Relaxing Spa Day with Madison Reed!

Hello my beauties! Long time no see, huh? It’s been pretty stressful here in Chelsea-land. I’m a college senior who works part time and I’ve been going back and forth between human doctor appointments and vet appointments. It’s been a rough couple months.

So needless to say I’m in need for a very relaxed spa day!


First and foremost, whenever I have a rough day I get a bath going. Ever since I got my own apartment, I’ve been able to have nice relaxing baths. My favorite scent to use is lavender, or if my skin is feeling really dry, I’ll use Vanilla & Honey bubble bath or even a milk bath. Anything to feel luxurious! My favorite bubble baths are from Sonoma Spa. They usually last me around 4 baths and are really cheap! You can even use bathsalts and oils. I usually buy Epsom Salts, bath salts from the dollar store or Village Natural bath salts (these can also be found at Walmart for under $5!) The scents I use for the bathsalts and oils usually match the bubble bath I’m using, unless I use an Aches and Pain one (which usually has eucalyptus and mint). I pair this one with Lavender or a neutral smelling bath.

My favorite thing to pair with a bath is a face mask. You guys know I loooooove my Freeman Beauty masks, my favorite being the Dead Sea Mineral one as well at the Avocado and Oatmeal Clay one. However if you’re feeling decadent go for the Chocolate Strawberry clay mask. It will make you want to eat it (but don’t).

Music isn’t always a must but I still like to have it on in the bath. So prime relaxing I choose something soft and soothing, thought those Spotify commercials really ruin the mood. Anyway my favorite playlists to listen to are the Studio Ghibli collection, which is a playlist with all the instrumental numbers of various Studio Ghibli films, as well as a general sleep playlist. The music is relaxing enough that it calms your body and lets you relax the stress away. You can also listen to calming sounds such as rain or the ocean.

If I want to give my hair some pampering too I’ll take a shower instead. Since my supply of Wen cleansing shampoo has been running low I had to turn to a different brand. Luckily for me my sister left her Paul Mitchell Shampoos At my place and I’ve been using them ever since;)! I quite like the Tea tree Lavender Mint shampoo. it has an amazing scent and really invigorates the scalp. I always feel like my hair is squeaky clean afterwords! Ever since I got the Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning spray in one of my Ipsy bags I’ve been using that after my showers. I spray a bit and comb it through, letting it dry naturally overnight. This is also amazing to do after you’ve just dyed your hair as well.

Dying your hair is a process and it definitely needs it’s own separate spy day to recover. Since I usually bleach and dye my hair bright colors I need time for my hair to relax and detox after. Figuring out what color you want to dye your hair next can be tons of fun to do while you’re soaking in your bath. I’ve looked up hairstyles and new colors before and got super creative! But if you need any extra help finding what color to dye your hair next, my friends at Madison Reed have a fun color quiz to help you figure it out! This helps especially if you’re going in the more “natural” direction of dye and aren’t ready for an extreme color. Click on the link below to take the quiz!

They have gorgeous reds and auburns! (it’s making me want to be a redhead again!)

You can even show what colors you’ve used by using the hashtag #MRLoveMyHair and tweeting at them @madisonreedllb.

Have fun my beauties and make sure you take a day off for yourself! You deserve it!:)

This post was made in part by Madison Reed. Please visit their website at


Wig Basics/Care

Wigs are literally one of my favorite things. I think I got my first wig in the summer of 2014. My aunt bought me a straight black wig that had blue dip dyed ends and swept bangs. I got it from a black beauty supply place. These are actually great places to buy wigs, thought because I live in Ohio they’re harder to find unless I go into certain cities. It really sucks since I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and black beauty supply places were literally around the corner from me. If you’re wondering why i’m calling it a black beauty supply place it’s because they’re specifically different than chain stores such as Sally’s. They are usually small businesses surprisingly enough usually owned by Asian immigrants. These beauty supply stores have cheaper products for hair care, coloring, makeup, jewelry, and some accessories. They also have a large variety of wigs, weaves, and hair extensions. The products they carry specifically are more geared to African-Americans. The products work best with textured hair.

Unfortunately, even though my hair is curly they are loose curls. They aren’t tight small ringlets, or square waves and my hair isn’t super textured. I have Latin hair, my parents directly have thick, wavy, black hair. My hair can’t hold sew in weaves. I tried for my prom and it didn’t even last two weeks in my hair. It would honestly be so much easier if my hair could hold sew in weaves. Anyway, my maternal grandmother,my aunt, and her son have more African American type hair. She usually buys relaxers for her hair to straighten it. My other aunt frequents these beauty supply places specifically for weaves. I thought I might give a bit of background on black beauty supply places in case anyone questioned why I was calling them that.

The wigs in store are usually synthetic. They tend to hold their shape a little more and there are a bunch of products available to take care of your wig. The basic things you need are a wig brush(yes specifically a wig brush. If you use a regular brush or comb it will knot up the end of the hair and it will resemble dry split ends like on real hair. This will take away from the nice sleek effect that wigs already have and look ratty), wig caps, a Styrofoam head (to display your wig and help keep its shape and keep it from matting), hair nets(to hold the hair while it’s on the head), some leave in conditioner spray made for synthetic hair (this helps detangle, adds shine and takes away the frizz. I use this one specifically), some synthetic hair shampoo and some fabric softener.

You want to perodically wash your wigs. You do this by filling your sink with lukewarm water add a quarter size amount of shampoo to your palm, gently run it through your wig a few times then let it sit in the water. Some wigs you don’t have to wash but if you wear them rather frequently they might start to smell(they hold the sweat from your head, similar to real hair) After about 5 minutes drain your wig, pat dray and set it on your styrofoam head to dry. DONT comb threw it now. Once it’s dry then you can run your wig brush threw it. Try not to comb out any of the style, especially if you pick a curly wig or something similar.

The Fabric softner is to take away the shine from your wigs. Some wigs can be really shiny from the plastic synthetic hair fibers and look more fake. Sometimes this is ok if you’re using it as like a cosplay wig but if you’re trying to pass it off as your own hair you might want to take the shine down. You can do the same process as shampooing except substitute the shampoo for a bit of fabric softner or you can put the softner in a spray bottle and spray it onto your wig. This will also help give it a fresh scent.

When you put on wigs you must first try and get your hair as flat as possible. I’ve had short hair for a few years now so I just stuff my hair under a wig cap and throw the wig on. If you have longer hair you’ll want to wrap your hair around your head securing it with bobbypins or split your hair down the middle, braid it, then wrap it around your head. You just want to get it as flat as possible so your wig sits on your head correctly and there are no visible bumps. Bumps under wigs make your head look misshapen. Wigs usually come with adjustable straps on the back so you can fit it to the size of your head. I wear mine more snug so it doesn’t budge or fall off or anything like that. Put on your wig cap, tuck in all your real hair, and pull on the wig from back to front. Adjust it so it sits just right then brush through it with your wig brush. When you’re done, set you wig on the head, put the hair in a hair net so it doesn’t tangle and isn’t left just dangling and being a potential harzard (your cat or kid could snag the hair and knock it down and play with it or something and just ruin all that hard work and money you put into it) You could brush through it again before your put it in the hair net but again if your wig has a certain style, like curls, you might want to leave it be. I normally just brush through the ends a bit.

You can’t style synthetic wigs like you would your own hair or human hair wigs. They don’t handle high heat products at all. It melts the plastic fibers in the hair. If you need to restyle your wig you can use hairspray or rollers, anything that doesn’t require direct heat. You could even try steam but since it isn’t real hair it might not hold the same. If you can’t style or cut your wig yourself you can always take it to a salon. They can style it while it’s on your head so you can see how it looks on you.

This is my first wig! I styled it into a side pony. I’ll make a post about all the wigs I have an where i buy them from soon enough! I thought I’d go over the basics if anyone had any questions. Feel free to ask more and I can add them to the post!

How to Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors Part 3: Bleaching

Part 1

Part 2

In the previous posts in this mini series I talked about the previous colors I’ve done and which bleach I’ve used. Right now my hair is “Luscious Raspberry” red from Splat. The bleach I use comes within the Splat kit itself. This isn’t my favorite bleach but when I used it the very first time it did get my dark hair to a light color, the copper I usually get was more on the orange side and when I added the red color it took very nicely. A few days ago I was touching up my roots and decided to record my process. I also lessened the copper blonde color on my roommate hair using the Ion creme lightner kit that I love so much. I thought it’d be great for you guys to see the results.

In the Splat kit there is the color itself, a packet of powdered bleach, and peroxide. The peroxide come within an applicator bottle which you pour the powedered bleach into. You use the entire packet. I did the same except I mixed the peroxide and bleach in a color bowl. You can get these from beauty supply stores for about $2. I like doing this so I can apply the bleach with a brush. It’s just easier this way. Also I need a bit more control because I was touching up my roots.


Also just because the bleach is blue doesn’t mean it will turn your hair blue. The blue bleach is used to combat against the orange colors that bleach can produce especially when going from dark to light hair. Blue is the complementary color of orange so it make sense that it would tone down the amount of orange you get and produce more light blonde.

Using an applicator brush (again this is around $2 at any beauty supply place) i mixed the peroxide and bleach together then applied it to my roots. You cant see it on my roots(other than the fact that my hair looks damp but it’s on there)


I separate my hair into sections and add the bleach to the roots. I make sure I get the roots first so the bleach has more time to set. Because I had left over bleach I added it to the rest of my hair. I let this process about 45 minutes before it started to irritate my scalp. When the processing was done the roots were a nice light blonde and the rest of the red in my hair turned a soft pink/orange. Now I’m going to add the red color all over my hair so it didn’t matter how the bleach affected the red I already had. I was sure to use a deep conditioning hair mask and left it on overnight. You can usually leave it in for about anywhere to 5-30 minutes then rinse as normal but I decided to leave mine in because I was lazy:P


This is after one treatment of the Ion Creme Lightning Kit. He wanted the blonde a bit brighter so I had to do a second treatment.

In the Ion kit comes a 4 oz bottle of Argan Oil and 4 packets of bleach. You need to use your own developer. I used 1 oz of Argan oil, 1 packet of bleach, and 2 oz of creme developer (Saloncare 30 Volume)

Again I mixed this in my coloring bowl and applied it with the brush applicator.


My roomie processed I think about 45-1 hour. He was enthralled by his new drawing tablet so i kept having to remind him to wash his hair. The Ion isn’t as irritating as the Splat bleach either. I still prefer Ion over every bleach I’ve tried so far.

Here’s how his hair turned out:


Almost all of the copper/grundgy ginger color came out and left a nice blonde! He’s pretty happy with it. See my previous posts for links to where you can buy Ion Creme Lightner and SalonCare Developer!

How To Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors Part 2

So after religiously bleaching and damaging my hair I needed to find something better. I didn’t want to use the PrismaLite Bleach anymore. I felt that it was too damaging to my hair so I sought something a little bit more healthy. Like I said before all bleach, no matter the kind or brand is going to do some degree of damage to your hair. I wanted to find something that was a little bit gentler at least. I returned to Sally’s and again asked the employee what would work best this time. She suggested Ion Color Brilliance Creme Lightener. Not only is this cheaper than the Prismalites on any given day but it also comes enriched with wheat protein and argan oil. Through the process of hydrolysis Wheat Protein can be easily absorbed into the hair. It increases hair’s ability to retain moisture, adds volume, and adds smoothness and shine. Argan Oil conditions the hair and makes it softer and silkier. It can even treat split ends and tame frizziness. On top of that this set comes with 4 treatments, which is definitely more bang for your buck. The power behind the powder is great as well. It gets the roots of the hair nice and blonde but it still needs about 2 treatments to get the brassiness out. This bleach is definitely gentler than the other one. I still use 40 Volume creme developer though. I just prefer it since it adds that extra boost and I won’t have to use more than 2 treatments to get the desired blonde I want.

Now I also switched hair dye brands. And you guessed it I found something cheaper too, Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi Permanent Hair Color. It’s about half the price of Manic Panic and has never stained any of the clothes, sheets, or hair tools. I’ve used this color on myself and on my sister and the results have been nice every time.

The first time I used Ion’s Bleach and color in combination I wanted to do dual color on my hair.This came about because I couldn’t decide on whether i should do teal again (Because I loved it so much) or purple. So then I just said, “Why not both of them?!” Thus this is how it turned out.

This was by far one of my favorite looks I’ve done hair wise. The colors here are I believe are Azure and Lavender. I still stand by Ion Creme Colors though I tried their Mint color and it didn’t come out so…minty. The green wasn’t pastel enough I think. I needed a few more bleachings to get the blonde light enough I think. The green was rather muddy. I’ve used the pink, deep purple, and dark blue on my sister and they came out great as well. I love Ion’s products and I believe they work really well. Give it a shot the next time you’d like to do a funky color. Definitely use their Bleach because it’ll add a little bit extra back into your hair and leave it softer than with normal bleach.

How To Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors Part 1

Ok, so i’d like to start off with no matter what bleach or lightener you use it is going to cause some degree of damage to your hair regardless if you do it at home or in a salon. Personally I only go to the salon to get my hair cut. That’s it. Everything else I do myself. I’m not a licensed cosmetologist, I didn’t go to cosmetology school. But my mom did and she’s taught me everything I know. My mom still renews her license to this day but she doesn’t practice in a salon. Instead she practiced on me whenever I told her I wanted to dye my hair, flat iron or blow it out when it was long or create pinup curls for my prom. I’m not promising your hair will come out the same as mine did (which is fairly well) but these are just some guidelines and experiences that’ve gone through.

The first time i told my mom that I wanted to dye my hair a crazy color (teal) was about a few weeks before I graduated high school. Her immediate response was no, why? Because she didn’t want me to have crazy hair as I walked across the stage and received my diploma. She did however promise me that the day after I graduated we could start the bleaching process. My hair was a little bit past my shoulders at this point so we needed a lot of bleach. I went to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply and asked the workers what kind of bleach I should get. My natural hair is PITCH BLACK, black hair comes from both sides of my family and it’s also very curly. We had some work to do.

To balance out the copper colors that were going to show up as my hair changed from black to blonde the Sally’s employee suggested I get a blue or violet based bleach. I used PrismaLites Dustfree Tonal Lightner in Blue. And yes, I did buy this giant bucket and yes I was still on a budget back when I was 17, so i that time I distinctly remember getting it half off! And because I was in a rush to get my boosted blonde light enough I used SalonCare 40 Volume Creme Developer. Now…these aren’t exactly mistakes that i’ve made but things I’ve done that not everyone should do. Let’s just put it that way. What I will say was a mistake is that I didn’t have patience. So to get the best blonde I could achieve on my half virgin hair(half because I had used box dyes but never bleached my hair at this point) i mixed this bleach with the 40 volume developer (recommended 20-30) and left the bleach in for about an hour (recommended 30-45 minutes)

Technically, a mistake. I fried my hair and clumps and clumps of it fell out. I wasn’t bald by any means, we have millions of hair follicles and strands on our head, so i just lost a couple thousand. Sounds like a lot but the clump could fit in my 2.5 inch palm. I’m trying to justify my hair falling out since it’ll happen to anyone who bleaches their hair at any degree but yeah…

My hair was a gross ginger color. Brassy and not at all light enough.  I needed to do another treatment but I really REALLY hate being a blonde(brassy ginger). It doesn’t work for me at all. So I decided to do the next one in a few days. My mom recommended at least a week or two but I wasn’t having it. No one wants to be in an in between stage, we just want our final color. So my second mistake was again due to impatience, not waiting long enough between bleaching.

I think i did 3-4 bleachings within a month(way too many) before I reached my desired platinum blonde color. Then I used Manic Panic’s Atomic Turquoise. This was my first time using any Manic Panic but during my super dark, angst phase I had heard that this was a decent company and decided to use it.

Voila! Here I am at 17 with bright teal hair.

I kept this color for a long time, up until my first semester of college. It faded into a nice mint color. The above photos were in end of june/july-ish of 2012.

Fading around August:

My hair looks shorted because I cured it with a curling iron but let me tell you after all that bleaching the end of my hair were FRIED. Before I went to college my mom commanded me to cut the dead ends off. She was tired of spending more than an hour bleaching my hair anyway. She also said she wouldn’t bleach my hair again and if I wanted it to be done, I’d have to do it myself. So I agreed. And off my hair went.

September of 2012.

So my hair was short, still teal and I was able to continue bleaching my hair on my own. From then on I tried

Dark Blue

This was Shocking Blue from Manic Panic. I HATED THIS COLOR SO MUCH. My turquoise was fine but this color stained my pillow, my shower, anything white that came in contact with it, my flat iron, everything! I hated this color so much. I’m not sure why it stained so much but it did and I never used that color again.

I also ended up dying the back of my hair black after the aforementioned blue didn’t take very well back there. It might have been because I couldn’t see what I was doing as well as I could for my bangs but the back was a blotchy mixture of blues and greens.

I kept my bangs bleached and instead moved onto a purple color. I believe it was Electric Amethyst but I’m not exactly sure.

Also excuse my horrid dork face. These were dark times before I liked to find my perfect eyebrow shape and used less makeup. I mean I’m a natural beauty but even I need some editing.

Next Time I’m going to show how I lessened the damaged to my colored hair and the new products I chose to use!