed too with how sheer it was coming off and how it wasn’t staying in one place. This is when I think this got goopy and messy. Every time I would part my lips I felt like I was pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich. It wasn’t the best experience. I think I will try and use maybe a little less product but I honestly don’t know if the coverage will be the same.

I think it can be hard to produce lighter color makeup products but blues aren’t usually that bad. I think the Heart of Fire color worked because it’s such a deep rich color, unlike Aquarius. Which is very unfortunate. The Heart of Fire does seem to leave a bit more residue like on my lip brush and my hands (NOT staining, though!). The product came off easily with a makeup remover wipe but I felt some of the Heart of Fire color lingered on my brush a little longer. Keep in mind I was just wiping in between colors, not doing full cleanings.

The last color is the 24k, the deep gold, in the classic lipgloss tube. The top is a sleek black matte and the writing on the tube is beautiful. It’s simple but very elegant. This is way easier to apply and went on opaque right out the gate! This is my absolute favorite. It works so well and is a stunning. It’s not a bright yellow gold. It’s more muted and a little bronze-y in color. So it gives that interesting pop without being too overwhelming. I love the tube formula much more than the jars. It’s not goopy at all and very easy to apply. I’m unsure if Aquarius is available in tube form, I believe a deeper dark blue is so maybe I should’ve gotten that one. But overall I would say a complete yes on the tubes and available on the darker colors avaliable in the jar formula.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many colors available in the tube form but I’m hoping it’s something they keep around. I think this company is definitely something to try and that maybe each person has to play around with what they like. Maybe you do like putting on lippies with a brush and not a lipgloss applicator. Just see which works best for you. I can’t wait to rock this gold though!

Black Friday Haul Part 1: BH Cosmetics

When you’re looking to buy good makeup on a budget, Black Friday is the best day to do it! I personally had no idea what I wanted to get for Black Friday and instead took to my makeup Instagram page (@moatb) to look at all the makeup companies and pages I follow to see who had the best sales. I tried to stick with companies that were  doing 40-50% or more from their products. I was looking to definitely get more bang for my buck and I know that a lot of companies and small businesses only do like 10-20% off, which is not a deal. 10% is nothing. This is Black Friday, step your game up.

But anyway, I went to one of my fave companies to see what they had. I think they had decent pricing. I believe it was at least 40-75% off on certain items. I managed to snag an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter palette, a brush set, and my staple foundation.


The breakdown, cost wise, was like this:

Wild & Radiant (Highlighter palette)- $6.00

Foundation- $3.50

Wild & Alluring (Eyeshadow palette)- $7.00

Brush Set- $12

S&H- $7.95

I believe you got free S&H once you hit $50 and I had other places I wanted to buy some so I opted to pay the almost $8 instead of spending about $20 dollars to get free shipping.

I ordered everything on Thursday and BH was the 1st to get to my house on Monday or Tuesday I believe.

I won’t review the foundation because I use it all the time and I’ve featured it in several looks that I’ve done before. Brushes are also kind of hard to review before you use them too so  I’ll just be talking about the design and packaging mostly.

But first is the eyeshadow palette. I picked the Wild & Alluring palette because of course, it was on sale. Not only was it on sale but it looked very similar to the Galaxy Chic palette which is literally my absolute favorite palette (and it’s always on sale but currently it’s out of stock on the website because it was $8 on Black Friday/Cyber Monday!). The eyeshadows in the Wild & Alluring palette are also baked and are mixed colors, so each shadow has multiple colors and shades in it to give lots of dimension in your looks. Because I used the Galaxy Chic palette so much, I figured this one was no different and would hold up really well.20161130_153207[1].jpg

These colors are really gorgeous though there are a few that look very similar to the Galaxy chic palette (2nd row middle and 3rd row last by the highlighter). I really love the top row of yellow-purple shades. The palette also has a highlighter which is a nice bronze and a coral blush. Currently, I’m using a gold eyeshadow color from my Too Faced Pb&J palette, which works splendid but now I have some real powder highlighters to try!

The packaging is really cute too. It’s a simple cardboard package, mirror included, with mermaid scales all around the palette. For $7 I don’t think this is a bad deal, especially with how decently sized the eyeshadows are and how big the highlighter and blush is. I’m not a blush person myself but I could see myself wearing this shade. It’s a medium sized palette as well so depending on your bag it would do well with travel.

Now the Highlighter palette is something I’m also really excited to try. It’s maybe 1/2-3/4 of the size of the eyeshadow palette and I believe part of the same line. It comes with 4 highlighters in varying shades. The shades look a bit similar in the palette but when swatched on skin you can tell the difference easily. There is a bronze, copper, light gold, and I would say a peach gold, which I think all work great on my skin tone. They are super sparkly and nice and smooth! I cannot wait to try them out in a look. I’m so excited for these highlighters!

Swatching them and capturing them in the best lighting was a bit difficult and I’m sorry if they don’t come across as well. I promise that the pigmentation produced on skin swatches (I haven’t done brush swatches yet) were really amazing. I knew that I was going to be glowing with these highlighters! And only $6 for 4 highlighters?? You can’t beat that.

I tried to take pictures in LED lighting and without(which is a bit darker than expected. You guys might have to enlarge it) but shimmery products are kind of hard to capture perfectly. They’re super nice highlighters in my opinion. If any of these are left I would say go get this palette! The Cyber Monday sale is still continuing now.

Last was the brush set. They had cheaper sets than this one. I believe the cheapest was about $7 but only gave you a few brushes. I figured if I was going to get a brand new brush set (because I collect brushes like crazy) I would want a much fuller set. I’m not really a fan of pink but I did really like this metallic pink set. It has 14 brushes total and comes in its own roll up carrying case.


When I first pulled the set out of the box, it was, of course, rolled up. There are two snap closures and is about the size of a longer clutch purse. It’s pretty light and easy to carry as well. It did have a kind of weird candy-plastic smell to it when I unrolled it but it’s only strong if you actually sniff it, like it did haha!.

The brushes are a normal length. The handles are black with shimmery glitter on them which I didn’t notice before! That makes it cuter! The smaller more precise brushes are of course a bit firmer and I’ve noticed the fibers are straighter. The face brushes and some of the fluffier shadow brushes kind of have a wavy texture to the fibers. I don’t think I’ve noticed that in my other BH brushes before. The fibers are still synthetic and soft though and I love my other angled face brush from BH. I’m pretty confident that I’ll like this set, though.


I’m really excited to use my new products from BH! I do love this brand a lot and I always recommend them to others. Join their sale now and see what else you can snag! I have a few more orders coming in so I’ll be doing little haul posts for them as well. See you guys soon.

November Ipsy Bag Unboxing/Review

So yet again I’m late with the Ipsy review but this time it wasn’t because of pure laziness! I had trouble receiving my Ipsy bag. Somehow through their normal shipping means my bag never arrived at my address, even though my aunt gets her Ipsy bag a week before me! It somehow got sucked into mail limbo and never got delivered. I had to contact Ipsy, DHL commerce (who weren’t helpful at all), and my local post office. It was basically a hot mess but Ipsy sent me a replacement bag with the same exact items I was going to get originally. So I’m at least thankful for that. This is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with my ipsy shipping so I was really surprised that this whole mess happened.

But now that that’s all over, I have my 5 items!


The bag is cute. I do like the constellations and the deep blue color. I’m not a fan of the material. It’s weird swimsuit material, as in the full body suits people use for like surfing. I would keep it but I think I could give it to someone as well. It’s a very cute bag but not really my most favorite.

The five items I received were:


Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream (sweet mint and cream scent)

Elizabeth Mott Color is Bae Lip Lacquer in Moxie Mauve

Benefits Porefessional Primer

Formula X Nail Polish in Huntress

Ofra Banana Highlighting Powder

I think the most disappointing thing I received I think would be the hand cream, especially because it’s a full-size product. I would like my full-size product to be something with a bit more value. I do like creams but I don’t actually use them that often (I should but I don’t). And I really don’t use hand cream specifically. I naturally just kind of have soft baby hands so it’s not something I really need. I will definitely regift this.

The next thing I was disappointed in was the formula and the color. The formula is a lacquer so it’s leaning more towards a cross between a liquid lip and a lipgloss. It’s also shiny and not matte like I like my lipsticks to be. It also was a bit oily in a way? I didn’t shake the bottle before I applied so that might have affected how it came out as well. The color itself is actually very similar to my natural lip color, it just makes it look a bit more pink than normal. So when I put this lip lacquer on it’s like I didn’t even put on a lip color. Ipsy has done this with me before. I think they need to put more lipsticks that are catered to my skin tone (which is on the quiz btw!). I think a lot of the lipsticks they send out are catered to fair skin tones which isn’t fair. Fair does not mean universal and if there’re specific sections on the quiz about skin color and tone than the product determination should be better. But I digress!

The Porefessional primer is something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile so I’m very excited about that. There isn’t much to say about it until I put it to good use!

If you guys have been keeping up with my other Ipsy bags you’ll know that I got another Formula X polish before and it was baby pink, something I’m not a fan of putting on my nails. This color, however, is gorgeous. It looks really dark and it is on the deeper side but it’s a beautiful mixture of blue-green with a slight shimmer to it. If I didn’t already have nail polish on I’d give myself a manicure with this color. It’s stunning and I’m glad I finally got a color I like because I do like Formula X. I used flash on the picture to try and show you guys the kind of gold shimmer the polish has.


Ofra is a company I’ve heard of but I never had a strong inkling to try them. But banana powder is all the rage right now so I figure I’d give it a shot as well. I would like under my eyes to be a bit brighter and I can use this powder to set my concealer and bb cream. It may even become my staple in my makeup for work routine. We’ll see!

As a bonus, my aunt gave me her Purlisse moisturizer and Tarte Maracuja (Sp?) oil since she really doesn’t use face stuff. I guess that is the one good thing about getting 2 Ipsy bags in the same household haha!

Later on this week I’ll be sharing with you guys the awesome deals I got for black friday! There were lots of online makeup sales I hit up and the packages are just starting to roll in so stay tuned!