Sleepy Time Beauty

Sleep is my #1 best friend. I take naps whenever I can and i don’t mean short 15 minute cat naps; i mean full on 5 hour-wake-up-confused-as-to-where-i-am naps. Though my sleep schedule has never been perfect, starting my new adult job has forced me into a routine. With that routine comes daily nighttime habits and mine usually focus around skincare.

I start off with a hot shower; boiling hot in my case. I love warmth and heat so I will take a hot shower even in the summer; especially when my mom has the air conditioner on full blast. Hot showers also help to ease tension in the muscles which is great for me because I’m at a desk all day. Muscles tense up easily and getting under a steady stream of water feels amazing.

in the shower i ALWAYS wash my face. I just have too. even if i’ve removed my makeup prior with a makeup wipe I will wash my face. I have a steady rotation of face washes that I get from all over the place. My favorite gentle cream cleanser if First Aid Beauty’s Ultimate Cleanser. My favorite scrub is The St. Ives (or an off brand version of it) Apricot Scrub. And my favorite mask (which you can put on before your shower and rinse/exfoliate while in the shower) is Love Lettuce from Lush. If my skin is feeling too dry I’ll use a creamier cleanser and if I feel like it needs some exfoliation I’ll use something with grit.

After cleaning my face in the shower my face can sometimes feel a little dried out because i naturally have dry skin. I use a moisturizer, and again I have a steady rotation of these. My current moisturize is Smuggler’s Soul from Lush. I like it because it’s really basic, simple and natural. You don’t need any extra frills when it comes to a moisturizer. If you want to try it be sure to hurry as I hear it’s a limited edition!

After moisturizing, I’ve added a slightly odd thing to my routine- my armpits. This may sound strange but I had been noticing that my body odor had become really gross to me in my armpit area. I had no idea why it seemed to be getting worse and I had of course become self conscious of it. I also exfoliate my armpits in the shower which i feel help get rid of the dead skin cells and open up the clogged pores. Using unnatural deodorant (usually the deodorants that have aluminum in them) can also clog your pores leading to a worse smell. I have a friend who works at Lush who helped me during my recent trip to get their Deodorant bar, Aromaco, and the deodorant powder, Greeench. I use the deodorant bar as a base and then lightly dust on less than a dime size amount of powder usually a fluffy brush. The deodorant bar helps create a base that the powder can stick too. Using the natural deodorants won’t make you smell like artificial flowers and sunshine. Instead it gives you a more natural herbal smell that takes some getting used too. But i find if I do this routine in the morning and at night then it helps keep my odor and sweat to a minimum.

Now besides skincare there’s also some mental healthcare I do before bed as well. I always have to sleep with a blanket and be warm. Like i said before I love being warm at all times. I like curling up into a ball or a burrito and feeling snuggled. My cat Leo also helps me as he frequently becomes my spooning partner. Sometimes he sleeps on me or curled up beside me. I have no idea why but he likes sleeping with his butt towards my face, haha! Leo is super adorable and I love him dearly so I love having him in bed with me when I’m about to sleep.


I also shut off all the light to help create an atmosphere and mood of peace. I can’t sleep with any lights on at all so this really helps me get into the correct headspace.

Last but not least a good key component to getting a good nights sleep is a mattress. Now I have a decent memory foam mattress but not a good bed frame support so it can be hard to be comfortable at times. Finding a good mattress can be a bit hard and you’ve got to remember that mattresses are an investment-and a good one at that! Having a good mattress is crucial to physical and mental health as it provides you with better sleep and quality of life.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some zzz’s to catch! See you soon~


Relaxing Spa Day with Madison Reed!

Hello my beauties! Long time no see, huh? It’s been pretty stressful here in Chelsea-land. I’m a college senior who works part time and I’ve been going back and forth between human doctor appointments and vet appointments. It’s been a rough couple months.

So needless to say I’m in need for a very relaxed spa day!


First and foremost, whenever I have a rough day I get a bath going. Ever since I got my own apartment, I’ve been able to have nice relaxing baths. My favorite scent to use is lavender, or if my skin is feeling really dry, I’ll use Vanilla & Honey bubble bath or even a milk bath. Anything to feel luxurious! My favorite bubble baths are from Sonoma Spa. They usually last me around 4 baths and are really cheap! You can even use bathsalts and oils. I usually buy Epsom Salts, bath salts from the dollar store or Village Natural bath salts (these can also be found at Walmart for under $5!) The scents I use for the bathsalts and oils usually match the bubble bath I’m using, unless I use an Aches and Pain one (which usually has eucalyptus and mint). I pair this one with Lavender or a neutral smelling bath.

My favorite thing to pair with a bath is a face mask. You guys know I loooooove my Freeman Beauty masks, my favorite being the Dead Sea Mineral one as well at the Avocado and Oatmeal Clay one. However if you’re feeling decadent go for the Chocolate Strawberry clay mask. It will make you want to eat it (but don’t).

Music isn’t always a must but I still like to have it on in the bath. So prime relaxing I choose something soft and soothing, thought those Spotify commercials really ruin the mood. Anyway my favorite playlists to listen to are the Studio Ghibli collection, which is a playlist with all the instrumental numbers of various Studio Ghibli films, as well as a general sleep playlist. The music is relaxing enough that it calms your body and lets you relax the stress away. You can also listen to calming sounds such as rain or the ocean.

If I want to give my hair some pampering too I’ll take a shower instead. Since my supply of Wen cleansing shampoo has been running low I had to turn to a different brand. Luckily for me my sister left her Paul Mitchell Shampoos At my place and I’ve been using them ever since;)! I quite like the Tea tree Lavender Mint shampoo. it has an amazing scent and really invigorates the scalp. I always feel like my hair is squeaky clean afterwords! Ever since I got the Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning spray in one of my Ipsy bags I’ve been using that after my showers. I spray a bit and comb it through, letting it dry naturally overnight. This is also amazing to do after you’ve just dyed your hair as well.

Dying your hair is a process and it definitely needs it’s own separate spy day to recover. Since I usually bleach and dye my hair bright colors I need time for my hair to relax and detox after. Figuring out what color you want to dye your hair next can be tons of fun to do while you’re soaking in your bath. I’ve looked up hairstyles and new colors before and got super creative! But if you need any extra help finding what color to dye your hair next, my friends at Madison Reed have a fun color quiz to help you figure it out! This helps especially if you’re going in the more “natural” direction of dye and aren’t ready for an extreme color. Click on the link below to take the quiz!

They have gorgeous reds and auburns! (it’s making me want to be a redhead again!)

You can even show what colors you’ve used by using the hashtag #MRLoveMyHair and tweeting at them @madisonreedllb.

Have fun my beauties and make sure you take a day off for yourself! You deserve it!:)

This post was made in part by Madison Reed. Please visit their website at

Easy Peasey Night Time Routine

Wassup homies! Today I’m going to go over my two step easy peasy night skin routine that I do practically every night. This is what I usually do in the shower and when I come out. This is normally if I didn’t wear makeup that day. If I did wear makeup there’s an extra step.

So If I wore makeup, no matter how much, whenever I come home I wipe everything off with makeup remover wipes. I use Equate’s brand, which is Walmart’s knockoff brand of different company products. They have several different kinds of wipes from cleansing, sensitive skin, makeup remover and a bunch more. I use about 2-3 wipes to remove as much makeup as I can. This is usually in the afternoon so I have some time before I take my nightly shower.

If i haven’t worn makeup that day(or if I’ve taken off my makeup already!) I head to the shower before bed. Lately I’ve been using Yes To: Tomatoes Activated Charcoal bar Soap. This soap is actually good for oily and acne prone skin…I have neither but I do love using activated charcoal to help prevent acne. You can actually use this on the body as well, so it works if you have body acne as well. I just like using it on my face as a quick soap cleanser. it’s pretty gentle and leaves my skin squeaky clean.

After my shower I use another Yes To product, their Calming Night Cream (Yes To Cucumbers). This is actually expensive at $15 (I had a coupon when I got this so it was a few dollars cheaper) But if you catch it at full price it’s still well worth it. A little goes a long way with this cream. I mean a small dab can cover your whole face. It’s soothes and leaves it really soft, perfect for right before you go to bed.

See?! Super easy. You cleanse and moisturize in a matter of minutes. I like to keep my skin routines simple since I don’t have skin problems at all, well besides psoriasis! So my most important thing is my moisturizer! Hope you guys enjoyed and are able to try some of the Yes To Products. They’re really good and I enjoy them for my skin!

Dirty Brushes? Clean ‘Em Up!

Having dirty makeup brushes is a huge no-no.  Not only can the brushes harbor bacteria that you’d be adding back onto your skin but having excess colors on there can muddy things up which is horrible when you want crisp, clean colors. Washing your brushes will help keep them nice and clean and even lower the amount of breakouts we have, especially if your skin is prone to them. Clean tools=happy face.

Try and give your brushes a good scrub down once every two weeks or maybe every weekend if you can. Time to get the babies ready!

20150120_201315 20150120_201321

My most frequently used eyeshadow brushes, face brush and contour brush.

Next you’ll need brush shampoo. I got mine from e.l.f. ($3) alternatively you can use a gentle dish soap like Dawn or anti-bacterial soap.

I used a tall glass and added some of the brush shampoo (which has the same consistency as honey believe it or not). I fill the glass halfway with warm water.


Add your brushes one by one and give them a nice swirl. And if you’re like me who admittedly neglects the cleanliness of their brushes your water might end up like this:



After, run the brushes under some water to get rid of the soap and excess product residue.

20150120_201538 20150120_201541

Be gentle with your brushes. You want them to last a long time.

When the water runs clear set your brushes out to dry. You can hang them with the brushes pointing down or lay them flat on their sides. DON’T stand them with the barrels pointing downward (brushes to the sky) this will make the water seep into the barrel and deteriorate the glue that keeps the barrel and handle together. Just lay them flat on some paper towels as a precautionary measure.


The brushes will take 1-2 days to dry fully so make sure you have some backup brushes if you want to do your makeup the next day.

Quick Brow Routine

browsMy brows are far from perfect and to be honest I still have yet to master the art of achieving great brows. But here is what I’ve accomplished so far. As I mentioned before no matter how many youtube videos I watch I can never get the same results and I don’t believe in buying more expensive products to do the same thing I can do with decently priced products.

Anyway, this is my brow routine so far. It changes sometimes and I’ll add updated brow routines as I use them. For now I wanted to create a post to go along with most of my looks to make them a bit shorter. I know not everyone wants to read a giant novel! I previously talked about it in my first MOTD but this is just going to focus on brows.

So here’s what I use:

Step 1:

brows 1

My skills with paint aren’t that great so bare with me. Basically I take the Filler side of the e.l.f Filler and Lifter pencil and draw out a line following the arch of my brow. This is obviously vary from person to person depending on the eyebrow shape but mine is a slight curved arch, a little fuller at the beginnings and fairly thin towards the tail. Then, still using the Filler side of the pencil i start added color using small quick strokes to simulate hair.

Step 2:

After that I use the spoolie to brush the eyebrow hair as well as feather out the color. The first 1/4 of the eyebrow (aka the thickest part) I comb upward and also to the left(or right, depending on which one I’m working on) I comb to the side to feather out the color there and give a fading effect. I comb upwards to groom the hair and keep the in place. The rest of the eyebrow I comb out towards my temple.

brows 2

Occasionally I’ll set the filler pencil with the brown eyebrow powder, or you can use any brown eyeshadow as long as it matches your eyebrow hair and blends into it. I have pitch black brows so most deep brown colors blend easily. I will also sometimes use the gel that comes in the duo to outline the arch of my brow, like i do with the Filler pencil. I use them both interchangeably.

Step 3:

Finally to set everything in place I do a quick comb through with the clear mascara or brow gel. If any of the color smudges use a damp Q-tip to clean up the edges.

Step 4:

After that I use the Lifter part of the pencil to carve out my eyebrows. It’s a nice easy to blend concealer. Blend as usual and You’re done:)!

Quick and Easy Foundation Routine


This routine probably takes me about 7 minutes to complete. This isn’t as elaborate as my full foundation routine which I use for special events, occasions, and going out. This is something I do to even out my skintone and cover up my dark circles.

Products used:

e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 ($3) Beige

e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder ($3)

e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter ($3, not pictured)

Covergirl Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder ($6) Warm Beige

Start with a clean face then apply the Concealer. I don’t really use the highlighting part of the duo and I wouldn’t recommend it until I’ve tried it personally. I find the concealer works pretty decently though. I also have a a 15 color concealer palette ($4, Amazon) that I use from time to time. It has green and pink neutralizing colors that I like to use to balance the color of my dark circles, and helps the skin tone concealer cover up a bit more smoothly. The e.l.f. concealer comes with a wand so I use that to apply a triangle underneath the eye, like this:

Use the blending sponge, a small kabuki brush, a concealer blush, or even your ring finger to blend the concealer into your skin. Blending is the key to looking like you have flawless skin and doesn’t make the makeup look like pieces and parts stitched together. You don’t want to look like a picasso painting! I add a strip of concealer down the bridge of my nose, on my cupid’s bow, and a small triangle between my brows. Blend as usual.

Next, the Tinted Moisturizer. Add a little dab on both your cheeks, a kind of “Simba Swipe” (you know what I’m talking about, when Rafiki swipes the fruit juice on his Simba painting) across your forehead and a dab on the chin. I use my knockoff beauty blender (that I got at Claire’s for about $6) to blend the Tinted Moisturizer into my skin. I use a rocking back and forth motion to simultaneously push and blend the cream into the skin. I actually found that the rocking motion works better than just swiping it across or doing tiny pats.

After I take my Covergirl pressed powder and a fluffy powder brush and apply it all over my face. Both the Tinted Moisturizer and the pressed powder are pretty lightweight so it doesn’t feel cakey at all. You could also use a translucent powder or a mattifying powder if you don’t want to add another type of foundation to your skin. The powder is just there to set everything and make it last longer.

You can stop here if you want a plain canvas for the rest of your makeup or you can add a bit on contour like I do. For contouring I use the bronze powder that comes with the duo and an angled blush/powder brush. I like the angled brushes so I can have more control over where I put my bronzer. I start at the beginning of my cheekbones (by my sideburns) and sweep downward around the apple of my cheeks.

contour 1

then I do a smaller “Simba Swipe” across my hairline and add a bit to the temples to carve them out.

contour 2

Sometimes I contour my nose as well. Using a fan brush draw on two lines on either side of the bridge of your nose, then across the bottom of the tip of your nose. Blend outwards and make sure that there aren’t two dark lines standing out on your face. You don’t want to have harsh contour lines like a drag queen (this time anyway;P).

contour 3

That’s about it! You can add more or less depending on your face shape and how much you want to contour. I always have a “less is more” kind of approach when working with bronzers. I have a fear that I’m going to look like I slapped some self tanner on my face and not in a good way.

The Lazy Skincare Routine (Morning)

These are some quick and easy things I do in the morning when I’m strapped for time before class. I recently found these new makeup wipes through my sister. They’re from Equate which is the cheap off-brand from Wal-Mart. They’re compared to Garnier’s Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes which run about $5 at Wal-Mart. The Equate brand however runs for $3. They also have different kinds like one in Grapefruit(which my sister uses), one for night time use, etc. I like the Refreshing Cleansing ones because it has a bright clean scent and removes makeup without being super oily. I use this in the morning but you can also you it after you’ve removed your eye makeup with an oil based remover. it helps get rid of the excess oil and takes away that greasy feeling.

After cleansing I use e.l.f’s Daily Moisture Stick. It has antioxidants as well as and anti aging ingredients like Grape, Cocoa, and Shea. It comes in a twist up tube so it’s easy to apply all over your face. It has moisturizing oils but it’s not too overwhelming, perfect for normal to dry skin. Best of all it’s only $6.

The last product I use isn’t exactly necessary but is very helpful. The skin around your eyes are very delicate and need some extra treatment. I’ve been using Simple’s Soothing Eye Balm which unfortunately is a little on the pricey side ranging from $7-10. I have items that I like to splurge on (meaning I’ll pay like over $5 dollars for but this isn’t one of them). I believe I got mine on sale for around $4. You could easily skip adding eye cream or using something like a roll-on eye refresher. It’s saving the money and using things that are only absolutely necessary that counts. So if you aren’t developing wrinkles yet it might be ok to skip this step and just wait until you’ve saved a bit before buying a nice eye product.

And that’s it! It’s a quick 5 minute routine I do before applying any makeup that day. I actually have fairly good skin (acne and blemish wise) but having psoriasis makes my skin extremely dry so moisturizing products are my favorite. Altogether the 3 products cost about $15 dollars for me. Good luck and happy moisturizing!