November Ipsy Bag Unboxing/Review

So yet again I’m late with the Ipsy review but this time it wasn’t because of pure laziness! I had trouble receiving my Ipsy bag. Somehow through their normal shipping means my bag never arrived at my address, even though my aunt gets her Ipsy bag a week before me! It somehow got sucked into mail limbo and never got delivered. I had to contact Ipsy, DHL commerce (who weren’t helpful at all), and my local post office. It was basically a hot mess but Ipsy sent me a replacement bag with the same exact items I was going to get originally. So I’m at least thankful for that. This is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with my ipsy shipping so I was really surprised that this whole mess happened.

But now that that’s all over, I have my 5 items!


The bag is cute. I do like the constellations and the deep blue color. I’m not a fan of the material. It’s weird swimsuit material, as in the full body suits people use for like surfing. I would keep it but I think I could give it to someone as well. It’s a very cute bag but not really my most favorite.

The five items I received were:


Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream (sweet mint and cream scent)

Elizabeth Mott Color is Bae Lip Lacquer in Moxie Mauve

Benefits Porefessional Primer

Formula X Nail Polish in Huntress

Ofra Banana Highlighting Powder

I think the most disappointing thing I received I think would be the hand cream, especially because it’s a full-size product. I would like my full-size product to be something with a bit more value. I do like creams but I don’t actually use them that often (I should but I don’t). And I really don’t use hand cream specifically. I naturally just kind of have soft baby hands so it’s not something I really need. I will definitely regift this.

The next thing I was disappointed in was the formula and the color. The formula is a lacquer so it’s leaning more towards a cross between a liquid lip and a lipgloss. It’s also shiny and not matte like I like my lipsticks to be. It also was a bit oily in a way? I didn’t shake the bottle before I applied so that might have affected how it came out as well. The color itself is actually very similar to my natural lip color, it just makes it look a bit more pink than normal. So when I put this lip lacquer on it’s like I didn’t even put on a lip color. Ipsy has done this with me before. I think they need to put more lipsticks that are catered to my skin tone (which is on the quiz btw!). I think a lot of the lipsticks they send out are catered to fair skin tones which isn’t fair. Fair does not mean universal and if there’re specific sections on the quiz about skin color and tone than the product determination should be better. But I digress!

The Porefessional primer is something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile so I’m very excited about that. There isn’t much to say about it until I put it to good use!

If you guys have been keeping up with my other Ipsy bags you’ll know that I got another Formula X polish before and it was baby pink, something I’m not a fan of putting on my nails. This color, however, is gorgeous. It looks really dark and it is on the deeper side but it’s a beautiful mixture of blue-green with a slight shimmer to it. If I didn’t already have nail polish on I’d give myself a manicure with this color. It’s stunning and I’m glad I finally got a color I like because I do like Formula X. I used flash on the picture to try and show you guys the kind of gold shimmer the polish has.


Ofra is a company I’ve heard of but I never had a strong inkling to try them. But banana powder is all the rage right now so I figure I’d give it a shot as well. I would like under my eyes to be a bit brighter and I can use this powder to set my concealer and bb cream. It may even become my staple in my makeup for work routine. We’ll see!

As a bonus, my aunt gave me her Purlisse moisturizer and Tarte Maracuja (Sp?) oil since she really doesn’t use face stuff. I guess that is the one good thing about getting 2 Ipsy bags in the same household haha!

Later on this week I’ll be sharing with you guys the awesome deals I got for black friday! There were lots of online makeup sales I hit up and the packages are just starting to roll in so stay tuned!


October Ipsy Bag

Hello, my lovelies! Yes, I know I am very late with this post. I blog off and on because of various life factors so I apologize that this is late.

So October’s theme was Black Magic and I’ve got to say the bag for this month was LITERALLY my absolute favorite. It perfectly fits my aesthetic of creepy and cute. I loved the design, the color, the absolute everything! I really would like to attach some chain to it and make it a mini purse instead of a clutch. I need this print in like t-shirts and leggings asap! I adored it.



The items that I got in the glam bag were also pretty stellar as well.

Here’s what I got:




seem uniform but I played with it for a matter of a few seconds and I already had hairs falls out. I like the overall look, feel and design of the brush but I don’t think it’s going to be a success when actually applying eyeshadow.

Another Trestique product, as If I hadn’t gotten so many products from them before. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Trestique products but like I said when I kept getting The Balm Cosmetics products, it does get tiring. I have gotten a variety of products from them; an eyeshadow stick, a highlighting stick, and now a lipstick. I enjoy the design and compact size of Trestique but I want some new brands. The lipstick is very smooth, however. It’s a basic color, something I’d wear to work, not really exciting. The formula is nice as well. It’s very soft, blends and glides on the lips and the color turnout is pretty nice as well. It doesn’t look like it will bleed like other cream lipsticks but we’ll see. It’s not a bad product at all, the color is just a little boring.


The last thing I got are these eye patches for under eye renew. I guess this would help relieve puffiness. According to the product description on Ulta’s website, it helps create a “smoother, brighter, more youthful appearance.” I originally got 2 little packets that contain 2 undereye gel patches each. The gel patches feel a bit slimy and the serum kind of makes them wiggle around a bit on the skin. There’s a lot of left over serum once you take them off and they do dry just a bit as you let it stay on your skin. It didn’t irritate my undereye at all and I smoothed the rest of the serum into my skin as directed. I think they’re a fun little spa treat but I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to get a full $50 jar of them. They might be geared towards older skin but you’re never too young for skincare. My under eyes do feel soft, though!

Alright guys, that’s it for this bag! I’m maybe going to do a quick update on my November bag because I already can see the products that I’m getting. They look pretty good! Let me know what you guys got and what you liked and didn’t like!

September Ipsy Glam Bag Review/Unboxing

This month’s theme was Glamazon. I was pretty neutral on this theme as I didn’t really peek at the products before hand. I’ve forgotten about my ipsy bags and it’s more of a surprise when it just shows up and i can look at my things; like a birthday gift, haha! I felt good about almost all the products in my bag except one. I got another hair product which annoys the shit out of me because I constantly get them and I don’t even have hair products selected on my quiz. It’s like ipsy isn’t even paying attention to what you want.

The bag’s design is ok. I think it’s cute but it isn’t really my style. I’ve been getting a lot of cute bags lately but I’m not a fan of this one.


The items I received were

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Ombre Angle Brush from Crown Brush

Living Proof Perfect Hair day 5-in-1 Styling treatment

Waxing Kara Sweet Lips Organic Honey Lip Balm

trestique Mini Highlight Stick

I don’t mind the mascara because I always like travel size mascaras and mascara is a pretty versatile tool. The brush isn’t as wide as i’m used too but the last time I said I didn’t like a mascara from ipsy I ended up loving it so I will use this one before i judge haha. I did hear that this was a good mascara also.


Brushes are also something I do like getting in my ipsy bag. You can always use more brush. The fibers feel synthetic but are still really soft There is also a groove to rest your thumb and get a nice grip as well.

I don’t really do much with my natural hair. It’s still short and I don’t blowdry it at all. I usually let it air dry then flat iron it the next day. I don’t even really have a use for it or want to try it so I think I will give it to my aunt.

The lip balm I am excited for because I use chapstick every single day of my life. I can’t leave home without it, literally! Chapstick is my life. Theres not really a smell to it other than a slight honey smell. I don’t think it’s flavored either. There are 8 ingredients total, all of which are pronounceable and familiar such as vitamin e, hempseed oil, and rosemary extract. I love organic chapsticks and soaps So this is probably my favorite product.

I’m also really excited about the highlighting stick. I’ve gotten things from trestique before through ipsy and while I haven’t really used their products that much I think they’re still pretty good. I’ve been getting different highlighters as well, mostly creams, so it’d be nice to try a solid. Plus it’s easy to roll up and apply, what’s better than that! The real problem is that there is barely enough product in this trial size so it seems like a ripoff. Depending on how much highlighter you use, you could be done with the product in just a handful of uses.


I’d give this bag a 4/5 because the hair product was the only thing I didn’t like. Everything else was useful and would be things I would maybe repurchase. I only got 2 new brands this months so i wish they could’ve expanded on that but I’ve also never tried IT Cosmetics so that’s a plus. There are plenty of other products I would’ve liked to try from this month’s list so I think overall there were some pluses. The full product list looked like it contained a lot of hair and facial products. I wouldn’t have minded the face products but I do like more actual makeup in my bags. But I guess I’m grateful I didn’t get another the Balm item, lol!

What did you guys get in your bags? Did you liked them, loved them, hated them? Let me know!


Ipsy July 2016

Hey guys! Time for another Ipsy bag unboxing (unbagging?) and review of the products I got. The theme for this ipsy was Hot Summer Nights. I actually forgot to look at the products I was getting online so this bag was a complete surprise. There were 5 products total that I received.

The bag for this month was pretty cute. It was an iridescent bag with small umbrellas and the Ipsy logo. I would’ve preferred just an iridescent bag or maybe a beach scene with the umbrellas. The combination I think is a bit weird for me. Im going to regift this to a friend that likes iridescent things.


Now onto the products! In this bag I received:

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Bellapiere Banana Setting Powder

Model Co PowerLash Black Mascara

The Balm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner Pencil in “Scott” (maroon)

Nunzio Saviano Anti Frizz Sheets


I’m only excited about 2 of the products: the Too Faced Primer and the Bellapiere banana powder. The Too Faced primer is a product I don’t think i’ve heard of before. Most of the Too Faced Products I’ve tried have been eye related. I have two palettes, the Better than Sex mascara, the shadow Insurance, chocolate soleil bronzer (which is one of my favorite bronzers) and 1 lipstick. But I haven’t really tried any real face products. The size is about as big as my shadow insurance tube so i think i can get maybe 2-5 uses out of it, depending on how much I use. I think this product has a high chance of me actually buying it in stores. I tried a bit on my hand and it smelled really nice. It blended into my skin really well without leaving behind any residue or oily traces. I was really looking for something moisturizing to wear everyday since my skin can get dry. The Nyx Tea Tree Skin Elixer is another favorite that I use just to moisturize my skin (and it’s probably cheaper than the Too Faced).

The banana powder is also something I’ve been wanting to try. I know a lot of people use the banana powder from Ben Nye to set underneath the eyes. I can use too much powder for baking because the area under my eye is extra dry, easily sensitive and sensitive. So while I cant bake I can still use it as a setting powder. Now I looked up this powder on the bellapiere website and it said that the size of the container was .14oz or 4 grams. The size of the jar I got in my ipsy was the same. So I’m thinking that maybe I got a full size product? However on the website this is $35, which is absolutely ridiculous for something so small. A 3 oz bottle of Ben Nye runs around $25 but you’re getting so much more! And the way that I see these people using half the dang bottle of setting powder just for under their eyes, then I say skip buying this and just get the Ben Nye. Besides that I’m glad I can try a nice setting powder and even if I did get a full size of it I got one heck of a deal. I’ve gotten a bellepiere eyeliner in one of my previous ipsy bags and it’s one of my favorite liners that I have. I’m glad that I get to try something different from them.

The last 3 products were some I weren’t excited/not particularly happy about receiving. I was not happy with the fact that I got yet another The Balm product. This is twice in a row, 4 times overall that i’ve gotten something from them. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the Balm but I also like getting more variety. I keep getting eye products from them. I would like to try something different and new. The Balm has a multitude of products, not just eye things so why can’t I get different products to try? I’d like it if I got face products or something. When I swatched the color on the back of my hand, I found that the  pencil was hard. There’s a decent amount of color in one stroke but it might fair better with build up. The color is a weird maroon, which I don’t know about you guys but I’m almost a strictly black eyeliner person. I only just recently got a brown eyeliner and that was just to try it out to see if I like how it looks. On occasion I will use a colored eyeliner but that’s for more extreme looks. I think I will give this one away.


I got a mascara from ModelCo and while it doesn’t really look interesting or spectacular I’ve read some good reviews on Birchbox’s website. It seems like it’s a sort of staple “go-to” mascara. I think i’m going to give this one a shot because I need an everyday mascara for when I put my work makeup on. I’ve been using the Loreal Miss Manga mascara and I don’t think my eyes like it.


The last product I got was 4 packs of the Anti-Frizz hair sheets. I guess it looks like a baby wipe and you wipe it from root to tip of your hair to calm down the frizz. this might be good if i had longer hair. I have short hair now and it doesn’t frizz. I keep getting hair products every once in awhile even though it’s not on my ipsy quiz and it’s kind of frustrating.


Overall I give this bag a 3/5 because i’m excited about 2 products, can use 1, and the other 2 were just flops. I think this bag had me more excited than last months so I at least like that aspect as well. Thanks for tuning in you guys. See you next month for another review!

Walmart Summer Beauty Box

Hello Lovelies!

I recently received my Walmart Beauty Box-as I’m sure some of you may not know Walmart does have a beauty type subscription. It is seasonal and only costs $5 for shipping. I have done a few other box reviews before so if you’d like to see what the boxes are about read those (under the “Unboxing” tab) or continue reading this one. If you’d like to subscribe to the Walmart Beauty Box click here.

Here are some pro’s and con’s that might also help you decide.


It’s a lesser known box and much more easy to subscribe than the Target Beauty Box (yeah they have one too!)

It ships 1 box per season so 4 boxes a year.

You get a variety of items in beauty and healthcare.

It’s only $5 and about 95% of the things I receive are things I use regularly or eventually.


You can get repeat items

It is not customizeable; there is no quiz or anything that caters to your needs, therefore making the box unpersonalized.

I’m not 100% sure if the same box goes to everyone or each box is different.

Sometimes the items are basic like toothpaste and there aren’t many times I’ve gotten makeup products.

Everything is a trial size.

Now this box I received is probably my most favorite to date. There are a lot of things I got that are useful, especially when traveling. Like I stated above everything is travel size but not always what you would get in travel size. This is why I said that everything will get used up eventually whenever I take trips. The box I received was the summer box.


Sample of Nivea in Shower Body Lotion in Cocoa Butter

Goody Slideproof Hair Elastics

A sample of Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste

a sample of Simple Micellar Water Makeup Remover

Vaseline’s Intensive Care unscented lotion

Sally Hensen Airbrushed legs

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner

Incoco Coconut Nail Art

Now I’ve gotten The Hair elastics and Lady Gaga perfume in a previous box. However the hair elastics are really good and I somehow always lose mine so these are actually pretty useful. They  don’t pull my hair and stay in place. I’m not too crazy about perfume so I don’t wear it often but it’s good to keep in your purse. And as I’ve said before toothpaste isn’t an exciting product but you always need toothpaste, so it won’t go to waste.

I’ve actually been wanting to try the Nivea In Shower body lotion. I stock it all the time at work and I’ve been wondering if it is really nice for the skin so this sample came at a great time. I believe the full sized product is around $6 or $7, so I’m definitely glad I can try before I buy.

I’ve used the Simple makeup remover before and I think it is the most gentle I’ve ever used on my eyes. It never burned or irritated my eyes, especially when I used them on my lashes. I really wished we could have gotten the trial size of it because they do make them.

The Vaseline lotion is another staple. You always need lotion and it won’t go to waste.

I also stock the Schwarzkopf line of hair products and I’ve never really tried it.So this is a brand new product that I can try. Lately I’ve been using OGX Coconut Water shampoo and Conditioner and I really love that. The OGX line always has really nice smelling shampoos and conditioners that leave my hair really soft and easy to comb through, so I’m not too keen on switching shampoos just to try the little samples, but I’m also not going anywhere anytime soon so I might as well.

The nail art was the one thing I was super excited about. I had tried using these types of nail art stickers before and I don’t think I did it right the first time, so having a do over is nice! I’m not too crazy about the background color which is a metallic gold but I do think the designs are cute! I can’t wait to try them.

The only thing I don’t really care for is the Airbrushed legs. I don’t like fake tanner. I don’t like gradual lotion tanner. The colors I get get are always geared towards lighter skin (since apparently catering to fair skin is more universal somehow) so when I apply the product there is no color pay off and my skin goes from ashy to moisturized. It just looks like I applied regular lotion on my skin. I’ve gotten these types of products in boxes before and it’s really a waste. I don’t really have anyone to give them to either. So this is the only item I’m not really happy with.

Overall about 3 products I’ve already tried/received., about 2 (or 3, If you want to separate the shampoo and conditioner) are ones I have not used, and 1 was some thing I will never use. This box wasn’t as exciting but I know it will not be a waste because I can and will use most of the products. I’d call it a success for the most part. I’d like to hopefully get more makeup products in the future as well.

Hope you found this review helpful! let me know if you guys are subscribed to the Wal-Mart Beauty Box, or even if you’re subscribed to the Target one, they always sell out fast!

Ipsy June 2016

Yes, back at it again with the Ipsy subscription. Even though I have a crap ton of makeup I do miss trying out new products, especially ones that normally are out of my price range. Now my feelings are always wishy-washy with Ipsy and I think part of me just renewed my subscription because I’m a makeup hoarder. Whoops!

I got my subscription right away because I think they’re having a break where there aren’t as many subscribers as there used to be so there’s some wiggle room for new subscribers, or even returning subscribers like myself. Another reason I’ve gone back to Ipsy is because it is indeed the cheapest. While I do splurge on some makeup (mostly the palettes) I still like to keep thing within a budget. That is the reason I made this blog after all! I’ve never wanted to be the person that uses all MAC products or 200 dollar foundation from Sephora, so even though Ipsy has it’s ups and downs I still believe it’s a good starting point for people who want to try new makeup or are new to makeup and want to build up their makeup collection.

So the subscription was renewed and I got my 1st bag (again). The actual bag itself has got to be one of my favorites. It’s graffiti style which reminds me of my home state of New York. It’s so in my style and I would totally use it as a small clutch (it’s big enough to fit my phone and a phone and lipstick is all you need on a night out).I got 4 products and 1 makeup brush this time. Now Let’s start with the complaints.

Everything is small. Now I know Ipsy never really offers full size products (on the occasion they do), so I know I shouldn’t expect them to be big but to be honest I almost threw out the highlighter I got. It was stuck to one of those product cards and I didn’t even notice until I turned it over. It’s a 1×1 compact so….

Other than size I really hate how almost every brush I get from Ipsy are dual ended. I hate dual ended brushed because I’m always afraid one end will get smushed with how I store my brushes and just wont work as well as it should.These are however great to keep in your bag if you’re traveling because you need some double duty products to cut down on luggage space. The brushes are fairly decent quality too and a blending brush I got from my 1st round of Ipsy bags is one of my favorites and I use it constantly. Another bad note is that nothing was really exciting in my bag. I was super excited for the highlighter and well…we’ll get to that in a bit.

Now let’s try and get to the positives which is basically that I got new stuff. Here’s what I got:


Cream Highlighter in tiare from Jouer Cosmetics

Everything Balm from Cake Beauty

An Eyeshadow Single from The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette in the color Marriage Matt(e)rial

Crease/Smudge Brush from Royal and LangNickel

Show me Your Cheeks Blush in Peach Pink from Elizabeth Mott

Let’s Start with the highlighter. Now we all know highlighting is a big trend now. I’m late to the bandwagon because it never really appealed to me. I like a very matte look person and adding highlighter makes you all shiny and shimmery which is personally not what I like, but I have been wanting to give it a shot. So when I got the sneak peek for my Ipsy I was excited for the highlighter. However like I said it’s just a little 1×1 compact and it’s a cream. I wanted more of a powder for the highlight. The full size is $22 (which I would probably never buy). It’s hard to swatch it because there’s not much color to it. It blends really easily into the skin and just adds the sparkle more than anything. I think for my first upscale highlighter it might be nice because it’s not just like white powder on the skin that makes you look like you have headlights beneath your eyes. It’s blendable, soft, and smooth. It’s subtle so I think it would be good for people like me who don’t want to sparkle like a twilight vampire but still want a little pop.


The second thing I got was the Everything Balm from Cake Beauty, a Canadian Beauty company (they offer their products in the USA as well and have a sister site for it). I had to do research on the Everything Balm because I was confused as to what I should actually use it on. Apparently, it’s for everything and according to Cakebeauty’s website “everything” includes:

“softens skin
tames brows
plumps pouts
conditions cuticles
pops cheekbones
brightens dark circles
seals split ends
glosses lips
nourishes dryness
softens heels
polishes puckers
shields skin
rejuvenates knees
smooths frizz
reduces itchiness
refreshes hands
unchaps lips
soothes sunburns
nurses cracks
restores elbows
eases bug bites”

For things like this I just use it as a chapstick. I’ve had other multi purpose balms before and to me that’s always their default position, haha. However in a pinch it would be good for my elbows if I ever forget to put cream on them (which happens more often than I’d like to admit). There’s a slight waxy smell to it but definitely no perfumes or real scents and there’s also no color. If you would use this constantly than the small tube it comes it probably wouldn’t last as long. The full size is $16 and C. O. Bigelow (which you can find at Bath and Body Works) has a similar all purpose rose salve that comes in a portable tin for much cheaper. The rose salve is $5.50 and is .8 oz, while the Everything Balm is $16 for .7 ounces. I personally love the rose balm and have used it and re-purchased it, so it’s the one I would recommend if you wanted to expand your purchases from your Ipsy bag.

The 3rd thing was the Balm eyeshadow. I happen to like the Balm’s eyeshadows. I’ve got their Nude Tude palette (which I got my first Nude Tude sample eyeshadow in another Ipsy bag) and enjoy the colors there.) The Meet Matt(e) Trimony eyeshadow I got is a deep purple-burgundy. This is a color I use all the time, it’s basically a go-to now but I would’ve liked a more interesting color. Perhaps this is my fault since I do continuously buy the same colors but I just want more companies to get in contact with Ipsy and put a variety of colors in the bags But again it is definitely good for people that are more on the tame side of makeup or ones that like grundgey looks (like myself). So yes I like it but I do want more umph!


The Last thing I got product wise was the blush. Now I’m not a blush fan. I only put it on sometimes. This blush is very sheer. It has a bit of a pinky-peach hue to it that will probably appear more with build up. It also does have some sparkle to it, as with the highlighter. I think it’s a good everyday color and I can use a little bit without looking like I ran a mile and am super flushed!

Overall, I think the contents provided a nice variety, and almost all the products are from brands I’ve never heard of. I wish the colors weren’t as basic as they are but they’re good for use on anyone and for everyday wear. I try to wear a bit of makeup when I go to work so i could realistically use it for that. I would probably give it a 3/5 just because I didn’t like the size of the items, the cream highlighter, or the dual ended brush.


Everyday Minerals Unboxing/Review

I realized I’ve got a lot of blogging to do you guys! Unfortunately I might not get to most of it . I’ve got homework to do and my surgery is coming up soon (next Week!). I’m going to behind on assignments after that as well. Argh! I wish I could get everything done. But I’m going to try and knock out at least 4 or posts for you guys! There will also be a few posts on my personal blog so be sure to check those out as well.

Today though I have a little unboxing from Everyday Minerals. I got a coupon from them because I had placed an order for some samples (you can get a 7 piece sample kit and only pay $2.50 for shipping) about a year ago. I got a coupon in my email offering me $5 off, so I decided to take a look at their site. I found these You’ve got the look kits for $8, with $5 off it would only be $3 but shipping was around $5 itself so I basically got free shipping. It wasn’t that bad. The one I chose was the High Shine kit which had pinkish-purple shadows and a softly tinted lipbalm. Since I’m into pastels I’d thought I’d give it a shot.

So let’s get started!

All the packaging was recyclable material
All the packaging was recyclable material
All the packaging was recyclable material
It also includes testimonials
The Kit



So the kit comes with 3 eyeshadows and 2 tinted lipbalm. The Shadows I got are “Loving Whisper” (a soft pink), “Shy Smile” (a soft purple pink), and “Paper Heart” (a pastel magenta). All three colors have glitter and are sheer. They come in .03 oz jars.


Loving Whisper
Shy Smile
Paper Heart

As you can see in the swatches they are very sheer and therefore not very pigmented. Shy Smile looks pigmented because too much came out when I was trying to swatch haha. This is the problem I find with mineral powders. They’re just too light. For some things, like foundation it’s good but for things like eyeshadow I dislike it. The colors themselves are really cute but I would probably have to add eyeshadow primer, then a white base, then pack the color on instead of sweeping this. Now, i do this in general with non neutral colors to help them stand out and be really bright, so this isn’t much of a problem. However I still wish they weren’t as sheer as they are. I think if they weren’t so sheer there would be more pigment and it would be better. I also hate non pressed powder shadows. I don’t liketrying to get product through the sifter. It either gets too messy or not enough product comes out in general. The pots are also so small that it’s kind of difficult to remove the sifter itself. I definitely don’t want the whole pot of shadow flying everywhere. I do want to do a look with this and see how the colors come out after using primer and a base color. I assume these kits were kind of “sample” kits but they are the only way to get their eyeshadows. Most of the website is dedicated to mineral face products should as foundations, finishing powders, and blushes.

The lip balm is nice. It’s soft, smooth, and glides on well. The color is barely pigmented at all. Obviously it’s a tint, rather than a lipstick but it is very sheer like the eyeshadows. Some people like this. I don’t mind it since I use lipbalms and chapsticks for their moisturizing purposes. Here is a swatch:


Overall I don’t mind the products but because this isn’t my favorite kind of formula I wouldn’t purchase it again. I like really pigmented, pressed shadows, so this isn’t really my cup of tea. The lipbalm is good but I don’t feel that it’s anything truly special. I wouldn’t repurchase it again just because of my personal bias. I think they could work for someone like my aunt who likes mineral based makeup.

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Walmart Winter Beauty Box

Hey guys! I’m here to bring you another unboxing of the Walmart beauty box. The Walmart beauty box is a quarter annual box that you get every 3 months and you only have to pay $5 for shipping. Inside the box you get travel size versions of some of the products that they sell at Walmart and its based on seasonal skin care and beauty products. I did another beauty box review the first time I got it but I haven’t done one recently because I was having problems with my login information and problems saving my credit card information. So I finally got everything figured out and was able to get the winter beauty box and it’s time for another review.

Things i got:
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters facial cleanser
Pure Silk Raspberry Mist moisturizing shave cream
Nirvana spa Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich body butter
Dial 7 day Moisturizing lotion
Goody Slide Proof soft touch silicone hair elastics
Pantene alcohol free hairspray
Ken Paves volumizing shampoo and conditioner
Centrum vitamints
Olay Regenerist luminous tone and perfecting cream moisturizer


Now I had already gotten the Neutrogena facial cleanser in my first Walmart box so it’s kind of a bummer that it’s a repeat but its not that bad because I actually really enjoy this cleanser. It’s very soft and light and when you get some from the container it’s actually clear. It’s super easy on your skin and very very delicate. So if your skin is really sensitive it might help to try this one out. It’s not over drying at all which is helpful for me since I have dry skin already.

There’s not much to say about the Pure Silk; it’s shaving cream. But Pure Silk is actually one of my favorite shaving cream brands because it not that expensive and they have a lot of moisturizing aloe in their creams.

The Nirvana Spa body butter is actually my favorite thing that I got in the box. I saw it at Walmart the other day and a normal size tub of it is around $7 I think; I’m not exactly sure. But I saw it and I did want to try it so lucky for me I got the trial size in my box. This cream is like super soft and when they say coconut they really mean coconut. That coconut smell is so strong; it’s like you’re on an island. It smells absolutely natural and like you’re holding a big coconut.

The Dial lotion is pretty cool. I always like finding super moisturizing lotions especially because I’ve been having lots of bad patches of super dry skin lately. The scent is almost like a candy. I think it’s a combination of some fruit and cream; it doesn’t exactly say on the trial size what fruit it is but you definitely get that creamy fruit smell. Its strong but its not bad. The cream isn’t greasy either. It goes on and sinkd into the skin really well and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

The hair elastics design is really cool. They have tiny little silicone nubs on the band, which sounds weird but it’s good for hair that’s prone to getting caught in elastic and breaking. I like these because they’re easy on my hair. Even though my hair is short and I don’t have a lot to put in the elastic they’re still useful to me since I do put my hair up in a little bun.

The rest of the things I got is stuff that I really don’t use that much. I don’t use hairspray unless I’m going tospike my hair but I like that it was alcohol free. I usually use my trial size Tresemme hairspray which works fine too. The first box i got also had a Ken Paves trial size hair conditioning shampoo thing but I don’t really remember what it was like on my hair because when I used it last May. But you can always could use some sample size shampoo and conditioners when you’re traveling and things like that. Travel size samples are good for my hair too since it’s really short and I don’t need that much shampoo or conditioner.


Overall I’d give this box like a four out of five. About 95% of the products are things that I would actually use and possibly buy at Walmart. I think they did a really good job of putting in things that almost anyone can use and you can’t go wrong at $5. Why not give it a shot? You get some cool stuff that’s actually useful. From my experience with other subscription boxes especially with Ipsy I would like never use everything they gave me. With the Walmart beauty box its more versatile for an everyday person and not just for someone who wears makeup. I would recommend the box for anyone who wants to give it a shot too!

Thanks for reading guys and i’ll see you soon!

June Ipsy Unboxing

Hello guys! I know I don’t post as much but I try to keep up with what everyone is posting so I can comment and stuff. The other day I got my June Ipsy bag and I got to give it at least a 4/5! I really liked this month’s bag, well minus the actual bag of course.


The bag this month was a little plain and not at all thrilling. I mean it kind of sucks that i’m piling up so many bags when right now I only use one for my work makeup and I’ve given away my first one. I might end up giving this one to my mom, or keeping it since a little black bag is nice too. I’m not sure. I was just really pleased with last month’s bag so much that this one was really lackluster.

I was really excited to see that I got not 1, not 2, but 3 face masks! Face masks are my thing. You guys know I love them. I always do reviews on them. I live for face masks. These masks are from the company BioRepublic.


They are all fiber masks, so the full mask sheets that cover your entire face. The Cucumber Breeze is supposed to “soothe stressed skin, improve complexion, tighten pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines” and it’s for ” calm, rejuvenated, spring fresh skin.” The Green Tea Detox “provides a boost of anti-oxidants and help remove excess sebum (sebum are oils that are secreted from sebaceous glands within the skin. It is secreted in order to waterproof and protect the skin and hair. Excess buildup or production of sebum can cause acne and things like sebaceous cysts), reduces the appearance of  blemishes and imperfections,” and is for “clean, supple and refined skin.” The Aloe Rescue “soothes dry skin, perfect for after sun use, provides immediate hydration,” and is used for ” healthy, revitalized, lush skin.” [All information is collected from the descriptions on the back of the packets as well as wikipedia]

The next item I got was kind of a let down because I already have it. It’s the Smashbox Photo finish Foundation Primer. The onyl good thing about it is that it’s travel size so I’m planning on taking it with me for my trip this weekend.


Next Item is something I really enjoyed when I tried it. It’s from J. Cat beauty, a brand I’ve never heard of before so that’s awesome.It is the Lipitude 24/7 Hydrating lipstain. Unfortunately it doesn’t indicate anywhere on the bottle what the name of the color is but it’s a nice deep pink, that isn’t so neon. I can’t really pull off bright pink colors so this is one that I like.


Like the name says, it is more hydrating than most lipstains, and goes on like a gloss only it’s a little bit thicker than a gloss. The color is really rich and it feels smooth on the lips. When it dries/fades a bit it leaves a soft color behind. I didn’t get any pictures of it dried though:(


I think the color looks really nice on me!:)

Another thing I got was Trestique Mini Shadow Crayon in Venetian Gold.

20150614_142423 20150614_142501

This would go well with the shadows I have in my travel bag and I think the packaging is cute. The lid looks like the crayon but when you pull it off the crayon is actually a rounded tip and you can twist it to get more product..

The last thing I got was Key West Aloe Moisturizing Lotion in Mango. Now I’m not a real big fan of Mango so I might give this to my friend. But i do like moisturizing and aloe so it’s honestly a real toss up.


Also, just a small update, I’ve hit 170 followers which means I’m only 30 followers away from my first giveaway! I’m really excited and grateful that you all are keeping up with the blog! I try and keep up with all of yours as best as I can as well! I’m looking to follow some new blogs too but I haven’t had the chance yet. I’m also planning on making a personal blog sometime soon as well to just document the random things that happen in my life as well. I’ve always wanted to have a personal blog. That one will be more general with a variety of interests as well. So stay tuned!:)