Black Friday Haul (Pt 4)/Coastal Scents Review

Hello, lovelies! I’m sorry if all these haul posts make it seem like I’m rolling in money and straying away from my original intent of making stuff budget friendly. However, during black Friday, companies become EXTRA budget friendly with their sales and hopefully people can keep this in mind for next year! I’m not suddenly rolling in dough now, just a person who loves a good sale!

Now onto the goodies. I’ve never tried Coastal Scents before but of course, I have heard of them. I have always wanted to try them, especially because even at regular price they are still budget friendly. Black Friday had really great prices for select items and I think there was a general 50% off sale, or at least something similar. I can’t remember! The way I worked black Friday is that I budgeted out what I wanted from each company and tried to get free shipping (in some cases I paid the expensive shipping fee, like with BH Cosmetics whose shipping is $8!) I believe I only spent around $20 dollars or so (shipping included, which I think was in the $4.95-6.95 range. I think Coastal Scents actually goes by weight for their shipping).

I ended up getting over 100 eyeshadows for just 20 bucks! How Great is that?! I got 2 palettes, 4 Hot Pots, and a free angled eyeshadow brush. I think they have free samples with every order and you get a variety of things to choose from, I just so happened to choose a brush.


Free Sticker and Brush!


I got the 88 original Palette, the 12 color Fall Festival Palette, and 4 Hot pots. The 88 original palette was about $5 and some change, the Fall Festival Palette was closer to $7 and each Hot Pot was on sale for 98 cents each!

I wanted to get the 88 Palette because I have been lugging all my extra palettes to my bathroom to try and use them as I get ready for work and it was taking up too much space. So I tried to get a simple but versatile palette that I could use every day and not just create neutral looks. The Coastal Scents shadows I think are a fairly decent quality for a good price. There is fall out (but even high-end shadows have fallout) but a lot of the shadows have fairly decent pigment. I will say that some of the darker shadows come out more smokey when applied to the eye and not as pigmented. This can be a plus or a negative depending on how you look at it. A plus if you want a softer look or a negative if you really want that pigmentation and pop. I see it as the latter. I used the black shadow from the Fall Festival palette in my Kween Bee look as it fell very flat. I wanted a more striking black contrast and it did not deliver. However, the bright shadows seem to work fairly well. I always use a white base (Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) when I’m working with bright shadows, though. It almost requires it to get that pop you need.


88 Original Palette


I would definitely recommend the fall festival palette. The colors are really beautiful and they’re all shimmers. Even though it’s winter now in the US (South of the equator babes enjoy the summer!) I still use the palette because I am not going holiday colors and dark smokey eyes all winter haha! The 88 palette I think you can skip mostly because they do have 120+ palettes, so if you’re a beginner and really just want a single go-to palette, I would suggest those. As a person who has a lot of palettes already and just wanted something basic for work, I chose the 88 one (and it was cheaper). It’s great for when I only have like 20 minutes for work and pick 3 colors to go on my eyelids and they’re all there.


Fall Festival Palette


I haven’t tried the hot pots yet but I got similar shades to the ones that were already in the palettes I purchased whoops!


Amethyst (Purple), Bright Tangerine (Orange), Incognito (Black, Blue Hawaiian (Blue)


But at least if I need 1 single color I have it. I imagine they perform similarly to the shadows in the Fall festival palette as they are not baked like the shadows in the 88 palette. I did buy another black because I need a black single eyeshadow for when I’m traveling but I’m afraid it’s going to perform poorly like the other dark colors. We’ll have to see!

Hope you guys enjoyed!


Black Friday Makeup Haul (Pt. 3)/Review: ColourPop

Yes my lovelies, the Black Friday Hauls are still not over! There are 2 more posts to go but between playing Pokemon Moon, sewing my cosplays, and getting a new doll I’ve been slacking! What else is new, am i right? Haha!

So after months and months of ogling Colourpop and loving their lower end prices I finally ordered some stuff from them! Black Friday bought a 30% off sale and their usual free shipping on orders over $30. I had been shopping for like an hour at this point and realized all I got was a lot of eyeshadows and I needed some new nude lipsticks that I could wear to work. Each Liquid lip was $4.80 so I ordered 5; 3 Mattes and 2 metallics. I also ordered their ever popular highlighter, Churro, which I think was not on sale but only $6-7.


The Colors I got were Beeper, LAX, Love Bug, Man Eater, and DM.

Left to Right: DM, Man Eater, Love Bug, LAX, Beeper, Churro(Highlighter)

Now I did do some tests where I basically wore a metallic and a matte during a work shift. I usually work 6 hours each so all my experiences are based on that time frame. The first metallic I wore was Man Eater. I put like 1 or 2 coats on and let it dry a bit. Throughout the day I noticed that it became flaky and patchy. I had parts rub off and had flakes falling, even after I reapplied. I wasn’t really happy with how it was reacting. This is my first metallic lippy so I’m not sure if they’re all like that and I’ve generally heard good things about Colourpop so I was disappointed in that. The color was beautiful and very shimmery though. They do go on smoothly but I think over time it just starts to crumble especially because of the moisture between the lips. I think It breaks down over time.

Man Eater

The Matte lipsticks were a little better. There were still some flakes but not as drastic as the metallic. The Mattes held a solid color and mostly came off when I went on break to eat and when I drank water. I applied about maybe 2 times (mostly after I ate and to get some more moisture in my lips). The colors are nice and opaque and really great. It’s just really the flaking and rubbing that kills the whole mood. I would recommend them because they’re not as expensive as other liquid lips and do have really nice opaque full coverage but the  flaking and rubbing off is another factor to consider.

I haven’t tried the highlighter but when I swatched it, it felt buttery smooth. Very soft and easy to blend. I know each highlighter is pressed differently so this can’t really be helped but I really do wish that I would’ve got more marbling on mine. I also wish it smelled like a churro haha! It’s a gorgeous color, similar to the ones I got at BH Cosmetics-pale/peachy gold with a bit of copper to it. I may give it a shot tomorrow when I put my work makeup on!


I may order from Colourpop again, probably more so for the highlighter but I did see another matt lip color I wanted so I may get that too. Have you guys tried Colourpop? What did you think of it? Do you have the same flaking problems I do? Let me know!

Black Friday Haul Part 2: House of Beauty Co Review


House of Beauty co was having a Black Friday sale where everything was 50% off! My friend kept sending me videos from their Instagram of these lippies and I was very turned off by the fact that they seemed very goopy and they would always open the little jar and show off that it was goopy. I was skeptical that I would like these lippies so when I saw that they were going to be 50% off I thought I’d just give them a chance.

I ordered two products, a Lip Hybrid Tube(normally $10, sale price $5) in 24k a deep gold color, and Aquarius (normally $16, sale price $8) which is a teal blue in their original jar formula. When I received my order I was pleasantly surprised to find a full-size jar of their color Heart of Fire (a $16 gift!). I checked my packing slip and it only showed the 2 items I ordered so I was very happy with that. Shipping I believe was $4.95, so in total I think my order came out to $17.95.

I think these lippies are pricey especially for the jar size but you don’t need that much on your lips so realistically these little jars last awhile. I’ve applied both jar formulas and I can say that I don’t like it. This is personally because I like to put my makeup on with ease, so I prefer tubes (which is why I got the lip tube hybrid as well). The lipgloss sticks are so much easier for me than to spend at least 5 minutes with a lip brush trying to be precise and get into every corner. Some people like this but I do not.

The goop factor was something I didn’t like as well. You have to be careful of opening the jar because the product acts like melted cheese. Now that sounds strange but there is a string-like effect like when you pull apart melted cheese. I had to be careful not to let the string break off in any area that wasn’t in the jar or the cap of the jar so I wouldn’t loose product.


I tried Heart of Fire first which is a shimmery red with a bit of copper. The pigmentation is there in both lip jars, very much so. But I felt Heart of Fire went on easier. The first swipe of color was more opaque and I only had to build up like maybe two layers to get full coverage over my lips. It was much easier to apply and get a nice color without it becoming sticky and feeling like cheap lipgloss.

I can’t say the same for Aquarius though. I was disappointed because this was the actual color I ordered and wanted. I love blue lippies and this color is indeed beautiful but the first swipe was very sheer and it moved around a lot. I felt like it wasn’t exactly staying in one place when I was trying to cover my lips. Then I had to keep adding more to get that coverage I wanted. You can build up the color and get a nice opaqueness to it but it takes a lot more product. Now, perhaps I did use a bit too much but I did feel like I needed too with how sheer it was coming off and how it wasn’t staying in one place. This is when I think this got goopy and messy. Every time I would part my lips I felt like I was pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich. It wasn’t the best experience. I think I will try and use maybe a little less product but I honestly don’t know if the coverage will be the same.

I think it can be hard to produce lighter color makeup products but blues aren’t usually that bad. I think the Heart of Fire color worked because it’s such a deep rich color, unlike Aquarius. Which is very unfortunate. The Heart of Fire does seem to leave a bit more residue like on my lip brush and my hands (NOT staining, though!). The product came off easily with a makeup remover wipe but I felt some of the Heart of Fire color lingered on my brush a little longer. Keep in mind I was just wiping in between colors, not doing full cleanings.

The last color is the 24k, the deep gold, in the classic lipgloss tube. The top is a sleek black matte and the writing on the tube is beautiful. It’s simple but very elegant. This is way easier to apply and went on opaque right out the gate! This is my absolute favorite. It works so well and is a stunning. It’s not a bright yellow gold. It’s more muted and a little bronze-y in color. So it gives that interesting pop without being too overwhelming. I love the tube formula much more than the jars. It’s not goopy at all and very easy to apply. I’m unsure if Aquarius is available in tube form, I believe a deeper dark blue is so maybe I should’ve gotten that one. But overall I would say a complete yes on the tubes and available on the darker colors avaliable in the jar formula.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many colors available in the tube form but I’m hoping it’s something they keep around. I think this company is definitely something to try and that maybe each person has to play around with what they like. Maybe you do like putting on lippies with a brush and not a lipgloss applicator. Just see which works best for you. I can’t wait to rock this gold though!

Black Friday Haul Part 1: BH Cosmetics

When you’re looking to buy good makeup on a budget, Black Friday is the best day to do it! I personally had no idea what I wanted to get for Black Friday and instead took to my makeup Instagram page (@moatb) to look at all the makeup companies and pages I follow to see who had the best sales. I tried to stick with companies that were  doing 40-50% or more from their products. I was looking to definitely get more bang for my buck and I know that a lot of companies and small businesses only do like 10-20% off, which is not a deal. 10% is nothing. This is Black Friday, step your game up.

But anyway, I went to one of my fave companies to see what they had. I think they had decent pricing. I believe it was at least 40-75% off on certain items. I managed to snag an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter palette, a brush set, and my staple foundation.


The breakdown, cost wise, was like this:

Wild & Radiant (Highlighter palette)- $6.00

Foundation- $3.50

Wild & Alluring (Eyeshadow palette)- $7.00

Brush Set- $12

S&H- $7.95

I believe you got free S&H once you hit $50 and I had other places I wanted to buy some so I opted to pay the almost $8 instead of spending about $20 dollars to get free shipping.

I ordered everything on Thursday and BH was the 1st to get to my house on Monday or Tuesday I believe.

I won’t review the foundation because I use it all the time and I’ve featured it in several looks that I’ve done before. Brushes are also kind of hard to review before you use them too so  I’ll just be talking about the design and packaging mostly.

But first is the eyeshadow palette. I picked the Wild & Alluring palette because of course, it was on sale. Not only was it on sale but it looked very similar to the Galaxy Chic palette which is literally my absolute favorite palette (and it’s always on sale but currently it’s out of stock on the website because it was $8 on Black Friday/Cyber Monday!). The eyeshadows in the Wild & Alluring palette are also baked and are mixed colors, so each shadow has multiple colors and shades in it to give lots of dimension in your looks. Because I used the Galaxy Chic palette so much, I figured this one was no different and would hold up really well.20161130_153207[1].jpg

These colors are really gorgeous though there are a few that look very similar to the Galaxy chic palette (2nd row middle and 3rd row last by the highlighter). I really love the top row of yellow-purple shades. The palette also has a highlighter which is a nice bronze and a coral blush. Currently, I’m using a gold eyeshadow color from my Too Faced Pb&J palette, which works splendid but now I have some real powder highlighters to try!

The packaging is really cute too. It’s a simple cardboard package, mirror included, with mermaid scales all around the palette. For $7 I don’t think this is a bad deal, especially with how decently sized the eyeshadows are and how big the highlighter and blush is. I’m not a blush person myself but I could see myself wearing this shade. It’s a medium sized palette as well so depending on your bag it would do well with travel.

Now the Highlighter palette is something I’m also really excited to try. It’s maybe 1/2-3/4 of the size of the eyeshadow palette and I believe part of the same line. It comes with 4 highlighters in varying shades. The shades look a bit similar in the palette but when swatched on skin you can tell the difference easily. There is a bronze, copper, light gold, and I would say a peach gold, which I think all work great on my skin tone. They are super sparkly and nice and smooth! I cannot wait to try them out in a look. I’m so excited for these highlighters!

Swatching them and capturing them in the best lighting was a bit difficult and I’m sorry if they don’t come across as well. I promise that the pigmentation produced on skin swatches (I haven’t done brush swatches yet) were really amazing. I knew that I was going to be glowing with these highlighters! And only $6 for 4 highlighters?? You can’t beat that.

I tried to take pictures in LED lighting and without(which is a bit darker than expected. You guys might have to enlarge it) but shimmery products are kind of hard to capture perfectly. They’re super nice highlighters in my opinion. If any of these are left I would say go get this palette! The Cyber Monday sale is still continuing now.

Last was the brush set. They had cheaper sets than this one. I believe the cheapest was about $7 but only gave you a few brushes. I figured if I was going to get a brand new brush set (because I collect brushes like crazy) I would want a much fuller set. I’m not really a fan of pink but I did really like this metallic pink set. It has 14 brushes total and comes in its own roll up carrying case.


When I first pulled the set out of the box, it was, of course, rolled up. There are two snap closures and is about the size of a longer clutch purse. It’s pretty light and easy to carry as well. It did have a kind of weird candy-plastic smell to it when I unrolled it but it’s only strong if you actually sniff it, like it did haha!.

The brushes are a normal length. The handles are black with shimmery glitter on them which I didn’t notice before! That makes it cuter! The smaller more precise brushes are of course a bit firmer and I’ve noticed the fibers are straighter. The face brushes and some of the fluffier shadow brushes kind of have a wavy texture to the fibers. I don’t think I’ve noticed that in my other BH brushes before. The fibers are still synthetic and soft though and I love my other angled face brush from BH. I’m pretty confident that I’ll like this set, though.


I’m really excited to use my new products from BH! I do love this brand a lot and I always recommend them to others. Join their sale now and see what else you can snag! I have a few more orders coming in so I’ll be doing little haul posts for them as well. See you guys soon.

The “I Really Shouldn’t Have Used my Credit Card and Now I Regret it but Only Slightly” Haul

This past weekend I hung out with my friends in Cleveland. I live about an hour or so from the city so I haven’t really explored much of it. However we went to the mall and I was in absolute heaven. The first store I saw was Lush and of course I lost it. I had previously ordered stuff from Lush on their website but had never entered a Lush retail store before. Now i wasn’t too impressed with the bath bombs I ordered but I never gave up on the brand. Since I no longer have a bathtub to use bathbombs in i decided to go for the face products and soaps and of course SHOWER JELLIES!


The three soaps I got were Layer Cake, Respect Your Elders, and Figs and Leaves. I got the SHower Jelly in Refresher, the facial mask Love Lettuce and a sample of Ocean Sea salt scrub. Layer Cake has Grape, orange, blueberry, pineapple and raspberry and literally smells like a bag of gummy bears. It’s so sweet and bright. It’s kind of a scent I don’t really go for in soaps but I thought I’d try something different. Now of course every cut bar of soap is different and mine came out looking like a bag of melted gunny bears-and I mean that in the best way possible. You can buy all of these soaps online as well.


Respect Your Elders is a mix of floral and berry; elderberries to be exact. It’s a gorgeous deep purple with swirls of light pink, light purple, and a little bit of white. It’s sweet and floral  but not overpowering. It’s pretty gentle and absolutely gorgeous.


The last soap I got was Figs and Leaves which is the most earthy, feature figs, their leaves and seeds, as well as orange blossom and aloe vera. It’s warm and classic, reminding me of oatmeal body scrubs which are my favorite. It almost makes me want to eat it. The seeds also provide an exfoliating scrub as well.

The shower jelly is something I’ve never tried before but because everyone was talking about and because it friggin’ jiggles I had to get one! I got Refresher with is a lemon based jelly. And it is super lemon-y fresh!


The last two things I got were the Love Lettuce Facial Mask and the Ocean Sea Salt Face and Body Scrub (sample size). I’ve tried the Love Lettuce mask and will probably write a full review on an upcoming post. But I will say it is a really nice smooth (i mean smooth going on as it has some exfoliating properties)mask. The sea salt scrub I tried in store and I enjoyed but i didn’t like that it only came in 2 sizes both of which were too expensive for me. I’d like to see if there is a recipe for it online so i can make it on my own.

Next I went to MAC, which was also the first time I had ever been in a MAC retail store. Now I personally don’t like many of the MAC formulas, mostly the lipsticks; they’re too smudgey, some aren’t pigmented enough, they’re semi ok. But I did end up getting 2 lipsticks from them, a eye liner, and 4 eyeshadows that I put into a eyeshadow palette as well as a mini Fix +.


You can by the palettes without the inserts, or with them. I think the mini 4 eyeshadow palette with the insert already in it was about $8. There are bigger palettes and ones without inserts to snap the eyeshadows into as well. Each single eyeshadow was around $6.

Referencing the second picture on the right the colors are Amber Lighters, Trax (purple), Steamy (Teal/Green), and Lucky Green. They’re all shimmers as well.

The two lipsticks I got were a sort of periwinkle purple/lavender ish color and a sheer shimmery blue. The purple is called Dew from the satin lipstick collection and the sheer one is called Soft Hint from the Frost lipstick collection. I left the swatches a little dark so you could see how sheer the Soft Hint is and the Dew is a little bit more pastel than what it’s showing.

the eyeliner im a little disappointed in, only because the one I got is defective. It doesn’t retract up or down so I hope I can eventually return it.

The last store I visited was Sephora and for once I got only 1 thing; the Kat Von D Sepentina Palette. It’s a really beautiful palette and has to be one of my faves. The packaging was pretty basic, stacked cardboard with a small hole cut out to fit the loose pigment eyeshadow and a mirror. It’s still very sleek and elegant though. I’m not sure how I feel about the loose pigment, not only because I’m not a fan of loose pigment but I mean it also could’ve easily been another pressed shadow and we could’ve gotten something like a lipstick or eyeliner.

I’ve actually used some of the eyeshadows since I bought this palette and they are gorgeous. Nicely pigmented and smooth, they flow onto the skin and a little goes a long way. I love having a nice variety of colors and not just another neutral palette. I love this bright colors and they have a bit of shimmer to them for that extra pop. I believe the palette was about $45 which is the general price for palettes these days and it’s definitely cheaper than buying one of her single eyeshadows which are usually $18-21 each. If you’ve like to try a KvD eyeshadow before buying a larger palette like this she has quad palettes for about $30, still a little pricey but that’s all up to you. I think KvD does great work and most of her products are worth it. Her foundations and concealers are next on my list, but I wouldn’t buy things like the brushes or a neutral lip. When I spend money on lippies they have to be a fun funky color or else I could get a nude lip anywhere, you know?

Now I know this was an expensive haul and I aim towards trying to get budget makeup deals and lower end products. I actually don’t buy makeup a lot and this was a kind of spur of the moment thing. However there are some things that are affordable and on the lower end that I have found in stores. In Lush you can buy gift sets that have trial sizes, full sizes, sizes not offered in stores and you get a range of items. You can get pre made ones or make one and fill it with things you want specifically. This depends on what you actually want. Since this was my first time in Lush and I can’t buy bath bombs I wanted to focus on shower and face needs. You can stay away from the pricier full size items and try to go for the smallest size possible. Beware some of the smaller sizes can actually be like $20-$30 depending on what the product is, so you might just have to pass those. You can also ask for sample jars which can last you one to two applications. Soaps are cut and weighed so you can get small sizes for like $4 each.

In Mac I would stay away from the lipsticks as I’m not a fan of most of their formulas but the single eyeshadow are only $6 so you could get a couple. You also don’t really have to buy the compact no matter how much they goat you into it. Sephora is a bit harder because most things are expensive and it’s hard to spend less money, even with travel sizes and gift sets. But the sets that are usually around the checkout area can offer some good things. I got a KvD lipstick and eyeliner set once for around $18 bucks. Not ideal for quantity but you get to try some products at least. But man do I wish Sephora had coupons, haha!

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul! See you soon




Dragcon 2016 Haul and Looks

Dragcon was more than a month ago, I know, but I haven’t really had much time to catch up and write things. I’ve been trying to make videos and things are recorded but i’m so lazy at editing. It’s pretty bad and thus explains my lack of posting. I’ve set time aside to try and knock out a few posts, however it’s also 2 am now so we’ll see how much i get done!

This was Dragcon’s second year running. There was a bunch of booths and definitely a bunch of makeup vendors, so it was basically paradise. The only criticism I have (which isn’t really anyone’s fault) was the fact that I had to wait more than 2 hours in line to get to Jeffree Star’s booth and buy his first makeup palette. What really pissed me off was that by the time I was at the front the palettes had sold out so I basically waited in line for nothing. I did purchase a few liquid lips and eventually got the palette (more on that later). Most of my money definitely went to makeup but I did get a few jewelry pieces, clothing from Kreepsville 666, hairbows, art, and artisan soaps (which I have a definite weakness for). I also stood in line most of the time to meet some of my favorite drag queens from Season 8 and earlier such as Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Bob the Drag Queen (who was crowned a week later), Thorgy Thor, Courtney Act, Chi Chi Devayne, Dax Exclamation Point and a few of my favorite feminist voices such as Amber Rose and Steven Joseph. I’ll try to do a full post on my trip to Los Angeles on my personal blog-spookyboogie13.

Now onto the looks! Dragon was only a 2 day con so I was there Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s look was very neutral. I wore a grey crop top with stretchy high waisted soft fabric jean pants, and clear jelly sandals. Both the wigs I wore were from

Enter a caption
Screenshot (58).png

The look itself was neutral, especially because I was wearing neutral colors. So I did a soft brown smokey eye with a deep brown matte lip. I only carried one palette with me which was my Pixi Ultimate Beauty Book 2nd edition, which I got at Target.

Eyes: Pixi Ultimate Beauty Book 2nd Edition, Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster and Liner in Black, Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, Ardell Lashes (I can’t remember the size, sorry!)

Eyebrows: ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Granite

Face: Bh Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige, ABH Contour Cream Palette in Medium, City Color Powder Contour Palette

Lips: Loreal in 860 Spice, Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Stay on Contouring Pencil in 041 Coffee Bean.

This was honestly the best selfie I have ever taken in my life and I’ve never felt so gorgeous!

Sunday’s look was very much super pastel and kind of Marina and the Diamonds inspired though not intentionally! My outfit was a pastel dress that I got at Wal-Mart for $14 and I wore my clear jelly shoes again. I only had a small weekend bag so I really had to condense on my outfit options. I loved my outfits anyway. The wig was a black rooted wig that faded into a silver then mint color. The necklace was from Kreepsville 666.

Enter a caption
Screenshot (59).png

Eyes: Pixi Ultimate Beauty Book 2nd Edition (purples, Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (for base) and single eye shadow in Mermaid, Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster and Liner in Black, Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, Morphe Lashes in #79

Eyebrows: ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Granite

Face: Bh Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige, ABH Contour Cream Palette in Medium, City Color Powder Contour Palette

Lips: Jeffree Star Velour liquid Lipstick in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Now time for the haul! I visited several makeup booths around the con, which had great discounted prices (only for the con). This was awesome because I had limited spending money (sort of, I did save up money for this trip but also had to factor in food and other attractions I wanted to see). So here’s what I got:

Screenshot (61).png

I’ve been wanting to get some Morphe brushes for a long time and there was a giant Morphe booth at the con. Morphe in general has great brushes at low prices so they’re great for people who are on a budget like myself. The brushes I got were the M164 (a small angled contour brush), MB19 (a small flat detail brush), M200 (A fluffy blending brush), M135 (a flat c shape brush), and the MB30 (a jumbo flat kabuki brush for contouring). Their lashes at the con were 6 for $10 I believe and I got #5, #79, 2 #304 (by accident haha), # 61, and a pair of jumbo fluttery lashes whose number I don’t remember because I threw out the box:P). I also got their 12P palette which is a small 12 color palette with bright almost neon colors

Screenshot (62)

I also got a bunch of liquid lippies from Jcat Beauty, OCC, and Jeffree star. Jcat beauty had 3 for $10 sales on a lot of their products, OCC was selling their liptars in their old packaging 3 for $5!!! I of course had to buy some! And I believe Jeffree’s Liquid lips were $15 instead of $18.

From Jcat Beauty I got a bright yellow (Hello. Goodbye), a steele grey (Splashed), and a deep mint color (Pishslaver). Their formula is similar to OCC and I find that you have to massage the tube to redistribute the peppermint oil (which is what makes it moisturizing). The colors are really pigmented and do stay on for a long time.

From OCC I got Anime, Hoochie and Pool Boy. I’ve been dying to get Pool Boy for a long time so I was really happy it was on sale! Pool Boy is a light blue, Hoochie is a purple and Anime is a deep neon pink (not my color at all but I thought I’d give it a shot).

From Jeffree Star I got another Blow Pony (lavender) because as I was packing for the trip I could not find the original tube I bought. I thought I had lost it and since it was my favorite color and the palette was sold out I decided to get another one (I ended up finding my original tube after I got back of course). I also got Redrum (classic red) because I wanted a matte red lip. And you can never have too many red lipsticks.

Mehron also had a both and to be honest I thought they would have some of their special effects makeup there as well. But they mostly kept to beauty makeup. I only ended up getting 2 things, a creamblend stick in Medium Olive for $12 and a pressed eyeshadow in Red Earth for about $7.It’s a deep red burgundy color and very pretty and pigmented.

Tatcha had a booth and after listening to the very dedicated spiel of the salesperson, and being very afraid to ask the prices I found that they were selling their travel size cleansing oil for only $12. Which I was thankful for because everything else was freaking $60 something dollars for like a 3 oz bottle! Way out of my price range. Though the cleansing oil is very nice I cannot afford Tatcha products.

I also got some free stuff from the Hustler booth. Hustler being the adult magazine. Basically I took a photo with a very nice woman there and then they gave my free stuff, which I was all about. I got some Shimmery Body Bronzer and a lipgloss, which doesn’t smell that great but hey it was free and nice.

The last thing I got makeup wise from the con was from Strobe Cosmetics who have wondering pigmented and sparkly eyeshadows. Normally their prices online are $6.50 per single shadow. At the con they were $4.50. I got 4 of them: Azure (a gorgeous shimmery blue, similar to Nyx’s Mermaid), Urban Princess (a deep purple), Fit For a Queen (which is a BAM IN YO FACE I’M RICH gold), and World Eater (a nice deep red). The woman at Strobe Cosmetics was an absolute sweet heart and her makeup is absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend them.

Now On top of buying makeup at the con, when I got back from the 1st day I realized that there was a Sephora DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from the hostel I was staying at. So I got myself into more trouble (and debt) and got some things there as well. I was dead set on getting Kat Von D products and I got her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo, which is a deep blue violet similar to Jeffree Star’s Abused. I found however that it was a little fussy going on the lips especially in the center, but it dries as nicely as any other liquid to matte. I also got a combo pack sort of thing that had the Tattoo Liner in Trooper (black) and a mini Studded Kiss lipstick in Magick (a warm light reddish brown). I also got a mini autograph pencil liner in Proud Peacock (deep olive with sparkles). Green is not typically my color but it had been following me around since before my trip to LA, so I decided to cave in and get some green makeup!

There was also a set of 5 mini eyeshadow palettes from Sephora’s holiday collection that was about $10. I decided to split it with my friend who I took the trip with. I also got The Pure Skin Facial Cleanser from First Aid Beauty. I had tried First Aid Beauty in one of my Ipsy bags (which I’ve resubscribed too and I’m already pleased with what I’m getting in my 1st bag back) and I really liked it so I decided to get the facial cleanser again. I believe it was about $10 to $12 at Sephora for the 2 oz tube. And last but not least, I caved in and got the Alice in Wonderland palette.

I had saw this at my local Sephora and I wanted it so bad. The $60 price was crazy but you do get 20 eyeshadows and it comes in gorgeous packaging. It honestly had me sold with the color Hatter ( a nice bright green which started the whole “green makeup is sending me sign” thing). This UD palette definitely makes up I think for the Gwen Stefani one (which I was pretty disappointed that it was basically all neutrals). The Alice in Wonderland palette has a variety of neutrals, but not just your boring browns, it has colors like burnt orange, warm chocolates, burgundies, and small pops of colors like with Hatter. I haven’t used it much yet so I can’t say if it was really worth the $60 but it does has some nice soft shades that can double as highlighters. I don’t have a great picture of it but will eventually!

Hope you guys enjoyed the haul! I hope to have some other posts up soon and will try and comment on some of your blog posts as well!


Mini NYX Haul! Feat. Tarte

So I went into Ulta to help my cousin’s girlfriend pick out a few things and I came out with stuff for myself. Same thing happened to me at Target. Funny how that happens, huh? My haul was mostly for NYX because besides E.L.F. it’s one of my favorite makeup brands. Ulta was having a Buy one, Get one 50% off on Nyx eye products and of course you always have the $3.50 off $10. Target never has decent coupons for things so you’re kind of stuck with their prices. Here’s what I got:


Sorry for the bad photo, I was trying to lighten it up and it just wasn’t happening. I hope you can see everything though!

Nyx Vivid Brights Liquid Liner in Vivid Fire

Nyx Single Eyeshadow in Tin

Nyx Tea Tree Balance skin Elixir

Nyx Honey Dew Me Up

Tarte Tease Mini Palette

Diamond Cosmetics Nail File

So I wanted to try to get more colored liners. I saw the Vivid Brights and they were on-sale at Ulta. However, i have the White liquid liner from Nyx and I don’t like it as much. It flakes a little and I don’t use it as much unless I’m doing a pastel look. But I thought that I could at least give this red liner a try, especially with some cool red and black looks. I might be able to use it in some warm red and burnt orange looks as well.

As for the eyeshadow, I had a hard time trying to find something that I wanted to get 50% off. What I really wanted was a refill on my NYX eyebrow pencil but they didn’t have any in black. Instead, I somehow found this very foiled silver eyeshadow which is similar to the Mermaid eyeshadow I used in my Intergalactic Space Princess look.


The colors look pigmented but I felt like I had to really pack on the Mermaid color when I used it. I think the both of them are in the same line of shadows so I might have the same problem with this one. I like the color though and I really want to make some silver and black looks.

The Tea Tree Skin Elixir is almost like a primer. It’s also a serum that is supposed to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections while smoothing and renewing skin. My friend used this on me when we were doing makeovers and I really like it. it’s very cooling and moisturizing. I would wear it under my regular primer  or even use it everyday.

Which brings me to the Honey Dew me Up.This is expensive and I swear it better be worth it. It also acts as a skin serum but has gold flakes mixed with honey. Honey is a natural antiseptic, gold flakes apparently increases skin radiance (which I think is bs, but I have been wanting to get this for like ever so….), and the serum has collagen in it for smoother skin. The bottle is glass and has a screw top with a little spatula attached to it, so like the top of a nail polish bottle but instead of a brush is a little spatula to help put it on your face. The smell is ok, it reminds me of a softer version of tea tree oil. The consistency is semi thick but flows easily. When you scoop some onto the spatula you have to hold it over the bottle because it will run over in small strings. It’s a bit messy as well. The good news is that it sinks into the skin really easily and doesn’t leave a residue behind. It’s very light.

As for the Tarte palette, it was in the deadly check out line area at Ulta. I’ve never actually tried Tarte products before so these mini palettes are good ways to try them out. It’s a neutral palette with mostly matte colors. It’s similar to the Lorac Unzipped palette I have.



My favorite color is ‘bff’ and ‘crush’. I want to put them both together in a look and hopefully it’ll look nice haha. I think it’s a nice palette to have around with you especially since it’s small and is all neutral. i can go with just about any look.

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul! Be sure to check out my Instagram @moatb (still fairly bare) and my personal blog at! See you soon!

Makeup Haul

hey guys! today my sister and i went shopping. we went to Ulta, five below, and Big Lots. I got a couple of things that were on sale so here we go!


Freeman beauty Dead Sea minerals anti-stress mask
Freeman beauty chocolate and strawberry clay mask
Beauty mark beauty stamp for face and body in star shape and heart shape from Absolute New York
Smashbox Full Exposure mini palette
Pixel party proof liner in unforgettable emerald
Nyx I brow pencil in Black
Nyx eyeshadow in STFU

Big Lots:
Lauren Luke “my smokey classics” makeup palette

Five Below:
Profusion neon brights eyeshadow
Profusion milk chocolate glamour bar palette
Nair hair remover Brazilian spa clay total care face  Trio
Yes to cucumbers soothing hypoallergenic facial wipes
Proud Asling white professional strength whitening pen


You know I love the Dead Sea minerals mask,  and while me and my sister work at Ulta we found the full size Freeman beauty masks. They were buy one get one 50 percent off so we decided to try the chocolate strawberry clay mask with smells absolutely delicious. I even checked to see if it was edible but I don’t think it is unfortunat



Next I got two things that were by the cashier, there’s something I never tried before but I’ve tried to do it and I look free hand and it hasn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to. and so I decided to try these beauty marks stamps for the face and I got the star and heart shape. I like to put these little shapes under my eye Marina and the Di



I also got the pixel party proof eyeliner in Emerald which is a new color for me because I don’t really wear green but it was on clearance for a $1.50 so I had


to get it.

My favorite thing that I got it open with this many Smashbox full exposure palette. I’m glad that I got this because I can put it in my makeup bag in place of my Lorac mini pro palette. not that I don’t like my Lorac Pro palette is just that the Smashbox has more color so I can do a wider variety of looks when I’m on the go but the shades are all neutral so they’re good for when I’m at work or something. there are 4 mattes and 4 shimmer colors. Plus I can actually use this is my Smashbox full exposure mascara.

At 5 below I got a bunch of things just to try them. One of them was the profusion milk chocolate glamour bar palette thing and to be honest it smells like that cheap makeup that you get when you’re like four and your mom just buys it for you, so it’s really probably shitty. but I couldn’t help but want the cute little chocolate bar case because obviously it supposed to be a knock off of the Too Faced chocolate bar but I doubt the colors are going to perform the same way but it’s still cute. it’



Another thing that I was really excited about was the neon brights pallet because the shadows are so Mac and they are such bright looking colors that I can’t wait to use them. of course I’m going to try them over a white eyeshadow base.


I also got this pallet by lauren luke from big lots. It comes with 2 eyeshadows primers and three eyeshadows in neutral colors, a shimmering black and a soft brown, and a beige. It has a black screen eyeliner and to lip colors in plum berry and cranberry stain. The blush is a soft peach color.


My sister and I are so excited to try this new makeup. I can’t wait to try the freeman beauty masks. I hope to have a review of the chocolate strawberry mask soon. Ill also be going back today my 30 day makeup challenge.  see you soon!

Mini Haul


I had to take a trip to wal-mart to get some cat food and I ended up coming out with a few more things then intended. My shopping list for today included:

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Biore Deep cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips

Flower Beauty Daily Brightening Undereye Cover Cream

Elf Lipstick in Classy

3 Freeman Beauty Masks in Sweet Tea and Lemon Peel away Mask, Banana Oat Instant Smoothing Mask, Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask

My sister and I tried the Biore Cleansing Strips and they worked pretty ok. I feel like they definitely cleaned my nose out more than before because I was breaking out around my nose where my glasses sit on my face. It took out some of the irritations and made some of the pimples smaller (though they were small to begin with) I also picked three new Freeman Beauty masks that I’ve never tried before so I’m excited for those. You guy’s know my favorite thing is trying new Freeman beauty Masks.

As for the Flower Beauty purchase, it’s supposed to lighten up the dark circles under your eyes. I hope it will at least take away some of the darkness and maybe some of the puffiness under my eyes. I might even add it to my travel makeup bag for when I go to work.