Yes to Coconuts Eczema Relief Spray Review

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to another review post!

This post is really special to me because this is not just a makeup product. This is a product that has helped heal my skin and get it back where it’s 90x healthier than before. Now before I dive into the review I would like to put out there that dry skin patches no matter how big or small can appear anywhere on the body. For me, my problem area became my breasts and more specifically my aerolas. I inform everyone of this because while it shouldn’t be offensive to some, you never know, so this is acting as a fair warning. I’m not talking about this to be offensive, I’m talking about this product in hopes of it helping someone else who has similar problems.

A little background history first. I’ve always had dry skin. I’ve talked about it multiple times throughout my blog posts-it’s no secret. However a few months ago I started developing dry patches on both my aerolas. I figured it was just another normal dry patch of skin and continuously put lotion on it. I tried to stay away from perfumed lotions and focused more on using ones for dry skin. Those did not work and the terrible itching got worse. Even though I would put lotion on, the itching became so bad that i began to tear away flesh. Now that sounds harsh but i was only scratching away the first layer of skin that would regrow and try to mend the skin. It was similar to when you scrap you knee and you see that bit of clear liquid (not pus). I’m no doctor but i’m assuming it’s some sort of fatty liquid that is produced under the skin. Again, the isn’t meant to gross anyone out (I don’t think anyone should be grossed out by the body), it’s meant to inform everyone of the severity of the situation. This liquid, if i left the spot uncovered, would seep into my bras and tshirts. And even if I did cover with bandaids or gauze I was afraid it wasn’t getting enough air to breathe and heal. It was truly a double edged sword.

So where exactly does the product review come in? Well after trying all those lotions and deciding that I should probably see a dermatologist, i was at my local Target helping my cousin’s girlfriend pick out makeup when I saw the Yes to brand in the aisle. I’ve always liked looking at their stuff and trying their products. I came across the coconut section and saw this:


I never thought that perhaps my dry skin had escalated into eczema territory so I decided to try it. After using it for about a month I can say that my itching has gone down immensely, the huge patch of skin that covered about half of my aerola is 95% gone, the skin has healed over so there’s no more leakage onto my shirts or bras, and i’m more comfortable. I think this really works and I would swear by it. This is also why I felt this review was important. Maybe other people with eczema can try this and forgo more costly things and have their skin heal. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered like I have.

One thing I would like to mention was that any “bad” reviews (i.e. the using 140 character long praise or paragraph long rants) on websites such as complained that it had hydrocortisone in it. And usually these complaints about hydrocortisone was about a sentence long and didn’t say anything else. However 86% (92% on the yestocarrots website) of people said it was effective and those people all talked about how it helped their eczema. I can only assume that the anti hydrocortisone people were health nuts who weren’t suffering truly at the hands of eczema. Hydrocortisone is indeed a steroid, but when going to a doctor for eczema they would usually prescribe a steroid cream as well. I think the difference is that with the help of the natural ingredients (well all know how good coconut oil is) as well as the small amount of steroid it really helps the skin.

Besides that, i also wanted to put that is is 95% natural and is cruelty free. I even recommended this to my next door neighbor who’s 2 year old has developed eczema (use is for ages 2 and up). The spray is very light, has a natural fragrance that isn’t strong, easily blends into the skin, and provides almost instant relief. I would use it throughout the day whenever a particular strong itching sensation occurred and after a shower to help keep my skin soothe throughout the night. On average it was applied 1-3 times a day (varies between people of course), everyday. My skin is smoother, has little to no cracks or flakes, and has cut down on the painful itching immensely. No kidding, I stopped writing for a second just to apply some because I was scratching a little bit too much, haha.

I would give this product an easy 9/10, maybe even a 10/10. I truly like it a lot and use it almost everyday and I believe it could help a lot of people. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any question about this or any of the other products I’ve reviewed. You can get some of this spray at Target, Walmart and Yestocarrots for only $10. $10 for 2 ounces doesn’t seem like a lot but you really only need 1-2 spritzes depending on the size of the eczema patch. I still have plenty left even after a month. I say this product is definitely worth it!


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